Door opening without a door

Doorway decoration

Any house is equipped with entrance blind doors, they are installed only to protect the house from uninvited guests, and interroom. By design, the latter can be sliding, swinging, cassette, folding and pendulum. The main function of interior doors is to isolate one room from another. This "barrier" not only acts as a zoning, but also protects the room from the penetration of sounds, which is sometimes necessary. In the bedroom, for example, it is difficult to fall asleep if there is an office or a hall nearby, where the household members sit up late. Interior doors also isolate the kitchen with its special microclimate, not allowing the latter to penetrate into the neighboring rooms.

  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance. Modern design methods allow creating complex, original design variants of decoration.
  • The "closed" zone, which was previously necessary for opening a swing-type door (common), can now be used to house interior items.
  • More natural light. If in the adjacent rooms the window got only one, then the lack of a door in the opening will let a piece of the sun into the adjacent dark room.

Arch in the kitchen  Drywall door  Decor of the passage to the kitchen  Arch in the apartment  Spacious living room  Beige color in the interior

  • Regular air circulation. Actual for rooms with poor ventilation.
  • The union of two spaces. Reception is used to create a special interior composition, when two rooms, decorated in a single style, should have a conditional boundary, and not the actual one.
  • Zoning. Diametrically opposite designation of an open doorway in cases where a wall in the house is erected artificially, but between the rooms it is necessary to leave a "link".
  • Visual increase in a tight "room". If a tiny room is treated as an independent room, then design tricks do not always help to correct the situation. With the help of an open aperture, her visual perception changes. It seems to be a continuation, part of the next larger room.
  • New possibilities in choosing the shape of the opening. Despite the fact that designers continue to amaze with non-standard design solutions, archways remain the simplest and most convenient option. The variety of their forms allows you to create a unique interior picture.

Decorative rock

Also to the list of advantages carry a simpler maintenance of the structure (no need to lubricate the hinges and wipe the glass) and a relatively low cost of installation. The latter does not depend on the type of decorative materials, the full door kit will cost more.


Open door openings are classified into two types:

  1. The classic option. It differs little from sets with a door, it has the same rectangular shape. Classics is distinguished by primitivism.
  2. Arched opening. In this case, use the variety of species that these decorative structures can boast.

Arch in the hallway

Archs have strict classification by forms:

  • Roman (romantic). Their vaults are made in the form of a circle whose diameter is equal to the width of the doorway.
  • Turkish (eastern). Arch vault is made in the form of a dome.
  • British. The vault is a truncated circle. It is a "truncated" Roman version.
  • Gothic (lancet). The vault lines smoothly reach the single center.
  • Ellipsoidal. Arch vault is similar to the "long" Roman version.
  • The Slavs. Arches with a "domestic" name are similar to classic open door openings, but have slightly rounded corners.
  • The fragments. The body of the structure is deaf, that is, it is glazed or decorated with other translucent material.
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Vertical arch in the living room

There are also Thai variants, in which the arch was cut in half and left only one part. In rare cases, a completely round version is used, as in fairy-tale dwellings, which John Tolkin described on the pages of his books. Similar options are difficult to install, but become an exquisite element of the interior.


There are certain standards that regulate the permissible sizes of door openings, both open and closed. The height of 1.9 m corresponds to a width of 0.55 and 0.6 m. With such standard openings, you will encounter in standard apartments. For a door 2 m high, the allowable width is 0.6, 0.7, 0.8 and 0.9 m. In private houses, the parameters may be different. Naturally, these figures do not always correspond to the wishes of the owner of housing. In this case, the openings are enlarged due to the partial dismantling of the wall. Before you start work, you need to consult with experts who will give an exact answer, whether it is possible to carry out such actions and what they will have consequences.

Classic interior Arch in the loggia  Doorway in the kitchen  Wide arch  Elite interior  Doorway without a door in the hall

The thickness of the box is also important. In apartments it is standard: 7,5 cm. The indicator is necessary for the correct selection of the gates.

Design materials

Before you zadekorirovat opening, you need to determine the materials that will be used in the work. For simple, budgetary options, stop on textiles and decorate the element with curtains. They will bring coziness with them into the room, in addition, you can replace the material at any time. For monumental constructions, plasterboard, clinker (a kind of ceramic tile), MDF panels, particleboard, PVC, lining, an array of wood, artificial and natural stone, brick are used.

Country style in the decor of the doorway

In more refined interiors apply polyurethane stucco, expensive wallpaper or decorative plaster on the slopes. Particular importance attached to the platbands. They are also classified according to the forms on:

  • Figured;
  • Flat;
  • Rounded.

