Bedroom design 10 sq.m. m - interior for a small area

If it is assumed that a room for sleeping and rest will have a small area, this is no reason to despair. Special interior solutions will make it possible to make a bedroom design 10 sq.m. m exactly as he dreams. It is worth to learn the latest trends, suitable for modern or classical styles, allowing you to place everything you need. Ideas from the photo will form a true picture of the future bedroom that meets personal needs. Complex comprehension of style, light, furniture and decor is the guarantee of an unmistakable creation of an ideal beautiful space for sleeping and not only.

  • work zone;
  • TV zone;
  • Clothes storage;
  • full dressing table.

Two-level ceiling in a small bedroom

Such multitasking will require additional maneuvers both in placing the bed, especially the double, and will impose a restriction because of the area in the choice of style and color. Interior solutions for small bedrooms are quite a lot, as well as photos, but having a relaxed design will have:

  • smooth lines;
  • приглушённые тона;
  • combination of textured, textile materials;
  • a feeling of "softness" from the upholstery, bed base.

Bedroom interior 10 m2 in white color

Equally important is the location of the entrance to the room. The alternative to a conventional door is a sliding door, and if it is in the end of a short wall, it is convenient to build a cabinet around it.

Wallpaper on the wall of a small bedroom

Individual style

You can choose one style solution for the whole apartment or house: the bedroom will be a continuation of the general idea. And you can create a completely autonomous, personal space with a special character.

Bed and bedside table made of natural wood

Recently, designers offer to relax and relax in extremely laconic in style rooms, with urban, industrial motives such as a brick wall, metal elements. They are simply designed for small bedrooms, emphasizing the male character of the room.

Storage cupboard in the bedroom

But a gentle shine-chic, country, only with a moderate decor, suitable for women. Make the design of the bedroom a sensual, luxurious room is enough for even 10 sq. M. An attractive photo of modern styles will appear, where minimalism, laconism is manifested in decoration and decoration, but the originality remains with accents.

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Bedroom design 10 square meters

For small rooms, unbeatable options are:

  • Scandinavian. The main surface in white color, or very close, but due to interesting details, the tree turns cozy and spacious.
  • Eco-style. Naturalness, natural shades for the effect of tranquility.
  • Neoclassicism. Adapted to the real size: luxury textiles express the idea, and the black and white version works to increase the space.
  • Provence. Dairy, pastel shades, suitable materials make the bedroom gentle to the look and feel.

Interior of a 10 meter long bedroom with windows in all the long walls

Color trends

If the shades of white for the predominant color scheme do not seem appropriate, then there are alternative options:

  • Gray - one of the most successful monochrome components for the bedroom. It helps to reveal pastel shades, absolutely does not tire and became very fashionable as an independent color.
  • Pastel: pale blue, tender green colors in combination with light furniture.
  • Refocusing on the attitude to the pink - its shades can be refined, refined.

Design Bedroom Design

Light neutral colors of the main surfaces - a pledge of a sense of free space, but this does not exclude the accent color favorite, albeit in small numbers. Choosing from three monochrome shades for the background, you can allow a greater saturation of the preferred color. Only not every combination will give a sense of relaxation: it is necessary to take into account the psychological aspect of the impact. The atmosphere turns out diverse depending on the shades and proportions.

Bedroom in beige-green colors

Primary accent colorGrayWhiteThe blackThe resulting atmosphere
Pink powder++Tender, romantic
Bright pink, fuchsia++Expressive
Blue++Spacious, cool
Mint, turquoise++Fashionable
Lavender+Luxuriously mystical

Closet in the bedroom 10 sq m

Main Background

In the decoration of walls among the materials the wallpaper is leading - it is really sometimes environmentally friendly and budgetary at the same time. Ready-made collections, wallpaper-companions will reduce the errors of selection and compatibility to a minimum.

Artificial stone wall in the bedroom

If you want more expressiveness of the side surfaces:

  • Photo wallpapers, frescoes with perspective, landscape - an excellent solution for the accent wall, but large drawings, closeup can be suppressed in a miniature recreation room;
  • Discard the wallpaper, with repeated identical large patterns, which you can and want to count. The abstraction, a somewhat chaotic arrangement of the figure, even in a dark color, is suitable for highlighting the area of ​​the bed;
  • The beauty of the headboard is sometimes lost on an inappropriate background - waste of time and expectations;
  • Strip - this is always relevant and useful in order to improve the room parameters: horizontal or vertical.
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Wardrobe in the wall in the bedroom

Council. The bed is located along one of the walls - provide protection of the finish and your comfort in the area of ​​contact due to an additional soft sidewall.

