Flowerbeds of perennials for the whole summer season (43

Flowerbeds of perennials, which delight their beauty throughout the season, are very popular among summer residents. For their creation, there is no need to hire landscape designers or attend specialized courses. A flower bed of continuous flowering can be created by own hands.

Perennial flowers for a flower bed have many advantages, among which note the following:

  • unchanged appearance over several seasons;
  • unpretentiousness (flowers can grow even in the shade);
  • no need for frequent watering.

On average, the plant pleases with its flowering for 2-3 weeks. To obtain continuous flowering, it is necessary to plant a large number of perennials. When one plant fades, another blooms, and the third just prepares for flowering. Such continuity is the main principle of the perennial flowerbed.

Large white inflorescences

Large buds of white flowers are successfully decorated in a flower bed, which is strewn with ordinary pebbles on the edge. Simple and simultaneously original execution - a successful decoration for the yard of the house.

Blumba in the courtyard of the house

A flowerbed of perennials in the courtyard of a country house.

Flower bed of perennials

The recreation area in the garden is decorated with a flower bed of perennials.

A flower bed made of evergreen perennials is the best

A flower bed made of evergreen perennials is the best "invention" for lazy summer residents.

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How to decorate a flower bed?

Decoration of flowerbeds is better performed before sowing works. Before you design a flower bed, you need to think over schemes that will take into account the complexity of care for plants, their height, as well as the color scale. Choosing the width of the flower beds from perennials, you need to choose the number of rows of plants. In this case, the flowers should be at a certain distance, so as not to interfere with each other to develop.

Decide on the place of disembarkation. The flower bed must occupy a minimum of 3 m². After choosing the right place, you need to level the soil. Next, you need a suitable circuit.

The most simple is a flower bed of a round shape. But most often flowerbeds and flower beds are arranged in front of the house, then they have a rectangular shape.

Perennials of different colors

Perennials of different colors are planted on one flowerbed. Yellow, orange and purple buds are favorably combined in one area.

Backyard decoration

The decoration of the infield with the use of perennials always looks elegant and creative. With their help, you can create many design landscape projects.

Flower bed of perennials

The flowerbed of perennials combines a large number of colors. Everything depends only on the imagination of the summer resident, who is working on decorating the yard.

Grouping perennials on the flowerbed

When choosing flowers, it is important to take into account the habitual conditions for plants and unique features of the climate. All perennials in terms of care divided into several groups:

  • laborious;
  • moderate;
  • неприхотливые.

For beginning gardeners, it is better to choose unpretentious plants. They can take root in any kind of soil, in any light and any humidity, are sufficiently resistant to diseases and pests, can normally develop without transplantation for a long time, they are not afraid of temperature changes. To support the beauty of flower gardens with unpretentious perennials, it is enough to periodically water and treat them in the spring.

For moderately labor-intensive plants, daily care is not needed, but they will have to provide special conditions. Such plants must be transplanted once in several years.

Flowerbeds at home

Perhaps, the best design. A lot of spherical bushes of different colors organically look at the ode to the flowerbed.

Large flowerbed in the garden

A colossal sweep is a huge flowerbed of perennials on the territory of the household plot near the house of the creative figure of Spain.

Colorful flower beds

Juicy colors on the flowerbed, composed of perennials, amaze with its beauty.

For laborious plants it is necessary to take care almost every day. They need special conditions and in the use of complex agrotechnics for care. These plants can affect various diseases, they are a good bait for pests, and significant temperature fluctuations will lead to their death.

As a flower bed, you can divide the flowers into several tiers or levels. This will emphasize the beauty of colors and provide them with the required amount of light.

Before you start planting plants, you need to separate them in height so that each group takes the most suitable place.

By arranging oval or round flower beds, it is necessary to plant high plants in the middle. Around the place plants of medium height. If there is space left, it should be filled with undersized flowers. By arranging the mixboard, it is worth leaving the plants higher behind, placing the undersized in front.

Decoration of flower beds will be successful if you combine correctly not only the plants themselves, but also their coloring. The most common songs are:

  1. Monochrome. All the flowers on the flowerbed have one shade, and the plants differ only in height.
  2. Contrasting. Flowers have contrasting shades. For example, red looks good with white, yellow with purple.
  3. Similar shades. The color of plants is smoothly changing.
  4. Neutral. Discreet simple coloring, executed, for example, in white or yellow shades.
Flower bed of perennials в саду

A flowerbed of perennials in the garden of a country house.

Original landscape design

A creative design idea is an asymmetric flower bed of perennials.

Enclosures for clubs

It is difficult to imagine the full decoration of flowerbeds without the use of fencing. It can perform several functions: separating flowers from a path or lawn (in this case you can use low fences), protection from children and pets (then it is necessary to choose a higher fence), etc.

If the flowerbed is slightly raised above the ground, the fence should hold its edges and prevent the ground from showering. Do not use light fences for flower beds, as they will have to be further strengthened. The best for flower beds of different shapes and heights will fit stone, brick or concrete fences, which can be installed by hand.

Flower bed of perennials на даче

As a fence for the flowerbed of perennials used a low fence of wood.

Natural stone in landscape design

An interesting option is the use of natural stone as a fencing for the flowerbed.

Enclosures for flower beds can also block the roots of perennials, because some flowers quickly spread, penetrating beyond the flower beds. In this case, use special protective tape made of plastic, which must be buried in the soil to create a barrier. Such ribbons on top look like small curbs, they make the contour of the flower bed more aesthetic.

The flower garden with clearly marked borders has a well-groomed appearance. Do not combine plants that have different requirements for the conditions. After the creation of the flower bed, be sure to leave it for a while, so that the flowers can catch on. Correct mistakes when creating a flowerbed better next spring, and until that time, just provide seedlings with the necessary care.

Contemporary Garden

Modern landscape design welcomes the arrangement of flowerbeds from perennials without fencing.

Flower bed of perennials ограждена

A perennial flowerbed is fenced with rough, untreated stones of different shapes.

Flowerbeds of perennials: the right organization. Video

Flowerbeds from perennials in landscape design