Beautiful fences for a private house - 30 photos with advice

Fences for a private house have long ceased to perform only the role of fencing the site. Today much attention is paid to its aesthetic indicators, and the fence is often an integral part of the landscape design of the site of a court. It is worth noting that the enclosing structures are used not only along the perimeter of the territory, denoting its boundaries, but can be located inside it, interposing certain zones. Such types of fences, as a rule, have small dimensions and are light structures. In the context of this article, various types of fences will be considered, depending on materials and configurations.

Fences for a private house - photo with brief recommendations

Fences are built from a variety of materials, as well as their combinations, and before selecting raw materials, you need to determine the functional purpose of the future building. For example, if the fence should protect from prying eyes, dirt and wind - there will be little help forged fences or carved wood, but the fences of reinforced concrete or slate will be just right. If the fences for a private house (photo of original projects are presented below) should become a "feature" of landscape design - you can use a wicker fencing project or a variant with a hedge. Another indicator that must be taken into account is the location of the house: whether it is in the city or not, as for the urban area, more dull constructions are more acceptable. In general, it is also necessary to take into account the financial side, as, naturally, some materials can be quite expensive, for example, a forged fence in the courtyard of a private house with decorative elements will cost much more than a fencing made from corrugated board.

Types of fences for private houses

So, having gone to the question, which fence is better to put in a private house, we will consider what are the fences, depending on the material from which they are made, as well as their positive and negative sides.

Wooden fences for a private house: photos of beautiful structures

The fences of the site, built of wood, have been used since ancient times. Previously they had a rather primitive appearance, in contrast to the current designs, the diversity of which is great. The raw material here can serve as coniferous as well as deciduous, as well as exotic, such as teak, kumara (again, it is worth paying attention to the cost of wood). The advantages of woodwork include fast installation, good ability to combine with other materials, and also, in some cases, relative cheapness. As for the shortcomings, the main one is that wooden fences can easily be damaged (break, incinerate, cut). The wood requires regular processing and renovation of the paintwork.

According to the peculiarities of the design, fences for a private house made of wood can acquire this or that kind, namely:

  • Fence - a low fence which is made up of vertical bars, fixed on horizontal bars. This fence rather performs a decorative function, because, due to its small size, it can not protect the territory from infringements and extraneous views.
  • The boardwalk variant presupposes the filling of planks with the approach to the neighboring one. This design can be vertical or horizontal.
  • Fence of logs, which are laid horizontally. The design is quite reliable, but expensive and requires constant quality care.
  • Wattle fences and wicker wooden fences in the courtyard of a private house (photo demonstrates the difference of these two concepts). The wattle is made of rods and is considered the cheapest option, unlike a woven wooden structure, where the main material is a treated tree. The wicker fence looks rich and original, and, unlike the wattle fence, is a reliable protection of the site.
  • Lattice - a fence, assembled by attaching to the frame of narrow slats in the form of a square or oblique lattice. With the use, as a supplement, in the design of climbing plants or flowers, it is possible to make such types of fences for private houses quite unique. They may well act as zone splitters on the site.
  • The stockade is a set of closely spaced vertical logs with sharpened tops at a certain angle. This is a rather massive and reliable kind of fencing. Mostly he will approach a house made of wood.

wooden fences for a private house photowooden fences for a private house photowooden fences for a private house photowooden fences for a private house photowooden fences for a private house photowooden fences for a private house photowooden fences for a private house photofences for a private housefences for a private housefences for a private housefences for a private housefence options for a private housefence options for a private housefences for a private house

In addition to these basic types, there are often various combinations with other materials (brick, metal, etc.), as well as completely non-standard wooden fences in the courtyard of a private house, photos of which are a good example. The design of such structures is often accompanied by carvings, the addition of elegant forged elements and other ornaments.

Stone and brick fences for a private house - photo describing possible options

Owners of household plots often use materials more durable and practical than wood. These include brick and stone. Using this raw material, you can build quite powerful and reliable fences for a private house. The main thing when constructing such a heavy construction is a solid foundation. For the arrangement of stone fencing, such rocks as granite, porphyry, basalt are used. But since natural stone is expensive, in some cases decorative substitutes are used, which in appearance are difficult to distinguish from the present. Fences can be completely lined with stone, have additional elements made of wood, metal and other materials. One of the most interesting modern options is the design, where the fence consists of a metal grid into which boulders are buried.

No less original can be brick fences for a private house. The photos in this block show how beautiful a fence of colored or red brick can look, and also using various types of masonry with the addition of decorative elements.

The disadvantage of such designs is their high cost, which, in addition to the cost of the material, includes the work of professional masters, since it is not necessary to undertake such work independently without having certain skills. A fence made of stone or brick will look really nice and solid only if there are neat, even seams.

кирпичные fences for a private house фотоfences for a private house фотоfences for a private house фотоdesign of the fence of a private house photo of modern yardsfences for a private house фото

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What can be forged fences for a private house - a photo of author's works

Forged structures will be the best option for decorating the infield. The main advantages of forged barriers can be called a rather long service life, as they are resistant to temperature changes, are not afraid of moisture and wind. They perfectly can be decorated with gates and fences for a private house - the photos show wonderfully how diverse patterns. A particularly beautiful view has combinations of forged structures with the use of stone or wood. The drawbacks include the "transparency" of such a fence - it does not protect the territory from extraneous views, wind and dust. But with this problem it is quite possible to cope if, for example, you plant a hedge on the back or install sheets of opaque polycarbonate (we'll talk about this material separately).

fences for a private house фотоFences forged for a private house photoFences forged for a private house photo

Inexpensive fences for a private house from corrugated board - photos and recommendations for design

Profiled sheeting or, in scientific terms, a profiled steel sheet is a popular building material. It is widely used for roofing and fencing. Having a polymer coating on both sides, this material is fully adapted to weather changes, does not burn out and does not corrode. In addition, profiled sheeting is quite easy to install and has a relatively low cost. Fences for a private house of profiled sheeting, as seen in the photo, can have a variety of colors. The best option when the color corresponds to the roof of the main house, although there are painting methods that simulate stone, brick, camouflage and others. When constructing a fence made of corrugated board, its sheets are attached to metal poles located at a distance of one and a half meters from each other. For the main supports, you can use other materials, such as brick. Such a combined construction will have a more solid shade.

fences for a private house из профнастила фото

Beautiful photos: fence for private house from polycarbonate

Polycarbonate - an excellent material for the decoration of the fence. Its main distinguishing feature is high light transmitting ability, which means that the territory along the fence will not be darkened. Advantages of this material include simplicity of installation, ease of construction, good noise insulation, a variety of colors, resistance to ultraviolet (with the obligatory presence of a protective film). Installation of sheets of polycarbonate is carried out by a method of their fastening to metal supports and a lattice. Quite often there are also such projects, where fences for a private house contain not solid sheets, but fragments of polycarbonate. An example can be a forged fence, where polycarbonate is used in the form of inserts.

photo fence for a private house of polycarbonatephoto fence for a private house of polycarbonate

Combined fences for a private house

In conclusion, I would like to focus on combined structures. Experimenting with different materials, you can build the most unusual and very beautiful fences for private houses. Photos show how these or other components of structures can successfully combine both with each other, and with the surrounding landscape design.

beautiful fences for private houses Photowhat kind of fence better to put in a private housetypes of fences for private housesворота и fences for a private house фотоbeautiful fences for private houses Photo