Living room in minimalist style - 70 photos of stylish

The minimalist style living room is a very impressive and stylish room, but, in addition, and comfortable for living a spacious space.


Principles of design:

  • The maximum expansion of the available space - as wide as possible should be windows, no partitions, rooms are combined into one.
  • All elements carry a certain functionality.
  • Furniture at a minimum - all modestly.
  • Materials are used simple, natural.

The main variety of style is Japanese minimalism. It is connected directly with the long traditions of Japan - the house for every Japanese is its temple, and the so-called energy of life flows freely in it.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Finish and its meaning
  • Finishing the floor
  • Wall decoration
  • Ceiling decoration
  • Accents
  • Gamma colors for minimalism
  • Photo of the living room in the style of minimalism

Finish and its meaning

The basic principles are perfectly even light ceiling, the floor is without seams, the walls are laconic, but this is not the only true version of the style. It is permissible to use a stone in the finish of the wall surface, the tile with a mirror effect is used for the floor.


Despite this, it is important to observe the integrity of the picture.

18-living room-minimalism

The basic rule of minimalism is harmony in everything. In the foreground in this style is the finish of all surfaces, in particular, colors and textures. Depending on whether the design of all surfaces is correctly or not chosen, the overall impression of the room depends.


Finishing the floor

The ideal solution for the floor - natural wood - parquet, laminate, cork floor. Not lost relevance of linoleum, carpet.

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Ideal floor - without a single seam.


Wall decoration

The design of the minimalist style living room implies a minimal surface area of ​​the walls. Use the most light, ideally white palette. The main favorite among the finishing materials is brick and plaster, concrete.


If you are a fan of standard materials for decoration - wallpapers, and want minimalism, then in this case you should choose wallpaper for coloring - the style will be preserved, you will be satisfied with the result.


It is not permissible to use curls and flowers in decorating walls. The geometry prevails in this style, strict forms.


Ceiling decoration

Modern living room in the minimalist style implies that the ceiling is a perfectly flat and white surface and nothing else. The ceiling in its classical design is a background in the future for lighting devices - lamps in a futuristic style and also chandeliers.


It is permissible to use a stretch ceiling, from plasterboard, so you can expand the room a little.



The interior of the living room in the minimalist style is an interior without a decor. But at the same time, it is not easy to imagine a room without any sort of trifles in the manner of figurines and paintings. Therefore, today it is very important to fit in the interior photos and paintings, ceramics, vases of geometric form. At the same time, you should avoid clutter.


Textiles are a stumbling block in this style. If you want to use cushions for decor, curtains, then remember that everything should be used in a strict style.


Gamma colors for minimalism

If you consider the colors used in the design of the room in the style of minimalism, it is worth saying - the favorite style - white. But this does not mean that the room will be like a hospital ward.

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interior of the apartment, interior design.

The main thing is to choose the right contrast. As an example, graphite. Red or black. These colors are classics of style.


The living room, made in the style of minimalism, is the minimum of any furniture - most often in the room there is a place for a sofa and TV. But let's not allow such asceticism in real life, and therefore designers increasingly take into account all the needs of customers.


All furniture should be simple, basically a strict form. If you choose a form and convenience, you often choose a form. It can be seen in the photo of the living room - minimalism - a modular wall of geometric shape, the doors of which are mirrored, glass.


When choosing furniture, it is worth sticking to the basic rule - it should be useful.


Minimalism is an opportunity not only to harmoniously design a room, but also to give it airiness and space. A beautiful laconic finish, a minimum of all furniture - this is the best of the design of a room of any size.

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Photo of the living room in the style of minimalism

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Modern waterfront living room with a bright airy lounge interior with a comfortable modern upholstered grey suite , art on the wall and a large panoramic view window along one wall overlooking the ocean








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living room-minimalism

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living room-in-style-minimalism-with-big-TV-and-picture










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