Design of a narrow hallway

Entrance hall with a carpet

Many people have heard about the importance of the first impression. In the apartment for this moment the anteroom answers. It is she who meets guests crossing the threshold of the dwelling. By its appearance and ergonomic arrangement it is possible to make the first conclusions about the taste of the owners, their status and preferences. In Soviet homes and small apartments often have to observe the design of a narrow hallway. Independent attempts to cope with a tight space are not always crowned with success. Nevertheless, universal recommendations for the improvement of the narrow and long corridor still exist. Let us consider them in more detail below.

So, the basic rules for creating a friendly and cozy atmosphere in a narrow corridor include the following:

  • Light palette finishing (neutral tones with a glossy surface of the material);
  • Point illumination together with mirrors (from a massive chandelier it is necessary to refuse);
  • Use of architectural delights (adding moldings instead of plain platbands);
  • Use of carpet paths;
  • Decoration of the interior with the help of art objects;
  • Operation of a multifunctional headset;
  • Accommodation of indoor plants;
  • Following the general style of the apartment design.

Hanger with chest of drawers for shoes

Observance of the basic principles, of course, helps to equip the hallway. However, the blind repetition of the above rules is clearly not enough. Since the excess of the decor greatly complicates the solution of a difficult task. To the interior of a narrow hallway looked stylish, it is necessary to work harder on its creation. Therefore, we will consider the most valuable recommendations of designers.

Boardwalk in the hallway

Ways of optimal arrangement

Let's consider the basic ways of solving the problem of a narrow area in turn. If you carry out design work correctly, the obvious drawback can even be turned into an advantage. However, this will require attention to the smallest details.

Narrow and long entrance hall

For example, the most obvious aspect of eliminating discomfort is the expansion of space. A natural desire is quite feasible when following specific design recommendations. We list the main:


Thanks to the use of this design, in the interior of a narrow hallway, you can achieve the creation of the right proportions. Depending on the existing quadrature of the corridor, it is necessary to divide into several functional zones. At a minimum, there should be an entrance hall and an entrance area.

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Decoration of a wall in a hallway pictures

This can be done in various ways:

  • Use of different levels of the ceiling surface;
  • Separation by changing the color of the walls or pattern (material) of the floor covering;
  • Implementation in one of the zones of the concept of a common style of apartment design.

A long corridor from the hallway

For example, a very popular method of zoning is the use of two types of flooring. In the entrance area, the laying of a high-strength washable tile is appropriate. In the lobby it is possible to install a reliable parquet (practical laminate). A more labor-intensive method is the implementation of a particular style. Whether it's French Provence or Austrian modernism. However, its use can be the same dignity, which was mentioned in the beginning. The interior of the renovated hallway will cause guests only admiration.

Narrow, but spacious entrance hall

Expansion of space

Despite the fact that the use of zoning contributes to a visual increase in space, there are several other ways to differentiate. Designers usually keep them secret.

Built-in compartment niches in the corridor

Using mirrors. Several large mirrors, mounted opposite each other, create an original optical illusion of "doubling" the area. This can be the mirror surface of the sliding-door wardrobe and an elegant mirror on the opposite wall.

Design of a narrow high-tech hallway

Lighting. The combination of a soft spotlight with a multi-level ceiling can create a miracle. Expand the space, raise the ceiling. This effect is achieved due to the reflection of warm diffused light in the mirrors of the hallway.

Simple design of the corridor

Fall of the walls. It is possible to use the arched method, but first we need to clarify a number of points. For example, a wall between the hallway and the next room can be a carrier. Or this room will be given to the bedroom, which implies the need for privacy. Also worth paying attention to the flooring. From the hallway, dirt will be regularly introduced into this room. It can be concluded that the method is "for an amateur".

Combination of the texture of materials in the finish

Very important! An alternative to taking "falling walls" can be considered a rejection of interior doors. Open access to the premises will free the atmosphere from a sense of tightness, fill the small hallway light.

The wardrobe along the entire length of the hallway

A competent approach to finishing

For stylish design of a narrow hallway it is important to use suitable materials. They will differ depending on the type of surface.

Rack in a narrow corridor

Ceiling. For example, the top plane can be advantageously decorated with a stretch ceiling. Its glossy surface will be combined with mirrors. When creating a multi-level ceiling, it is recommended to use drywall. It perfectly matches with LED ribbons.

