Repair and finishing materials

Decorative wall decoration: types of facing +75 photo

Decorative decoration of walls is a creative process in all respects. Depending on the type of material and the technique chosen, you will need the skills of an artist, designer, painter and builder. Of course you can hire a specialist who will

Design of the facade of the house: a photo with 35 modern

The facade of any house is its outer shell, and its beauty is certainly worth the trouble. The design of the façade forms the first impression of the house, and hence of its owner. Of course, remember the aesthetic side of the exterior of the house -

Tiles for kitchens on the floor - practical advice on

Tiles for the kitchen on the floor is one of the elements of the design of such a necessary room as a kitchen. It performs not only the practical function of the floor covering, but also the aesthetic, because the kitchen is the corner where not only

Design of the ceiling for the living room

The ceiling in the living room is not the main part of the apartment, but its decoration should also be as thoughtful and harmonious as possible. The living room is the visiting card of the house, so you should pay attention to every detail of this

Decor ceiling - design ideas

When creating the original design of the dwelling, many leave the surface of their ceiling snow-white. Sometimes this is due to stylistics, but often this happens from ignorance of all possibilities. Modern methods of decoration allow the use of

Decorative brick on the wall +75 photo examples

Many remember the Soviet washable paper wallpaper for the corridor with a print of the brick wall and green sprouts. Many decades have passed since then, but the decorative brick on the wall not only has not lost its relevance, but has also moved

Interior with wallpaper of two kinds

The decoration and interior decoration of the house is tightly connected with the selection of the necessary materials. Annually new solutions appear, but it is better to use traditional, proven methods. Wallpaper - a simple and reliable way to

Modern wall decoration with wood and wood panels - 30 photos

Wood is a universal material for building and finishing your home. Wherever you use it, it instantly adds warmth and comfort, relaxes, pacifies and simply pleases the eye. The decoration of the walls with wood perfectly fits into any style of the

Gray wallpaper in the interior +70 photo

Gray is the result of a combination of two contrasts: black and white. Everyone knows the stable expressions "gray overcoat", "longing gray", "gray everyday life." At the level of reflexes, gray is associated with something gloomy and bleak. In fact,

Increase the space with photo wallpapers

Few of the owners of their own homes are satisfied with the number of square meters in it. Most apartments need improvement, which requires considerable resources and forces. Solve the problem "without noise and dust", without breaking the partitions
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