To a separate category are carved platbands - the result of painstaking manual work on wood. It's rather difficult to master the technique of fine work on master classes and make an element yourself, so it's easier to buy a finished author's product.

Eastern motifs

Separately it is worth noting the finish of the siding. The material has an original texture, and its strength makes it possible to create complex frame structures in the form of open shelves surrounding the doorway.

Wooden partition Decorative tiles for interior decoration  Bright living room  Designer repair  Figured arch of plasterboard  A door without a door in the apartment

Plastic panels

Plastic refers to budgetary materials, which can boast a rich assortment of colors and textures of surfaces. It is flexible, so it easily repeats the different shapes of doorways. In the installation, the material is simple, so you do not have to hire specialists for work. You can decorate the doorway yourself, cutting out the necessary elements from plastic or buy a ready-made kit. It includes:

  • Platbands in the number of six pieces. Four for the side walls on two sides and two to decorate the upper arch. If the latter has a non-standard form (arched), then the sets are purchased special, designed for a specific doorway.
  • Three fittings. Two on the side walls and one for the top.

Classicism in the interior

Panel doorways decorated with plastic are universal and suitable for any style. Choose a material with an ornate, subtle pattern and it will organically flow into one of the classical directions. Use the imitation of metal or brick with a backlight and the doorway will be an elegant addition to the room in a high-tech or loft style.

Decorative rock

Decorative stone can be decorated interior and entrance doorway. Natural material perfectly masks the metal frame, which on the threshold disfigures the situation with its appearance. For interior openings of an open type, mainly use artificial stone. The material is lighter than natural, but less durable. Stone or brick furnish is often performed in the technique of a "torn" edge. Its edges capture a part of the wall and create a unique pattern, imitating carelessly executed work. The variant is very popular in modern interiors, as it introduces motifs of "antiquity", which contrast with the general "neatness" in the setting of the room.

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Decorative rock в прихожей Shelving from the doorway  Greek style  Modern hall design  Kitchen-living room in the style of the Middle Ages  Arches in a private house

Polyurethane adhesive

Unlike plaster moldings, polyurethane differs in ease. Elements in the installation is not terrible to drop to the floor, as the drop will do without cracks and chipped pieces. With the help of stucco create aristocratic arched designs, which are suitable for Empire style or antique style. Small elements complement pilasters, imitating columns on the sides of the doorway. Effectively looks like this option in rooms with low ceilings, as it visually stretches the room. Do not recommend to get involved in stucco molding in small spaces: the abundance of small, relief details will play a bad joke with perception. Polyurethane decor "plant" on the glue, which provides a good coupling with any surface.

Polyurethane adhesive

One of the advantages of the material is its standard white color. Subsequently, you can paint the surface in any shade, in accordance with the palette of the decoration of the room.

Doorway decoration деревом


Clinker относят к еще одному популярному типу отделки. Керамическая плитка имеет прямоугольную «кирпичную» форму, в отличие от традиционной квадратной. Оформлять проем рекомендуют в технике «вразбежку», когда фрагменты соседнего ряда смещены на половину ширины куска. Швы при подобной укладке не совпадают, что позволяет достичь сходства с кирпичной кладкой. Если при отделке стен подобным образом пришлось бы резать клинкер, так как каждый второй ряд должен заканчиваться половинкой плитки, то для декорирования проема прибегают к «рваным» краям. Смотрится подобное оформление стильно и элегантно. Цветовая гамма клинкерной плитки позволяет подобрать материал в соответствии с любой палитрой интерьера.

Clinker Design project of the living room  Tile for decor of doorway  Simple arch design  LED lights  Design of the ground floor


Самый простой вариант декорирования — украсить дверной проем занавесками из ткани. Для этих целей используют как легкий тюль, так и тяжелые шторы. Последние собирают по бокам и фиксируют специальным подхватами. Держатели позволяют при необходимости оставлять проем открытым или занавешивать его полностью. Также широко используют нитяные шторы: они представляют собой «полоски» специальной синтетической ткани, которая свободно колышется в проеме и создает иллюзию преграды. Textile в качестве декора весьма удобен, его легко снять для стирки или заменить на занавески с другим «фасоном» или цветом при смене интерьера.

Curtains for the door

Design Ideas

The practice of the "built-in" doorway is widely used, or rather its illusion. Actually a similar solution for apartments in which there is nowhere to put books. The home library is placed on open shelves, which surround the doorway. In the nearest corner, a place for reading: a cozy little table with a chair or a miniature sofa. In modern interiors, designers often experiment, and the shape of the doorway becomes the subject of decorating experiments. They can repeat the outline of keyholes, vases, be completely round or have asymmetric curved edges.

