Kitchen-dining-living room design: 25 photos in a private

kitchen design dining room living room in a private house

Today, people are increasingly eager to rid themselves of the bustle of bustling cities and settle in a cozy private home, whose special design plays an unimportant role. A well thought out variant of interior design allows creating a comfortable and comfortable environment for living. Here there is a place for the implementation of almost any ideas, you can change the layout of rooms, remove excess walls, partitions in order to obtain a modern fashionable studio-type room. In this article we will discuss the design of the dining room kitchen in a private house, its main features and ways of creating a unique interior.

  1. To separate the two zones in the room, you can install a bar counter. It will not take unnecessary space, it will be used with advantage.
  2. You can build false walls, which are easy to do by yourself. There are ready-made versions of such partitions. They are made of thick glass, plasterboard, plastic and other materials.
  3. One of the most common ways to separate two rooms is to use different materials. The living room and the kitchen can have different ceilings, floors and walls, for the creation of which, of course, different materials are used.
  4. Separation of the room into functional parts can be distinguished using different lighting, by a unique arrangement of furniture. The latter option involves the use of the same type of furniture for each of the areas of the room.
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Design of a combined kitchen-dining room-living room

Selection of colors

To the interior looked peculiar, and the basic principles of the planning of such zones were observed, it is necessary to choose the right colors, responsibly approach the arrangement of furniture, and work out the question of lighting the room.

Design kitchen-dining room-living room with a wall entirely of glass

The choice of colors depends on the wishes of the owner of the house, but it is best to give preference to not too bright, saturated colors. You can choose one color for both zones to emphasize the division of the room into different functional parts, if its dimensions are quite large - it is better to use light halftones. The use of one color allows to emphasize the integrity of the image of the kitchen-dining room-living room. It is not worth to give up bright colors, because they can become the highlight of the living room, and if you plan to use various accessories, their use can be quite justified. You just need to observe a combination of bright colors and light colors, matching each element of the overall design pattern. The color of the furniture and the kitchen set must match the chosen color of the walls, floor, ceiling of the room.

Small kitchen dining room and living room in the house


Proper lighting can change the appearance of the room, emphasizing its division into zones. The location of the shell should be illuminated best, so here it is necessary to concentrate most of the fixtures. For the installation site of the TV or screen, good lighting is not required. A good option can be the use of a multi-level ceiling from gypsum board, in which it is very convenient to install lighting elements in the required places. Dot lamps will illuminate the entire kitchen-living room evenly. In the area for the kitchen, central lighting and spot lighting will be required. The central chandelier or lamp is best placed directly above the table. For the living room, spot lights are suitable. To create a unique atmosphere and comfort, wall lamps and floor lamps are applicable. Preference can be given to expensive models, but budgetary ones can also fit well into the big picture.

Example of lighting a combined kitchen-dining room and living room

Tip: To emphasize the integrity of the room, you can install the same chandeliers in the area for the kitchen and living room.

Small kitchen-dining room and living room in the house

Planning furniture

There are several common layout options:

  1. In the form of the letter "P", according to which furniture is installed along 3 walls. Used for rooms of regular rectangular shape. In such rectangles, the length is much greater than the width.
  2. In the form of the letter "G", in which almost all the furniture is built along two walls, and the center serves as a passage.
  3. With a peninsula, whose role is played by the bar counter. This type of layout is most applicable for kitchen-living rooms.
  4. Island, in which one of the zones of the room is located in the center. This option is suitable for rooms with large dimensions.
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Furniture free kitchen dining room and living room

If the room allocated for a combined kitchen-living room, has a large area, has an almost square shape, it is best to choose a layout option with the island.

Kitchen with breakfast bar and living room

Selection of furniture and equipment

To create a cozy atmosphere and harmony in the image, all elements of the interior, including furniture and appliances, must be combined and complemented each other. Extraction in the kitchen can not completely protect furniture from moisture, it must be strong and protected. It is necessary to give preference to the most popular devices instead of a full set of equipment. In some cases, the kitchen part as a cooking area is used very rarely, and the abundance of different accessories can clutter the kitchen-living room and make it unsightly. In the living room area, it is better to install the cabinet furniture and soft furniture. Its placement should facilitate easy cleaning. More practical interior of the living room will make multifunctional furniture. The table is most often installed in the center, it must be unique and aesthetic, which requires its location.

A chic living room, and at the other end of the room a kitchen and a dining room

Important: Avoid placing a large number of cabinets around the perimeter. This option can make the premises run-of-the-mill and uncomfortable.

Classic kitchen and living room

Materials for finishing the apron

This element performs decorative function, serves as a protection against contamination for walls. For him, the following materials are used:

  1. Plaster covering the roughness in the walls.
  2. Tiles are the most common material for wall finishing. It is characterized by high strength, easy cleaning, durability. Thanks to a wide range of color solutions, it fits well in the interior of the kitchen-living room of an apartment, a private house.
  3. Laminate, which does not require permanent care. He is able to transform the appearance of the room.
  4. Plexiglas, emphasizing the kitchen set with a glossy finish.
  5. Panels with a mirror surface, combined with frosted facades of a kitchen set. The only drawback is the need for constant care.
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The original design of the combined kitchen and living room

Tip: for the design of the apron you can use wallpaper with a unique pattern or print. This option is suitable for a private house and apartment.

Functional kitchen and living room design The option of finishing the dining room-kitchen with a tree

Living room and kitchen floor

The kitchen-living room floor is preferably made of natural wood. Such material is ecological, convenient for equipping the system "warm floor", has a good aesthetic appearance. To delimit the kitchen area and living room in the apartment you can use the tile. Tiled floor is only allowed in the part of the room where the cooking area is located. The most suitable materials for the floor are:

  1. Laminate, which does not need constant care. It is easy to install, not afraid of temperature changes, it serves a long time. The only drawback is the poor resistance to steam and moisture.
  2. Tile is a simple and common material for finishing floors. Unlike laminate, it is easy to resist moisture.
  3. Linoleum is one of the most accessible materials. The thickness of the kitchen covering of this kind should be not less than 3 mm.

Tiles on the floor in the kitchen-dining room and living room

There are a lot of design options for a kitchen-dining room and a living room for an apartment or a private house. To the arrangement of such a room it is necessary to approach creatively, not forgetting about the rational choice of furniture and materials. It is recommended to adhere to a single style to emphasize the integrity of the image.