Unique ways to increase space without reconstruction

Interior of a spacious living room

Without major repairs, movement of walls, even a small studio can be done more. To make the apartment comfortable and spacious, you need to follow several recommendations.

Minimum of furniture and decor

The situation should be small. From the size of the bed, the number of cabinets, their size depends on the availability of free space. For the bedroom you need a comfortable and compact bed, which you can install on the second level. In the remaining rooms should be the most necessary set. It is necessary to avoid various objects, decorations, employees for decoration, but cluttering the room.

Bedroom on the second level Glass coffee table in the living room Paintings on the wall in the living room Book shelves above the desk

Audit of the created storage systems

All household items require periodic inspection. Regularly you need to get rid of the trash that lies unnecessarily. For seasonal things you need economical methods of storage. For example, they can be folded into baskets and cleaned under a bed or on a cabinet, and trivialities hung on hooks. Well free the room closed shelves, attached under the ceiling, where you can hide everything that is rarely used. 

Baskets for storage in the chest of drawers Wicker baskets under the bed Banks with cereals on the shelves Baskets and cells for storage

Optimal lighting

It is good, if in the small rooms there is a lot of sun. It is appropriate to translucent curtains, letting a lot of light. Large chandeliers do not fit. This decor is for large areas only. Not bad will look miniature pendants, sconces, neon ribbons.

Spotlight in the living room A light bulb near the bed Glass wall in the living room Lamps over bedside tables

Using free corners

You can free the premises by using narrow vertical cabinets or suspended shelves installed at the junction of two adjacent walls. Such additional storage space will make the central part of the room more spacious. You can find these areas for another application, justifying in them a work area or a table for a night lamp.

Desk in the corner Reading corner Picture above the head of the bed Kitchen in white color

Combining functional areas

Saves meters combining several areas. The kitchen is well adjacent to the living room or dining room. Not bad, when the bedroom and the office or the dressing room are combined. Borders of the sites are screens, various partitions, a change in color.

A place to read at the window Closet in the bedroom Working table behind the couch Dining table-transformer

Visual increase in area

In the fight against tight space will help the visual perception of space. It is known that light walls, the ceiling can give the room a more free look. A similar illusion is created by mirror planes. Large windows that carry a moderate solar flow make the apartment fresh and cozy.

Mirror wall in the hallway Bedroom in minimalist style Wallpaper in horizontal stripes Large windows in the bedroom

To implement these simple rules, no major repairs will be required. Their implementation will make the living space more comfortable and convenient.