Doorway in backlight Spacious room for rest  Columns in the interior  Wide doors  Design of a private house  Fretwork for arch decoration

Supplement the original openings with decorative "windows" on the sides, emptiness with illumination, emphasizing the features of the contour, or shelves on one side. The original solution will be the installation of forged elements with floral ornament over the vault. They will stretch the metal "stems" to the very floor. Forged "lianas" provide for the presence of special holders, to which the same size family photos are fixed.

Standard Layout

Standard Layout обычно выполняется из пластика или МДФ. Эти материалы доступны и отличаются демократичными ценами. Приобретать рекомендуют комплект, в который уже входят наличники и доборы. Все, что придется сделать хозяину: осуществить монтаж.

Designer repair в гостиной Arch in the children's room  Aperture made of natural wood  Eastern arch in the bedroom  Painting a doorway  Study

The classic doorway to many may seem too conservative and slightly boring. Typically, these options are chosen by adherents of traditions, who do not like dramatic changes in life or in the interior. However, a primitive doorway of an open type is also used in a "live", colorful environment. It plays the role of a reserved element that unloads space.

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Arched decoration

Arches magically expand space. They create the effect of "freedom" and fill both rooms with light and air. In most cases (except for Thai variants) arched designs are symmetrical. Decorate them appropriately, as if in a mirror image. In classical styles, the arches are decorated with stucco, bas-reliefs and pilasters on the sides. Interior with a similar design will look exquisite and expensive.

Arched decoration Geometry in the interior  Modern style  Wood for decoration  Wide arch  Square doorway

Arches of arches with transoms are decorated with glass and thin slats, which create a geometric pattern. Asymmetric options complement the niches, shelves for decor, lighting. Arched constructions connect any rooms, there are no restrictions in this respect. Although more often such openings are found between the narrow hallway and the adjacent room (usually a hall).

Accent Edition

Open door openings by themselves already attract attention, since there is no standard partition in their design. To enhance the emphasis, choose one of the design tricks and select an element using:

  • Colors. The opening can have a bright tint and echo with other accent details in the interior.
  • Sveta. In arched constructions of complex shapes, there are usually places for the arrangement of spotlights.
  • Invoices. Against the background of the "even" covering of walls (paint, wallpaper, plaster), the doorway can effectively be distinguished by the relief of stone, brick or stucco.
  • Forms. The most common option, because the outlines of the opening can be thought through independently. Then embody them in plasterboard or plywood and, as a result, get the author's decoration.

Hallway design Custom doorway  Arched opening  Sand color in the interior  Style fusion  Classic Living Room

Naturally, to enhance the effect, you can combine the above methods. The accent doorway is usually used to dilute the situation, decorated in strict, restrained styles.

How to hide a doorway

Usually the doorway is hidden by furniture. The actual solution will be the placement of a cabinet, a rack with a back wall or a built-in wardrobe. Earlier, the door was hung with wall rugs. Now such a decision is considered a relic of the past, and if you can not hide behind something massive, you can decorate it with plasterboard or plywood. The surface is painted or wallpapered, and the top is a collage of pictures or photographs. Such a decoration will be a highlight of the interior, and guests do not even guess that the owners are masking the unused doorway. From the same materials, you can create a decorative niche in which you install open shelves to store trifles. The design is convenient in that it can be disassembled at any time.

Wooden house Doorway in the bedroom  Entrance hall with stairs  Arabic style  Minimalism in the interior  Scandinavian style

In different rooms

Do not recommend overdoing with the decor of the doorway in small rooms. Remember that they are usually open for visual expansion of space. Incorrect design can shine the whole effect. In the spacious rooms on the decor of this element there are no restrictions. Also, it is worth remembering that the opening is a two-sided design, and therefore it is necessary to make out it taking into account the "exit" to two different rooms.

If their stylistic solutions are somewhat different, then this moment should be reflected in the finish of the structure. In decorating the transitions between the kitchen and other rooms, it is recommended to resort to textiles. It is easily brought to the "closed" position and protects other rooms from corrosive odors and particles of fat that are hovering in the air.

Arches in the decoration of a private house Sliding doors  Stone Finishing  Дверь-гармошка  Medieval style  Glass doors


Each interior object, however insignificant it may seem initially, can become an important piece of design mosaic. Ordinary doorways with competent decoration can turn into a highlight of the design of two rooms at once. The variety of forms, methods of decoration, materials, their textures, colors and textures makes it possible to come up with and bring to life the most daring, original design ideas.