Design of a room for a teenager - a boy (+35 photos)

A room for a teen boy

The adolescent period is characterized by complex perturbations of the person's personality. He almost for the first time truly realizes his individuality, begins to demand more freedom. All parent installations are questioned and revised. In order not to resort to rigid methods of education, parents are advised to act subtly. So, to symbolically expand the boundaries of his freedom, you can create the appropriate room design for a teenager. It is also possible to attract him to participate in the choice of the style of design, however, while it should be prepared for the manifestations of youthful maximalism. Next, we will present a few recommendations that will help you find a common language with your child.

  • Computer games, virtual programs;
  • Art (music, cinema, painting);
  • Military science, weapons;
  • Applied, exact sciences (chemistry, geometry, geography);
  • Sports.

A room for a teenager with a bed by the window

The last option is the most universal. Regardless of the chosen subject, it is necessary to provide a sports corner in the teenager's room. It is important to determine what exactly your child is interested in. Usually this is in sight, guys rarely hide their hobbies.

A spacious room for a teenage girl

Choosing a teenage room for a girl

A similar method works here. First you need to listen to the opinion of the girl herself, before contacting an experienced designer. Even the coolest of them can not know for sure that it will be better for her.

Room for a girl 14-16 years old The modern arsenal of professional interior artists suggests many more options than just pink wallpaper or ruffles on curtains. For example, an important furniture element can be the right furniture layout. Fortunately, that manufacturers offer the market the widest choice, corresponding to all sorts of hobbies of the child.

Light pink room

Since the girl must a priori have many outfits, then it will be useful for original products, which allow to carefully store clothes. The minimum set can be as follows:

  • Dresser for dresses, outerwear;
  • Shelves under the bed for storing shoes;
  • Chest of drawers for underwear;
  • The bedside table
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Room for a girl

Despite the abundance of clothes and other women's accessories, too much clutter space is still not worth it.

Choosing a children's design for two teenagers

It is quite a difficult task, since it is necessary to maintain balance, a certain balance. It is necessary to ensure that adolescents do not interfere with each other, but at the same time maintain a strong connection.

Design of a room in a marine style

If space allows, this effect can be achieved by combining functional zones:

  • Classics is a bunk bed, which allows you to combine a zone for sleeping;
  • A long desk can be a working area for both;
  • It's easier to just dispose of the cabinet, where you can provide for fair separation;
  • Common recreation area, the same musical corner or boxing pear.

A room for a boy

You can draw a conclusion here: it is extremely undesirable to create a situation where one of them may feel deprived.

Design of a room for two teenagers

Parity needs to be maintained in everything, especially if the children are twins.

A room for children of different sexes

Toys toys, but the same furniture set will have to be divided equally. Even if it concerns the design of a teen-boy room. The discount will be only in that the room can be decorated with one theme. Of course, taking into account the opinions and tastes of each of the teenagers. A model example is the theme of football. Guys can love rival teams, but the ball and general tournaments unite them. But it if will carry, as children can take a great interest in different kinds of sports.

Design of a room for a girl

If children of different sex, then there is no way to do without zoning. To avoid rigid division, the design of a room for two teenagers can be combined with one common style. But before proceeding to the style of design, it is necessary to briefly present the age accents.

Room for a girl

The accent of the interior, depending on the age

12-13 years old

The child is just beginning to realize his own personality, but it is likely that he already had some hobby. In this case, you can not hesitate, you need to reflect this in the interior design of the room for a teenager.

Room in a sea-sports style

Maybe someday he will say a big thank you to his parents at the award ceremony, if the creative enthusiasm turns into something more. It's incredibly cool when a person begins to engage in a favorite business from such an early age. Therefore, the earlier you notice it, the more serious the results will be.

Loft room for a teenager

14-15 years old

Since with the theme of hobbies or hobbies, the guys are, most likely, determined, then it was the queue of idols. They instinctively look for a role model. Focusing on the model of his behavior, they can also just behave with their friends.

Room for a girlподросткаBy the age of 15, children often consist of teenage "gangs", communities of interest, so it is desirable to provide for the possibility of friendly gatherings. For this, the design of the teen's room can be decorated with soft puffs or colored pillows, which take up much less space than chairs.

A room for a teenager

16-17 years old

At this age the teenager could already achieve certain results. He feels himself an independent person and can appreciate his achievements from the outside. The best advice for parents is to let go of the reins and let him choose the style. Show more confidence.

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A room for a boy

Building design styles

Classic style

It is considered one of the most successful decisions, if a teenager is a girl. Within the framework of this style, the economic abilities of the future keeper of the hearth can well manifest. True, parents should know that in addition to compliance with symmetry, this decor involves the presence of expensive fabrics and other luxuries.

Room for a girlподростка


It is a certain antithesis to the classics, it involves the breaking of symmetry in favor of certain geometric forms. The non-standard layout and functionality of the room create the design of a modern room for a teenage boy. Dynamic effect, visible expressiveness, daring style - are a vivid testimony to this. The emotional component of such an interior allows a young man to be in harmony with his "wave", his own worldview. Hobbies of the child have no meaning, it can easily be adapted to the design. A room for two teenagers

American style

Distinctive features of the style are:

  • functional association of zones;
  • impressive size of the furniture set;
  • use or imitation of expensive materials;
  • point lighting.

