Color cappuccino in the interior of the kitchen +75 photo


Cappuccino is a traditional Italian drink, loved by many coffee lovers all over the world. It is made on the basis of espresso with the addition of foamed milk. As a result, a soft caramel color with a white foam cap is obtained. The color of a cappuccino is considered fashionable, it is used in the interior quite often and not only because it has a beautiful, sonorous name. Light shades of brown (coffee), which combine with white (milk), have a calming effect and allow you to relax, to achieve a state of inner harmony. The color of the cappuccino in the interior of the kitchen, the bedroom and the "reading" corners of the living room is used more often than in other rooms. The situation, designed in a similar palette, helps to normalize sleep, promotes a good mood and provokes the creation of culinary masterpieces. Unobtrusive coffee decoration of walls and glossy surfaces of a "milk" headset will help create a beautiful and stylish interior.

Combinations with other colors

The best combinations of cappuccino are combinations with the closest "relatives", neighbors in the color spectrum:

  • Brown;
  • Beige;
  • Orekhov;
  • Sand;
  • Chocolate;
  • Gold;
  • Chestnut;
  • The color of caramel.

Walls цвета капучино в сочетании с бежевым потолком на кухне  Hours from the spoons in the interior  Bar stools at the table-island  Window in the ceiling  Flower on the window

Also harmonizes the shade with neutral white, black and gray. To dilute the situation and create accents on the coffee and dairy canvas furniture kitchen use:

  • Saturated lilac;
  • Cold blue;
  • Bright red;
  • Cherry with patches of gray (frosty berry effect);
  • Grassy green.
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Hood above the stove  Lockers on the wall  TV in the closet  Steel refrigerator in the kitchen  Bright apron with a landscape

Combination is carried out with the help of contrasting decor: curtains, tablecloths, upholstery of chairs, kitchen accessories. Do not recommend combining more than two or three shades. Effectively look combined options, where contrast plays the role of separator of two zones. For spacious kitchens it is recommended to slightly dull the color of cappuccino black and dark brown, since the main hue visually expands the space. In small rooms, this effect is played out with white and light nutty tones, to enhance it.

Floorки на стене над столом

When combined with other colors, the main thing is not to overdo it. The "leading" tone in the situation should be coffee with milk. It serves as a background that seems to fill the kitchen with the aromas of the coffee house. If this illusion is destroyed by the action of other colors that press too much on the atmosphere, then their use is minimized.

Ficus by the window Chess floor in the kitchen  Mosaic apron  TV over comodom  Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Kitchen furniture with built-in oven


The choice of materials for decoration is determined by the stylistic concept. Cappuccino looks expensive and effective both on natural and artificial surfaces. Glitter of gloss will add to the color of elegance and will make the atmosphere more expensive, luxurious. In the loft the cappuccino is combined with a light brick, and in classical styles with floral ornamentation on the walls. "Supports" the color of the concept of ultra-trendy high-tech, modest minimalism, rustic simple Provence, luxurious modern, extraordinary fusion and a number of elite styles. Cappuccino is universal and is able to adapt to any direction. Before finishing the room you need to decide on the color principle:

  • The walls, floor and ceiling will play the role of a cappuccino background;
  • The "box" of the room will be neutral, and the coffee motifs will be embodied in the furnishings.

Light kitchen with cappuccino furniture

Based on the chosen concept, choose the type of finishing materials, their color, texture, pattern.

Microwave oven on the wall  Corner cabinet in the kitchen  White chairs and table in the dining room  Clock on the wall in the work area  Painting over the sink


Surfaces of walls are pasted with wallpaper (with a special coating for kitchens), plastered, covered with plasterboard, tiles, plastic and wood panels. The natural color of the latter can echo the cappuccino set. PVC panels are usually chosen with a complex texture: on the coffee background, there are white blotches. As a result, the surface seems to mimic a polished stone. The apron is finished with a tile, the color of which is accent: cherry, gray, lilac, green. If you want to create a background, then white and pastel shades prevail in the decoration of the walls. Facing the "box" in dark colors is allowed only in spacious kitchens. For simple and rigorous versions, the walls are simply plastered, and on the accent area a relief is created, similar to the shreds of milk foam. In ekostyle used cork coating, which has not only a pleasant shade, but also a soft to the touch surface.

Light walls in the kitchen with cappuccino furniture

To enhance the resemblance to the flavored drink, materials with milk-coffee divorces are used. Cappuccino is universal and will be combined with any textures and patterns in the decoration of the walls.

Dark tiles on the floor  Cabinets with illumination in the working area  Refrigerator by the window  Brown curtains on the window  Pictures on the wall near the refrigerator

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The kitchen floor, as a rule, is tiled with tiles. Use large tiles of black, gray, brown colors. The dark floor will create the illusion of "bottomless" coverage. If a laminate is chosen for the finish, then preference is given to gray, chocolate, chestnut shades. In expensive variants, a bulk floor is used, which not only is strong, but also gives an elegant "lacquered" luster. Separately, you can order a picture that will decorate its surface. For the kitchen cappuccino will be relevant coffee theme in the images. In budget versions, linoleum is used as a floor covering. Its range allows you to choose light shades that imitate wood. Linoleum is inferior in terms of longevity to other materials, but a high-quality product can not be visually distinguished from a laminate or a parquet board.

