Features of planning space for a compact bathroom

Snow-white walls in the bathroom

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is the place where the most attention is paid to the decoration and layout, and the size is not a determining factor for the quality of the design. It is important only to understand what parameters of space are key and what should be the plumbing fixtures. With the right approach, there is a clear understanding that a compact interior can and should be comfortable.

Since fewer materials are required for finishing compact spaces, the savings can be invested in their visual and qualitative characteristics. A compact but incredibly stylish bathroom in the photo is lined with marble tiles with thin veins, which creates a feeling of luxury. A hanging table with a sink and a white toilet bowl look laconic and fresh.

This interior is not impressive in size, but a custom-made locker - shallow, but wide enough - holds practically everything you need. Built on both sides of the fixtures provide comfort during shaving and other procedures, but do not violate the minimalist harmony of design.

Glass partition in the bathroom

In most bathrooms, sanitary equipment is installed along the wall and connected to a single riser. This planning is always cheaper and provides more efficient distribution of heated water (in the case of water heaters). The cladding should be spaced from the wall at a distance of about 30 centimeters to form a space for a larger diameter sewage pipe.

Bath The size of the standard bath, assuming the installation of an apron-facade, is approximately 150 by 80 centimeters. The depth can vary from 30 to 50 centimeters. WC To install the toilet, a free area of ​​at least 75 centimeters wide is required, but it is preferable if this parameter ranges from 90 to 110 centimeters. Standard shell Requirements for space in this case - absolutely the same as for the toilet. Double sink To install this device, you need to make sure there is a free area of ​​at least 150 centimeters wide. Note that all dimensions on the diagram are given in inches hereafter. Bathroom layout

In this bathroom, the shower cabin is not yet equipped with doors or curtains. To make a choice in favor of this or that variant it is necessary on the basis of own preferences.

Double sink is very useful in case there is only one bathroom in the house. If it is assumed that the bath will only be used for showering, it is better to opt for a shallow model.

High window in the bathroom

In this interior, one interesting detail attracts attention. The worktop, in which the washbasin is mounted, is prolonged, forming a narrow shelf above the toilet bowl. Before embarking on the implementation of this idea, you need to make sure that the resulting clearance will be wide enough for comfortable use of the reservoir and unhindered removal of the lid.

Large mirror in the bathroom

The built-in bath can be installed in a space of standard configuration, formed by three walls. The facade is better tiled with tiles, as shown in the photo. Separately, we need to talk about lockers, which usually store cosmetic accessories, and sometimes medicines. Their depth should be not less than 10 centimeters, width and height - about 45 and 75 centimeters respectively.

Tile in the form of a brick in the bathroom

So-called sessile baths are placed even in the smallest rooms. The height of the glazing depends on the wishes of the user and some design features. If the shower is equipped with a steam generator, as in this case, the partition must completely cover the opening in the wall. In other situations, it is permissible to leave a gap between the top edge of the glazing and the ceiling.

Wall shelves for towels in the bathroom

Some people do not use bathrooms in principle and only use showers. Such a position seems very beneficial from the point of view of saving space and comfort. In fact to take a shower in the closed cabin is much more convenient, than standing in a bath.

The shower cabin in the photo is simply separated from the rest of the space by a glass wall. There is no threshold, no step between them. You can even see a rectangular drain grid near the far wall.

LED backlight in bathroom

Usually the cabins are still equipped with rapids or curbs. As a rule, their height does not exceed 10 centimeters, and the width is from 10 to 15 centimeters. Perhaps this design does not look as impressive as the previous one, but from a practical point of view it is more preferable.

Light bathroom decoration

Standing on a pedestal, hanging or such as on this photo an overhead sink will help create the illusion of space. Available models are available in widths of less than 90 centimeters. It is easy to calculate that to install a shower, toilet bowl and a similar shell it is enough that the total width of the room does not exceed 2 meters 55 centimeters.

Shower cabin in the bathroom

Towel rails are installed at a height of 90 to 100 centimeters from the floor. Fans of double bedsheets are better to raise it higher - to a level of 120 to 130 centimeters.

Detailed bathroom plan

In this version, the toilet bowl and washbasin exchanged places, which is quite acceptable if the front door is at the opposite wall.

Wooden hanging cabinet in the bathroom

The layout, in which the toilet and sink are located opposite the bath, is quite common. It is desirable that the width of the passage is not less than 60 centimeters.

Blue Bathroom Design

This picture shows a brilliant way of organizing space in a very narrow room. A compact washbasin is placed immediately behind the bath cream. In deep niches in the wall above the toilet, you can store some things, without fear that they will get wet.

High ceilings in the bathroom

Another solution for an ultra-compact bathroom. An oval table with a sink and a hanging cupboard are placed in the ledge of the wall. The toilet is installed very close to the shower, but to enter and exit from it does not interfere.

Wall tiling in the bathroom

The variety of shapes and dimensions of the shells provides huge opportunities for choice. With baths and toilets the situation is somewhat more complicated, but in any case suitable options will always be found. Further, everything depends on the imagination of the designer and, of course, the solvency of homeowners.