Monochrome apartment design

In our time, black and white cinema is a real rarity, but at one time it perfectly coped with the entertainment of the audience. And the missing details and colors added the imagination of the viewer. But there were also such pictures in which the absence of color on the contrary went on advantage, thereby opening invisible details before. But such masterpieces are subject only to real talents. In general, a true master will be able to create a masterpiece without additional funds.

Monochrome bedroom interior

The same rule applies to the design of apartments. After all, the interior in black and white colors can also be bright and saturated in its own way.

In such an apartment it will be quiet and peaceful, peace and comfort will reign here. At the same time, such an apartment design can not be boring, because it has a lot of color combinations that create universal harmony.

Design of a children's room

Take, for example, a living room in bronze shades - it's warm and cozy, thanks to the golden brown palette of flowers.

Another version of the living room, with cooler colors. Here, the design of the apartment becomes strict and official, thanks to the lilac color, and details from expensive wood and leather upholstery are favorably shaded in deep chocolate tones. In the center of the room the only spot is a lamp, which perfectly emphasizes the nobility of the interior.

Monochrome interior of the living room

In general, brown color is quite widespread in nature. And if you consider the fact that many people like natural, natural shades and materials, then such an apartment will necessarily have to them to taste.

The temperature of brown shades is regulated by the presence of yellow in them. This rule should be known when creating an apartment design. So, for a room located on the north side, it is desirable to use shades of yellow - they will make the room warmer, and using them in combination with brown and white will make the room elegant, but more cold. Therefore, brown is best used with the addition of yellow.

For fans of the eastern style of decorating the apartment, a combination of beige-gray, close to whitish, with a moderate blue is perfect. Here, blue and gray shades of the pale background will harmoniously resonate. Such an interior, though not monochrome, because it has different shades, but it will include only two colors.

Monochrome bathroom interior

To the situation was not similar to one spot, blurred and without clear details, it should be added contrasting additions.

In conclusion, we note that the monochrome interior is not always boring, on the contrary, it can be very interesting due to the right combination of colors.