Ideas for decorating the smallest but very important room in

Bathroom in gold color

Toilet, located on the ground floor of the house - it is also called a guest house - is usually decorated in the same style as the rooms adjacent to it. If we talk about the average two-story buildings with a typical layout, it turns out that the interiors of their latrines and hallways are largely similar. 

Of course, you can use the same wallpaper and floor covering both in the entrance area and in the toilet room, however in such small rooms there will not be a few extra bright interior items. And they should be selected with equal care, than for any of the living rooms of the house.

All of us - who more often, less often - accept guests who, naturally, have to visit the restroom, and this is an additional reason to worry about that its interior looks worthy. Let your friends even feel comfortable in this particular space!

Wallpaper with golden pattern in the bathroom

Almost all latrines do not differ in solid dimensions, and the space in them is sufficient only for the toilet and the sink. Registration of the first of the mentioned items even today does not differ a great variety, so that you will not be able to play it. But if you include an unusual shell in the interior, it will definitely become its central element. Correctly and tastefully selected model can start the formation of the concept of toilet room design in general.

Unusual countertop in the bathroom A beautiful mirror above the washbasin

Shells of white porcelain - this is certainly beautiful, but too traditional. Why not experiment by choosing a model from another material? A good alternative can be original products made of wood, plastic or even polished metal. But if you still adhere to a conservative approach to the shell material, you can at least choose an unusual form, and thus turn this simple and functional object into a focal element of the interior.


If there is no room for creativity in the literal sense, you can diversify the design of the toilet, focusing on ... pipes! It's simple: trying to hide it behind the wall paneling, you will only reduce the already small room. The optimal solution in this case is to try to reverse the shortcomings of this compact space in virtues, that is, deliberately draw attention to what is usually carefully hidden. For example, to a drain or a discharge pipe. 

Chromed parts in the design of the bathroom

For this purpose, you can use a set of pipe fittings and a towel holder made of frosted stainless steel of the same design as the drain pipe of the shell. And you can go even further, and buy a shell of metal. Chromed models are an excellent alternative to similar stainless steel products.

The closet under the stairs

If the lavatory is under the stairs, it is only possible to dream of space. But from high-quality design, you should not give up even if you have to work with an inclined ceiling or with more than a non-standard layout. In such a case, it is necessary to install a toilet in the part of the room where the ceiling height reaches its minimum, and choose light colors for decoration, and also - to hang in the restroom a large mirror: this will help visually expand the space.

A small bathroom under the stairs

Another good idea for such a room is to install a corner sink so that it does not have to squeeze into it with difficulty.

Shelves above the toilet

If you need to somehow save the space of the restroom, you can hang shelves to store toiletry items above the toilet. The simplest variant is the placement of a pair of small open shelves fixed at a sufficient distance one above the other. If there is a desire to hide from prying eyes the accessories stored in the bathroom, it is worth choosing in favor of a small hanging cabinet with doors.

Shelves for towels above the toilet

Sink + shelf for toiletries

Kitchen sinks, built into the countertop, have long been surprising. They look great in any interior, and, in addition, allow you to save space.

Large worktop with washbasin

If there is a free space, you can install something like a massive countertop in the bathroom. It will simultaneously perform two functions at once: to serve as a support for the washbasin and a convenient shelf for toiletries. Very simple and practical solution: this design looks interesting, and does not create any special difficulties when cleaning.

Variations on a theme of vintage style

If you want to give the interior a somewhat vintage look, you can try to find the use of old furniture from living rooms. The grandmother's chest, intentionally aged or having acquired the necessary state in a natural way, will find a new life in the form of a closet for storage of toiletries. In the back of the chest can cut holes for pipes, and in the countertop to mount the sink. 

Vintage chest of drawers in the bathroom

Another good idea for fans of the style of "vintage": set the dressing table with a massive marble countertop and exquisite shell and trim the walls of the toilet with tiles with a suitable ornament.

Bathroom in vintage style

Cleaning or library?

This bold decision is not pleasant to everyone, but it is worth recalling that some people (if not many) use the toilet from time to time and as a reading room, too. Usually there is enough of a small shelf for this, on which there are several magazines or small books, but if you really take this idea seriously, it's worth trying to convert this room into something like a mini-library!

Library in the bathroom

And what do you think about these ideas? Do you still feel that the design of the restroom does not deserve too much attention? Share with us your impressions!