The combination of gray and white

Walls. Restrictions on finishing materials do not exist. However, there are recommendations of professionals regarding their practicality. In the corridor, it is advisable to use an easy-to-clean wallpaper or a moisture-resistant paint. Care for the first is quite easy, and the paint can easily be changed to a new one. With decorative plaster a bit more work. Once in a few years, it is necessary to radically update the facing of the walls.

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Hall in country style

Floors. The possibility of zoning with the help of various floor covering materials has already been mentioned above. Here we emphasize that the material should be wear-resistant and easily washable. The color should be in harmony with the color of the walls. However, it can be dark.

Closet for things in the hallway in the house

Attention! If the cold tiles are used in the entrance area, the floors should be insulated.

Interior of the hallway with a narrow corridor

Correct choice of colors

In every way, the use of cream and achromatic scale is welcomed. However, this does not mean that we should limit ourselves to this. The main condition is to avoid dark color, narrowing the space. The same applies to large patterns on the walls. It is better to prefer them bright monotonous wallpaper. In this case, you can combine: the transverse sections of the walls are highlighted with a bright accent. Or use fashionable wallpaper.

Decorative wallpapers

And even better will look modern pictures. The exploitation of the themes of contemporary art will help the owners to leave a pleasant impression of themselves. Even if the guests do not understand what is depicted on those or other works of artists, the level of their respect for the owners of the house will increase. Designers recommend using interesting abstractions. For example, the color delights of Marco Rothko.

Ceiling lighting in a long corridor

With floor covering, the situation is a bit simpler. The dark surface is completely permissible. But even if the parquet is light, it can be decorated with a colorful decorative rug.

Mirror on the wall in the hallway

Functionality of the furniture set

Proper layout of furniture plays a crucial role in arranging the interior of a narrow hallway. A popular option is the operation of the sliding-door wardrobe with the sliding mechanism of the doors. Do not forget that it can be mirrored. To save usable space, experts also recommend using an ottoman-ottoman instead of two different items. The variety of assortment of similar products allows to choose them clearly under the apartment decor. And the capacity will please even large families. For the same purpose of saving space, an open hanger should be preferred to a closed system. The most effective is the angular variant.

Decorating the hallway with decor items

Attention! Furniture in a narrow corridor should be located only on one side.

Long cabinet with swing doors

The emphasis on multifunctionality will allow to free up the maximum amount of space, and also make the decor original. If possible, the part of the furniture set should be mounted in the walls. The corridor will become much more spacious. The latest trends in the furniture market include a modular suite.

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Modern design of a narrow hallway with a long corridor

Its versatility contributes to the creation of the effect of stylish minimalism, which is so close to the hallway. The advantage of this option is the ability to make an individual order, based on the needs of a particular design.


In general, it is necessary to focus on the shape of the hallway. Since it is far from in every will be appropriate to look closet. Extremely close options have to be replaced with open hooks for clothing. If the hallway is still combined with another room, then part of the furniture set can be placed there.

Decoration of a long corridor with shelving

Design of doors and skirting boards

The main recommendation here is to observe a single style. Registration of interroom (if they will) and the entrance door is best performed in one range. Harmonious design always produces the right impression. It will not be superfluous to synchronize the material with the furniture set. Especially if it is wooden. The exploitation of the same tree species will unite doors, skirting boards and furniture into a single ensemble. This will help minimize the small size of the corridor.

Striped walls

Stylistics options

To adhere to the above recommendations should be treated with extreme severity. But the choice of this or that style can be left to your own discretion.

A huge mirror in the corridor

Consider a couple of the most popular options:

  • Eastern style can be considered optimal for a narrow space. His restraint and love of detail fit perfectly with the requirements of design. For example, such a moment as the openwork legs of the furniture set. Coupled with a geometrically correct view of the furniture itself, this move instantly becomes a highlight of the decor. At the same time, Eastern style can be very different. Some designers understand it as a luxury of decoration and colorful finishes;
  • French style implies the aesthetics of rounded lines. Absence of sharp corners together with quiet tones of finishing materials somewhat "facilitates" the close atmosphere of the corridor. The rounded edges of all the elements of the headset emit softness and luxury of royal style. Well complemented by its oval mirrors and refined ottomans. No rectangular geometry.

Light window above the entrance door

The most relevant modern styles include the Scandinavian interior. Many people have heard about its cold tones and minimalist aesthetics. However, there is one condition - high ceilings. Therefore, it is not always possible to implement it.

Hallway in loft style


The solution to the problem with the narrow design of the hallway is quite simple. It is only necessary to follow the "right" recommendations. The main goal can be considered the expansion of space due to certain design techniques. Some of the secrets of professionals were outlined above.