Tile on the kitchen floor with cappuccino furniture Blue wallpapers in the interior  Indoor tree near the wall  Sink with a corner table  Cabinets in the wall  Table next to the armchair


In "squat" kitchens, where ceilings can not boast of height, they plaster or paint. The palette is dominated by light shades. If in the furnishing and decoration of the walls there will be coffee with milk and a couple of additional colors, it is better to leave the top white. For multi-level ceilings of plasterboard use a combination of a cappuccino shade with a neutral tone. If the "step" has a wavy form, then it is played as imitation of the milk wave, which "floats" on the dark coffee. Decorate the relief surface with spotlights along the contour of the level difference boundary.

Ceiling с подсветкой на кухне с мебелью цвета капучино Vases on the locker  TV above the cupboard  Kitchen with U-shaped layout  Refrigerator near the wall  Chandelier in the form of a flower above the table

Furniture and kitchen

Furniture is chosen on the principle of "a lot of brilliance, few shades." The color "mosaic" of its surfaces, as a rule, consists of combinations of two tones. Usually it is a cappuccino and another, contrasting or neutral shade. Handles furniture can be trimmed with noble "gold" or chrome plated. Organically and elegantly look headsets, the surfaces of which are decorated with the effect of ombre. Color gradation from white to saturated chocolate will simulate the mixing of the constituents of cappuccino in a cup. It is also important to use a suite with modular facades, where each fragment is painted in a certain color. They can form complex geometric patterns or adhere to the classical scheme of dividing into identical squares. In rare cases, relief surfaces simulating ripples on the coffee grounds are used. More topical solutions are also more topical when the top of the headset is decorated in bright color (blue, green, red, purple), and the bottom and "transition" area (refrigerator or high cabinet) - in a delicate beige, ivory tone or cappuccino tones.

Cappuccino-style furniture in the kitchen Vase on the floor against the wall  The combination of blue walls and white floors  Semi-kitchen laminate  Metal chairs at the glass table  Coffee on the kitchen apron


Особое внимание уделяют оконным и дверным проемам. Чтобы подчеркнуть легкость и воздушность обстановки первые декорируют римскими шторами или тонким тюлем в окружении плотных кофейных штор. Межкомнатные двери рекомендуют оформить в светлых оттенках древесины или заменить арочным проемом. В текстиле применяют легкие, натуральные ткани с грубой фактурой. Эффектно будет смотреться «мешковина», хлопок и переливающийся шелк, который добавит любому оттенку глубину. Walls украшают коллажами из картин с изображениями чашек с горячими напитками, сладостями или кофейными зернами. На открытых полках предусматривают места для хранения декоративных мелочей: склянок, ваз, статуэток. Стильным дополнением станет размещение, на «почетном» месте, набора кофейных чашек на подставке. Если вы хотите провести параллель с местом работы бариста, то повесьте на акцентную стену доску с мелком и ежедневно обновляйте на ней «семейное» меню. Также сходство с кофейней добавит «гвоздь программы» — стильная кофеварка. «Кондитерскую» тему воплощают на фартуке: его декорируют тематическими рисунками (падающие кофейные зерна, набросок чашки с «паром» над ней от горячего напитка). Комнатные растения в капучино интерьере приветствуются, так как зелень добавит обстановке свежести. Одного-двух напольных горшков или вазы с живыми цветами на столе будет достаточно.

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Decor на кухне с мебелью цвета капучино Kitchen furniture with glossy facades  Table with marble top  Vase with flowers on the table  Original lighting on the ceiling  Light interior with a red apron


Lighting разрабатывают на нескольких уровнях:

  • Basic. Ceiling chandelier can be classic with "droplets" of crystal or modern, low hanging on a spiral "leg" above the dining table. The shape of the plafond is chosen extravagant. Effectively look groups of these chandeliers (3-4), which emphasize the isolation of the accent zone;
  • Additional or directional. The main task of second-order lighting is to provide comfortable work for the hostess of the kitchen, so organize it over the countertop;
  • Decorативное или рассеянное. Обычно этим типом освещения «шлифуют» обстановку комнаты, придают ей законченный вид. Как уже говорилось выше, капучино ближе к теплым оттенкам, но его «температуру» необходимо подчеркивать светом, который добавит цвету мягкость и глубину.

Lighting при помощи люстры и светильников на кухне с мебелью цвета капучино  Stylish furniture in the interior  Cooker hood with lighting in the kitchen  Window to the whole wall in the interior  Lighting on kitchen cabinets

Decorативное освещение обычно представлено точечными светильниками, которые устанавливают в отдельных областях комнаты по всему ее периметру.

Suspended light above the dining table

It is worth noting the natural light. Sun rays will help to play the shades of the kitchen with new colors, so if possible, set up panoramic windows that try to maximize the "open".

Vase on the counter  Brick wall in the interior  Тумбочка под телевизором  Table-island in the kitchen  Glass doors in the interior


It is actual to use cappuccino color not only in kitchens, but also in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms. Any room can be transformed with this shade. Many cappuccinos are associated with the morning rite of awakening. An invigorating, sweet drink helps to wake up and get a charge of good mood with a stock on the day. Remember these feelings, in order to focus on them, on the fragments create a mosaic of the kitchen atmosphere. The finished interior should draw household members into the room, like the unique aroma of roasted coffee beans.

Floor из досок на кухне  Marble apron in the interior  Slate in the kitchen  Interior with working and dining areas  The floor in the kitchen