Narrow bedroom of 10 squares

The finishing of the horizontal areas is no less important for a harmonious interior. For the ceiling, the most simple execution is optimal, and light, which will not press above in the case of multi-level options. For a floor choose a parquet with a diagonal stacking or its imitation, a light stopper. The main condition is good compatibility with the furnishing.

Textile decoration of the bedroom

Actual furniture

Furniture samples of ready-made sets, especially from solid wood (or so-called manufacturers), do not always add individuality, coziness. Consider the possibility to abandon the standard furniture offers by making an order.

3D panels on the bedroom wall with lighting

This will save a small space, give a unique design bedroom 10 square meters:

  • built-in wardrobe for the color of the walls to the ceiling;
  • Angle models with mirror doors;
  • suspended bedside tables, not floor, small shelves;
  • instead of cumbersome, wide chests of drawers - narrow, elongated walls of the curbstone;
  • small shelves for books and accessories.

But the most important, important exhibit of the bedroom is the bed, it is she who will set the mood of the room.

Stylish bedroom in classic style

Main object

In small bedrooms it is better to leave minimal passages, for example to a window or a balcony, than to sacrifice precious centimeters of a bed. An impressive wooden bed frame with a similar headboard looks majestic in large bedrooms, and in a small one it becomes even traumatic. More and more beds are upholstered in soft textiles, artificial or natural suede, leather.

Example of an interior of a small bedroom of 10 sq m

Council. The option of placing the bed back to the window with the battery can become uncomfortable during the heating season.

Loft style bedroom design

For a full-fledged family holiday, the location of an adequate bed (approximating to a size of 2 * 2 m) can turn into a problem, especially when a day requires free space, for example for games, classes with children.

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Bedroom with shelves in a niche

Cardinal solutions:

  • Sofa. For daily, or rather nightly, use, it should be special: it is better with an independent spring unit.
  • Bed-transformer - pay off the cardinal transformation of the room.
  • Podium versions with draw-out mechanism are suitable for narrow long rooms. On top of the window have a working area, dressing table. You can use the podium to accommodate a mattress for a full sleeping area.

Accessories in the interior of the bedroom

And among the beds there are novelties, which the developers make comfortable, practical: with a built-in lifting mechanism. Such a model completely compensates for a place for work, and for a double model there are autonomous head restraints.

Lockers on both sides of the bed

Lighting Features

On how well thought out the idea of ​​lighting, direct comfort depends. In pursuit of the necessary intensity, do not forget about the fashion component. Designers recommend using laconic models, as space is too small for volume chandeliers:

Bedroom in gray tones

  • small lamps on LEDs - comfortable, at the same time economical in operation;
  • beautiful sconces with glass, crystal elements;
  • LED-lighted bed bases;
  • lamp on a high thin leg;
  • mirror in a beautiful frame with built-in lighting.

White and green bedroom

Actual. The canopies, screens often look attractive, but in a close room they will interfere, diminish the illumination.

Drawers from the bed

Subtlety of decoration

The lack of space does not become an obstacle in the decoration of the room - textiles; headboard; bedside mat; narrow hanging shelves with beautiful things, paintings, posters, photographs.

Clock on the bedroom wall

For the wall decor there are some tricks aimed at visual enhancement:

  • fastening tightly to the wall;
  • box postage;
  • under the glass.

Backlight in the bedroom

It's not too difficult to drape windows in a small bedroom, besides, lambrequins are out of fashion, even in classical styles they do not look fanciful. A good alternative to curtains are fabric blinds, tight curtains that preserve shape. Among the latest innovations are a good combination of practicality and aesthetics curtain screen models.

Spotlights on the ceiling

To the bedroom really restored strength, filled with energy, its interior must fully meet individual needs. And given the choice of suitable colors, comfortable furniture, 10 squares will not become an obstacle to original and expressive design.