How to make a hanging arm yourself: tips, photos and videos

Rest and tranquility are practically the basic principles of arranging any interior in our time. This is understandable, because after a hard day you want to relax in a cozy corner, where no one and nothing will disturb. Just such a place can become a hanging chair, which became fashionable relatively recently, but already many fell in love. Previously, suspended structures were used mainly in country houses and in private plots, but now they are frequent guests in modern apartment decorations. Few people know, but it is not so difficult to make an outboard as it would seem.


  • Who will like the pendant chair?
  • What are the types of hanging chairs?
  • Outboard chair: we make ourselves
    • Armchair with wickerwork
    • Chair with a soft frame

Lovely knitted hanging chair in the hall

Who will like the pendant chair?

Creating the design of almost any room, it is worth considering about the presence in it of a hanging chair for those who:

  • needs rest and solitude, because it is here that you can relax and gather with your thoughts, and choosing the right design even hide from others;
  • loves to rock. According to scientists, the urge to "jiggle" is laid in a man from the very conception, it helps to calm down, get rid of stress and cheer up. Ride in a hanging chair is also an opportunity to remember your childhood, pleasantly and fun;
  • is a fan style Boho in the interior and similar to it decorations. Such a decorative element will be an excellent color addition, for example, a living room.

Outboard in the bedroom

What are the types of hanging chairs?

Equal to the functionality of the suspension chairs differ in shape, type of attachment and materials that are used in their manufacture. Despite the significant differences in the appearance of the framework and execution techniques, it is possible to make all of the below types of hanging chairs yourself. So, there are:

  • hard chairs, which is usually made of rattan or vine. There are also models made of acrylic or durable plastic, but this kind of self, unfortunately, will not work. As a seat, soft cushions or small mattresses are used;
  • armchairs with soft fabric frame, many compare this view with hammocks and not in vain, because everything that distinguishes them, is the method of attachment and size;
  • cocoon chairs - the most wonderful model for those who want to retire. This ¾-seat chair is covered with wicker walls, which are often made using macramé technique;
  • drop chairs can become your child's favorite place in the nursery, because this model is more like a hanging house, the entrance into which looks like a small door. Once inside this design, you can really forget about the world around you;
  • chairs on the counter. This model differs in that it does not need to be fastened to the ceiling, due to the wide and stable stalk foot.

Glass Pendant Armchair

Such chairs are the most functional and accordingly popular. They can easily be moved and installed in any place, such as apartments, houses, and suburban areas.

Outboard chair: we make ourselves

Today we want to talk about how to make two types of hanging chairs, namely chairs with a wicker frame and chairs with a soft frame. Consider each species separately.

Two unusual wicker pendant chairs

Armchair with wickerwork

Materials and tools that we will need:

  • two hoops of different diameters of high-strength materials, ideally made of metal-plastic, as it can withstand heavy loads;
  • Strong yarn, well, if they are made of polyamide;
  • strong cords to connect hoops;
  • foam rubber tapes;
  • slings;
  • scissors;
  • tape measure or centimeter;
  • gloves.

Pendant armchair in the living room in oriental style

First we prepare the hoops. We wrap them with foam tapes, they can be attached with glue or tape, then wrapped with polyamide threads. In principle, if you could not find foam rubber, you can do without it, but it will be much tougher. Next, from the hoop of a larger diameter, we start "chess" to weave the net. When the grid is finished, it is necessary to fasten the two hoops together to get a single structure. From the front, both hoops are tightly wrapped in strong cords. Then you can safely proceed with the design of the back. The scheme for weaving can choose any, it all depends on your level of possession of the technique of macrame. To begin it is necessary from above, and in the end working thread to fasten to a bottom of a back. If desired, the model can be supplemented with fringe. The chair is ready, it remains only to use the lines to install it in the desired place.

Pendant armchair with wickerwork

Chair with a soft frame

This model is considered the easiest, so we do not need any special materials or tools, just prepare:

  • a hoop of durable material;
  • a piece of dense fabric, two or three meters will be more than enough;
  • braid, with which the edges will be processed, to facilitate your work you can use non-woven fabrics;
  • Slings and rings for fastening the finished chair to the ceiling;
  • scissors;
  • roulette or centimeter;
  • needles and threads.

Suspended frameless armchair in the children's room

We begin with the cutting of the fabric, this is the most difficult and crucial moment, so it's better to cut out the necessary details of a larger size than you intended, to reduce it always. To begin, we prepare two equal circles. This can be done in the following way: we cut out two identical squares, add each of them four times and cut off the edge along the circle. Next, make out the four cuts for the lines, they should be located at the same distance from each other. Then, from the wrong side, we process the edges with braid or fleece. We spend circles together along the whole circumference, not forgetting to leave a hole in order to insert a hoop, which can be preliminarily wrapped with foam rubber or sintepon. Turn the workpiece to the front side and insert the hoop, then sew up the hole left and further spread the circles, retreating from the edge 5-8 cm. We attach the slings, previously cut into four equal parts. Pendant armchair with soft frame is ready! It is perfect for a loft-style living room, a children's room or a veranda.

Pendant chair with a soft frame

A pendant chair will truly be a highlight in your interior, and making it yourself is not at all difficult! Share your work with us, ask questions and leave comments.