A room for a boy

It can be concluded that this style has some similarities with the classics. To use it you need a fairly bright space. Suitable for both teens.

A room for children of different sexes


Contains some element of education, when a teenager from childhood learns to appreciate what he has, and does not litter his own space with extra items. In addition, cleaning such a room is extremely easy, fast. What looks like an indisputable advantage with a guy.

Light room for girls

Also, this guarantees additional safety, since the smaller the angles and protruding parts, the lower the risks of injury. For a concert of a musical group or the performance of a favorite team may well provoke a child into reckless acts.

Lilac room for girls

High tech

The previous style is considered a forerunner of high-tech, which positions itself as the fruit of the work of science fiction writers. This includes space motifs, popular science topics, construction of starships. Smooth texture, functionality of metal products, the use of cold colors - everything should set the teenager to conquer new peaks, to model the technologies of his future. There should also be no problems with cleaning the nursery.

A room for two teenagers в стиле лофт

High tech — идеальный интерьер комнаты мальчика.

Room with flower ornaments for girl


Direct heir of industrial style, loft is the most practical option for decorating a children's room. This is due to the lack of the need to adhere to a single layout: it is allowed to use different-sized furniture, unusual accessories and improvisation with the color of the finish. Guys-fidgets such a style allows you to show your reckless nature to its fullest. Parents can only be reminded of the sense of proportion, as well as the fact that this design will require a large space.

Design of a room for a boy

Sea style

White-blue color scale, wooden products, metal accessories - everything should remind of the sea. You can make curtains in the form of sails, and the floor covering - under the deck. Ideal for dreamy teens, from childhood lovers of geography with its overseas travels.

Sea-style room for a boy


It is allowed only if the child has creative abilities. Since without an unusual look at things, a specific imagination - it will be difficult to justify visible bad taste or the presence of acid color. There are practically no rules. More precisely, there is one: violation of all rules.

A room with a bed


More suitable for those who early began to grow up, trying to put things in order and pragmatically assesses the future. Perfectionists are found equally among boys and girls. For example, female representatives can rationally approach the issue of storage, and later it will be aroused by the fact that the daughter will become the chief accountant. The boy will appreciate the spaciousness of the room of asymmetric design.

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Room with a bed

Finishing Features


There are no strict rules, because the child has grown and cute little animals on the walls are no longer relevant. It is necessary to focus exclusively on the personality of the adolescent. Do not insist on practical beige, if it grows creative. Conversely, acid tones can become a source of nervous tension for a calm child. Compromise can be one bright wall with the remaining neutral color. Guys are recommended a soft color of the facing, muffled, matte. The girl is more characteristic of delicate, vanilla tones.

A room for two teenagers


When choosing the texture of wallpaper, you should consider the future placement of their favorite children's posters on them. Therefore, a large ornament will irritate the child, it is better to use simple tones. Ideally, when growing up an artist who can paint the walls on his own. And no matter what, in pencil or through graffiti. Parents can recommend bright wallpaper with the right story.

A room for a boy


There are no fundamental points, except for the design of high-tech (where it is possible to organize the starry sky). Regular whitewash, drywall or stretch ceilings have the same chance. You can focus on the height of the room and the features of lighting.

A bright room for a boy


Similarly, will depend on the style. Either it's a deck (marine theme), or just a parquet, if it's a classic. And maybe finishing with ceramic tiles, if high-tech. Athletes will be the best option carpet. The only wish is that the flooring is heated.

Room in white color


The young generation needs a lot of natural light. Artificial lighting is desirable to make point, for each functional area. Thus, they will further differentiate the space. Girls are more suitable option with a beautiful chandelier with floral motifs.

Room for a girl12 лет

Furniture and decor

Inherent attributes of the decor can be various awards, favorite posters, homemade products of young designers, musical instruments.

Pink and white room for girls

Children's furniture is presented with many requirements. First, there should not be a lot of it, a minimal set. It should not clutter up space and restrict the movements of a teenager. Secondly - the maximum functionality of all products. If the style does not involve dark wood, then it's better to stay on light shades of natural wood. Any fittings.

Design of a room for twins

The bed should be necessarily comfortable and ergonomic, perhaps with an orthopedic mattress, because the baby is still growing. For girls, a bed on the podium, with drawers for clothes, will do. Divans-transformers are better not to use at all.

Narrow room

Further, for collection meetings it is better to provide shelves attached to the walls. The same shelf can be arranged above the desk. The chair should be adjusted in height.

A room with a sports corner for a boy


A well-considered approach to the design of the nursery presupposes attention to the interests of the adolescent himself. Therefore, there are no iron requirements for design. There are some wishes: more space, light, less furniture, extra details. It is also desirable that positive colors be used, even if the child belongs to the subculture is ready. The main requirement for a few furniture is its functionality. As for the finish, everything here will depend on the style chosen by you together.