Installation or an excellent rest zone: a universal pillow

Universal pillow in the recreation area

Universal pillow is a modular rest system

Universal pillow - a new word in the design of small apartments. Small residential spaces with limited territory prompted the creation of non-standard furniture and the use of modular structures. Furniture-transformer or multifunctional furniture allows you to save space and make the most use of it.

Instead of designing the next hidden bed, designer Michal Blu-Stream took up the creation of a recreation area, in particular, universal pillows, which can be used as seats if a large number of people came to visit.

Rest area with universal pillow

The recreation area is perfect for a small space

The recreation area consists of a table, a lamp, and a large number of pillows, which can make up different designs depending on the needs of the owner and guests. With such a modular system, you can get a lot more useful features than from a conventional sofa.

Universal pillow: table with comfortable holders

The table has convenient holders for accurate and accurate installation

The designer explained that he intended to create a modern ritual:

"In assembled form, the universal pillow is a design of various shapes and sizes. The process of assembling it is equated with a special ceremony, since this thing can satisfy any need for comfort at any moment.

Living in huge skyscrapers among faceless apartments, we as never need comfort and convenience. The cushion is transformed into any object, which is ideal for small apartments. At the same time, it creates a cozy and special atmosphere in urban conditions. "

In the universal pillows you can insert the legs of the table

Universal cushions have slits in which the table legs can be inserted. At a time when no rest area is needed, all the modules can be stacked on the side in the form of a fanciful pyramid, which will be crowned with a lamp. It can also be used for general room lighting.

Universal pillow as an art object - photo 1 Universal pillow as art object - photo 2 Universal pillow as art object - photo 3 Universal pillow as art object - photo 4 Universal pillow as art object - photo 5

Universal pillow is transformed into a real art object

Most importantly, even if the guests decide to stay overnight, a universal pillow can be an excellent bed.

Universal pillow as a berth

Pillow can even become a comfortable bed

Certainly, this project has Asian and oriental features, since in such countries it is customary to sit and eat on the floor. This widespread custom has become a functional and hospitable design, which is ideal for people living in small apartments.

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