Original furniture transformers - 21 useful idea for

Ciszak Dalmas Multifunctional Shelf

The term "transformer" has long been used to designate multi-functional furniture, changing the silhouette and purpose, indispensable today in a limited space.

Its advantages are especially appreciated by the owners of small apartments. Ergonomics and compactness are undoubted advantages of such interior items.

Noboyo Tashima chair, Japan Sofa-bunk bed - model Doc Sofa Bunk Bed Sofa table from Julia Kononenko, Ukraine Wooden chair-bookcase from the studio Fishbol Design Atelier Chair-hanger from the design studio Baita Design, Brazil

It is enough to replenish the house with a couple of such finds, so that by satisfying several needs at once, the habitation has acquired the necessary convenience. In addition, you save the budget, buying only one instead of many items.

Couch-sofa from Burak Kocak, Turkey

Sofa with mobile drawers from John Lewis Этажерка-стул от Сеунг-Йонг Сонгома, Корея Столик Tre Multi Function Table Function Works

It should also be taken into account that the unusual thing has great opportunities in the sense of giving the room an originality and uniqueness. Often this is a real work of design art, self-sufficient and bright, able to fulfill the role of a stylish accent in your home.

This idea is played by the ability of developers to eclectically combine different assignments in one subject. For example, a chair can be a hanger at the same time, and a cabinet can be turned into a table.

Working placement from MisoSoupDesign, Japan Kitchen Boxetti by Rolands Landsbergs, Latvia Ransa sofa with bookshelves from the designer Younes Duret, Morocco REK coffee table from Reinier de Jong, Netherlands Sofa-transformer Slot Sofa from Matthew Pauk, USA Folding chair from the designer Christian Desile, France

A classic, familiar to all the transformer, is a folding table-book or a sofa-bed.

Dryer chair from Seung-Yong Song, Korea

A table-flip from Maisonnette Simone Simonelli, Italy Sofa-table The Carmella Counter Sofa from the furniture house Piano Isola, Japan Mirror table Tip-over from Porada, Italy Table-panel from Robert van Embricqs, Netherlands