Roses in landscape design: types and options for decoration

Rosa is the most symbolic party of a flower bouquet and a magnificent garden decoration in a holiday village. In the flower garden, she unconditionally becomes the dominant queen, who mercilessly suppresses her neighbors, no matter how beautiful they

Hybrid geiger: planting and care (68 pics)

When decorating gardens and country plots, Geiger is very popular, planting and caring for which are quite simple. The evergreen culture has frost-resistant leaves and grows well in the shade, which makes it possible to use geyher in the fall period,

Plant of cineraria hybrid mix: features of home care

Cineraria hybrid mix, home care for which is not particularly difficult, is considered one of the most vibrant plants. The leaves of the plant are so beautiful that even such a composition as cineraria from fameirana among experienced craftsmen

The project of landscape design of a site: stages of drawing

Everyone wants to design their house in accordance with taste preferences, so that it was beautiful, cozy, laconic or luxurious, fashionable or authentic. But the arrangement of a private cottage or villa is only half the battle. No matter how

What care does dracene require at home? (32 photos)

Very beautiful plant - dracaena, care at home for him is not complicated. In some countries it is called a "tree of happiness." The plant received this name, thanks to a legend in which a soldier who fell in love with the daughter of a high priest,

Plant kalateya - care at home

Kalatea - care at home for this elegant plant is not difficult, if you get a little acquainted with the basic rules of its cultivation. Find out how to care for kalatei at home, maybe even a beginner amateur florist. In this article, read:1 Basic

Subtlety of care and reproduction of the perennial alissum

To create rock gardens and decorate curbs in suburban areas, gardeners often use a long-term alissum. This is a short, grassy plant with highly branched shoots lying on the ground. Leaves in the plant are few, but abundant flowering more than

Asters: features of planting and care in the open ground

Flowers such as asters, planting and care in the open ground behind which usually does not cause special problems, are one of the most beloved plants. And this is not surprising, tk. these flowers are considered very hardy, but at the same time they

Expressive and laconic landscape design in the style of

Minimalism in the landscape is, first of all, laconism, simplicity, restraint and expressiveness in everything, including color, composition, decor and forms. Landscape design in the style of minimalism implies the absence of any pretentiousness.

How can you collect the seeds of petunia at home (65 pics)

Petunia - a grateful flower: happy gardeners all summer. You need to know how to collect petunia seeds at home to prolong lush flowering, and then the favorite flowers will be enjoyed in the next year. A universal favorite can be seen everywhere: on
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