Kitchen wenge color - design and 25 photos

Repair in the house is always a crucial moment. Choosing the interior, furniture of a particular room, we always try to combine functionality, practicality, beautiful design. Most of all, this approach is necessary when planning kitchen facilities,

Kitchen decor - the rules of beautiful design (75 photo

For each woman, the kitchen, cute and unusually decorated - it's like a study, where masterpieces are born, inspiration is not lost, and therefore it is worth paying special attention to what exactly is the decor of the kitchen. Some varieties of

Kitchen 6 square meters. m. - 75 photos of the best design

Small kitchens, where not only two have no place to turn around, but one hostess to cook uncomfortably, went to us in the homes of the "Soviet" planning. Micro-kitchen 2.5 × 2.3 meters is in more new homes, as is the habitual attribute of city life

Modern design of the kitchen 12 sq.m. m

Kitchen - the embodiment of practicality, aesthetics, cleanliness, home, the room in which meetings occur, communication of family members. At different times of the day, this part of the house should leave a corresponding calming and inspiring

Types of soft corners for the kitchen +75 photo

The traditional design of the kitchen corner is all typical and monotonous. Two seats in the form of the letter "g", two more stools, a table - this is a familiar set of furniture. You ask: "What can be interesting here?". In fact, the corner for the

We select the optimal design for a small kitchen (48 ideas)

For residents of small apartments the most urgent is the question of how to choose the design of a small kitchen. Some do not notice the inconvenience created by a small space. But most housewives get annoyed when in such a small space there are

Red kitchen in the interior +75 photo

Noble shades of red - an ideal palette for creating both a luxurious and minimalistic design of the kitchen interior. Combination of different materials, original wall decoration, elegant furniture set and bright accents in the form of decor and

Design of a large kitchen - 50 photo of interiors

The main purpose of using the kitchen is cooking food. The process implies the satisfaction of gastronomic needs, makes it possible to realize creativity through the preparation of food. To quickly prepare food, having done it with all the amenities,

75 ideas for window design in the kitchen

Kitchen - an important room in any house. There is cooking and often its use. In this room the most concentrated household appliances and household trifles: from jars of spices to large-sized pots. Competently place all this culinary wealth

Great opportunities for a great kitchen (55 design ideas)

When there is a large kitchen in an apartment or a house, there is plenty of room for imagination to clear up. But even in this case, there are a number of subtleties that should be considered when arranging the premises. With the right design
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