Interior of a small room: 24 original versions of the

Interior of a small room: a hammock in the library

Today we will get acquainted with the famous interior designer and his original project - a room in which many transformations are possible! This housing is clearly suitable for those who do not like constant monotony and are inclined to change both in life and in the arrangement of their own apartment. So, Gary Cheng - a very creative designer-engineer - built a special apartment, in which 24 variants of changes in the situation are possible. But first things first.

When Gary was 14 years old, his family had big problems with money, and they lived six in a small apartment. Even then, the guy dreamed of his own home, where he would be very comfortable. Soon, the affairs of the Cheng family went uphill and they moved to more comfortable apartments, but Gary decided to leave this little old apartment. And after graduating from university, he gradually began to modernize it. To begin with, he demolished all the partitions between rooms and was able to install mobile walls. In view of what the apartment has turned into a single room, which can be, if necessary, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, a wardrobe, a laundry, a bedroom, a library and so on. In general, as already mentioned above, 24 variants of transformations are possible

Interior of a stylish small kitchen Interior of a stylish bathroom Rollaway bed in the bedroom

And for all these changes, the young man took about 1.3 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 100-120,000). For this amount, he could have purchased real estate in one of the most expensive areas of the city, but did not. Well, but his apartment was unique and unique all over the world.

Layout of the apartment with transformable furniture