Original ideas how to create a boudoir in your bedroom:

You can create a boudoir from the room or give it a small area. In modern design Boudoir-style bedroom means the creation of a female interior with elements of French style. An interesting solution can be devised for a narrow bedroom. Even in cramped conditions, any girl wants privacy.

Indispensable attributes of such a room is a bed with a lot of pillows and a dressing table.

  • History of boudoir style
  • Features of style boudoir
  • Recommendations for creating a room in the style of boudoir

History of boudoir style

History of boudoir style

The history of style boudoir is interesting. It was invented by the French in the 17th century. The name comes from the word bouder, which means "angry." In ancient times it was a separate room in the palace, where the court ladies left when they were not in the mood or angry.

Over time, the ladies' room began to be decorated with expensive carpets, couches and pillows. In the boudoir there were conversations and music.

In rich houses such a room was used for changing outfits, bathing and sleeping. In this place the mistress wrote letters and carried on business. Boudoir was considered an alternative to the cabinet.

Features of style boudoir

Already in the 18th century the boudoir was in every house. The walls of the room were decorated with fabrics and carpets. This arrangement created a good sound insulation.

In the boudoir empresses and queens, political issues were resolved there. The decoration of the room was given great attention.

In the boudoir of Catherine II, a rare collection of famous artists was kept, which was later transferred to the Hermitage.

Features of style boudoir

The traditional view of the boudoir as a luxurious room with baroque elements with exquisite screens and colorful accessories. But the modern version is based on any style.

It is worth highlight the following features of the style:

  1. Soft and smooth lines and shapes of window openings, ceiling structures and furniture.
  2. The walls are decorated with silkscreen, fabric or wallpaper with fine ornaments.
  3. Carpet flooring or parquet is used.
  4. The room is decorated with various seating places: armchairs, pouffes and mini-sofas.
  5. On the windows and around the bed hang drapes and light textiles, which, if necessary, help to isolate the room or part of it from extraneous views. Emphasize the interior of the original canopies.
  6. Lighting fixtures with brightness control are used.
  7. Look in the interior of romantic accessories: mirrors, candles and aroma lamps.

Previously boudoir were created in the style of rococo. This style is characterized by an abundance of details and the use of pastel shades in the interior. Vanilla and pink tones are combined with cream and white colors. Rococo is characterized by furniture on curved legs and decorated with overhead elements and luxurious curtains with lambrequins and a canopy above the bed.

Earlier boudoir were created in the style of rococo

Boudoir style in the interior is created using elements of glamor. The room is decorated with subdued halftones of gray and brown color scheme. Glossy and mirror surfaces of decorative elements and furniture emphasize the decoration of the boudoir.

Another option for the design of the female corner is the baroque vamp. This is an extravagant solution with contrasting shades of silver, bright red or purple.

An interesting solution is the interior in the oriental style. In large quantities, raspberry, orange and purple textiles are used. Look in the boudoir Moroccan lamps and stylized pieces of furniture. The sofa and armchairs are replaced by couches and pillows.

When decorating a boudoir in the bedroom, an obligatory element is a luxurious bed.

Recommendations for creating a room in the style of boudoir

Varied interior will help a variety of options for decorating the wall at the head of the bed.

An important part of the room is the dressing room area. This place is made in the form of a niche with shelves and with a mirror.

Dressing the boudoir is considered a dressing table. An addition is a soft ottoman or a banquet.

Recommendations for creating a room in the style of boudoir

If there is a desire to create a boudoir at home, then it is necessary to take into account certain design rules. Boudoir suggests a combination of a comfortable layout and style of decoration.

When planning, there are separate sections of the room for a wardrobe, a bedroom, a small study, and sometimes a bathroom.

In addition to the bed, there should be chairs, as well as a dressing table. From the bedroom there is an entrance to the dressing room and to the bathroom.

The wardrobe should have good lighting. The bathroom is divided into two parts: a bathroom and a place for rest. In the relaxation zone, a small sofa or chair is installed. If the boudoir is settled in a private house, then the exit to the terrace or balcony is done.

The wardrobe should have good lighting

Tips from designers will help choose furniture and lighting in the boudoir:

  1. Furniture is selected with rounded and blunt corners.
  2. Used accessories and items that emphasize the softness and smoothness of shapes and lines.
  3. Couches give comfort and solidity to the interior.
  4. The most important element of the boudoir is a dressing table with a mirror and high-quality lighting. Add an ottoman or a soft banquet.
  5. Lighting should be soft and muffled. The design uses spotlights and various floor lamps with lampshades.
  6. A small computer or desk is installed in the office area.

As finishing materials, Venetian plaster with golden decor or silky wallpaper is used.

choose furniture and lighting in the boudoir

The color scheme of the interior should create a mood. The best combination will be silver with brown, cream with pink and gentle and lilac. In textile accessories, bright accents of red, yellow or green can be used.

Give the femininity of the interior a variety of fabrics: original bedspreads, exquisite curtains and fluffy carpeting.

Even in a small room you can taste the elegant and cozy women's corner. Correct arrangement of furniture, use of high-quality materials and beautiful accessories will make the boudoir an excellent place for rest and friendly gatherings.

cozy female corner