Secrets of a competent layout in a small kitchen: we

Modern kitchen set

An ideal compact kitchen is an island of coziness and functionality, a concurrent combination of conciseness and style. It takes into account all the details of the interior, all the curves and literally every centimeter. Here, each thing has its own place in numerous boxes or shelves, a neat sink adjoins the stove, a small work table and a fridge. And if everything is correctly planned, then even there is a dining table!

Turn your little kitchen into a cozy and convenient place is not so difficult. You can apply to the furniture assemblers to order and they, having studied all the features of the room and taking into account your habits, will offer you the ideal option. At the same time, larger companies offer ready-made headsets designed not for small-sized kitchens.

Tips for choosing a suite

Choose only the most modern accessories

Today, manufacturers produce a wide variety of mechanisms that make maximum use of the free space of kitchen cabinets. Thanks to the numerous drawers, shelves, baskets and containers, each thing will have its own place.

Modern kitchen set с современной фурнитурой

Operate the walls by hanging shelves and rails on them

Thanks to this, your work area will always remain free of unnecessary dishes, and all things will always be at hand.

Modern kitchen set с рейлингами

Forget about cabinets with swinging doors

Choose a kitchen set with sliding, tilting or lifting doors, they take up much less space, they can be fixed in a position convenient for you, and they do not interfere.

Modern kitchen set с выдвижными шкафами

Choose not only a roomy but also a "fit" table

In the assembled form, the so-called transformer table can fit even in the smallest kitchen, and in the disassembled state it is able to "seat" a large number of people for itself.

Modern kitchen set с раздвижным столом

Use built-in lighting fixtures

It will not only visually expand the space, but also will allow to divide the kitchen into several zones.

Modern kitchen set с подсветкой

Ways to place the headset

From the point of view of practicality and functionality, the following types of kitchens can be distinguished:

  • angular (L-shaped) shape;
  • straight (linear) shape;
  • U-shaped.

The corner layout of the kitchen unit is the most popular among the owners of small rooms. Its main advantage is its compactness. It does not take up much space and allows you to put in itself quite a lot of different modules. The dining and working areas are usually located at opposite ends, making cooking and eating easier.

Modern kitchen set угловой формы

Linear forms of cuisines, as a rule, are chosen by people who appreciate simplicity and conciseness, as well as owners of rather narrow premises that are not suitable for angular shapes. In this case, the entire headset is placed along one wall, so that there is free space for the dining table.

Modern kitchen set линейной формы

If you need a kitchen only for cooking and washing dishes, and you prefer to eat in the living room, then a good solution is to choose the U-shaped form of placement of the headset. This is a fairly practical solution: there are at once as many as three working surfaces, which you can use at any one's discretion.

Modern kitchen set П-образной формы

A little bit about design

Creating the design of a small kitchen, we recommend to adhere to the main task - facilitating the interior and visual increase in space. For this professional designers advise to follow the following simple rules:

Choose furniture of light or neutral tones

Calm colors visually push the boundaries, and the headset will not look easy and practical.

Modern kitchen set натуральном цвете

Do not get a headset of "screaming" shades

They attract excessive attention and significantly narrow the premises.

Modern kitchen set в натуральном цвете

Pay close attention to transparent furniture

She looks weightless and very impressive.

Modern kitchen set со стеклянным столом

Do not place the built-in technique too low or high

Best at the belt level.

Modern kitchen set в лимонном цвете