Lilac bedroom - photo of new interior design solutions

Often a lilac color is not considered a shade, but an independent tone. But all the same, the lilac color is a light shade of a separate purple color. He captures and captivates with unimaginable power, as a result, you can get carried away and try

Colors in the interior of the children's room: 9 beautiful

It was quite customary to make out the boy's room in blue tones, and the girl's room in pink. But maybe it's worth trying a more interesting combination of colors for the design of the nursery? Especially if you have two opposite-sex children!

Bedroom design in light colors - interior photo

Choosing the design of a bedroom, first of all, you need to decide on the color scheme. Modern designers offer a huge number of options for the most demanding taste. The most universal of these is the bedroom design in light colors. It gives a

The design of the hallway in the apartment: the basic

The hallway is the first room where the visitor enters the apartment. Therefore, it is very important that the interior and design of the hallway in the apartment always had a respectable look. She acts, in a way, as the "calling card of the

Choose wallpapers for a children's room for girls - 27

Many parents of small princesses face the decision to create a beautiful and practical children's room. One of the important factors in the arrangement of her small castle are the wallpaper for the children's room for girls, as the mood and

Blue bedroom - a place in which there is a place for romance

A bedroom of heavenly color will allow you to feel a constant burst of energy, thanks to a large amount of light. In the blue bedroom is very pleasant to relax and relax after a hard day's work. In the azure bedroom you can realize all your ideas and

How to equip a bedroom in the style of a chalet (60

Bedroom in chalet style is simplicity and functionality at the same time. It can be equipped either in a large house or in a small apartment. After all, the main function of the bedroom is a place for rest and sleep. Therefore, the interior can be

Bedroom design in khrushchev +75 photo examples

The design of a bedroom in Khrushchev time can sometimes be difficult to fit into modern stylistic concepts. The houses were built according to the standard model without any architectural excesses. "Boxes" were small, tight and designed to

Children's room 12 square meters. m - 75 modern examples of

The decor and interior, of course, affect the mood of all household members. That's why parents pay so much attention to the decoration of the child's room, trying to turn even a small room into a real corner of the fairy tale. Design of a children's

Elegant bedroom in art nouveau style

The style of Art Nouveau is already slightly more than 100 years old, but it is still relevant today, and the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style combines the beautiful with the useful. The interior of the modern bedroom emphasizes the luxury and
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