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Interior of a small apartment in Russia

This project will be especially interesting to those readers whose homes are not very spacious. Look and be inspired by new ideas!

The design of a small 2-room apartment in the style of minimalism allowed from a close uncomfortable housing to get a cozy enough space that meets all modern requirements.

At the heart of everything lies an elaborate architectural concept. All the partitions between the rooms were demolished. One room became one with the kitchen and part of the corridor. Only the bedroom for the children remained completely isolated space.

The layout of a small apartment in Russia

For registration, the snow-white color was used to a greater extent. It makes the room more spacious and lighter. Only in the children's room was added a little orange, and in the common room - black.

Among all the rooms there is a bathroom especially. Its unusual finish and intense bright color turned the space into something truly exclusive and attractive. Original lighting and textile decor also add cosiness and harmony.

Flat in a black and white palette

Kitchen-living room

As well as everywhere, here prevails a gray-white scale. The connecting element between the living room and the kitchen is a large soft sofa. It can be decomposed for the night and turned into a comfortable sleeping place, where the hosts rest. Nearby are a shelf and a spacious wardrobe.

Interior of a small apartment in Russia

The minimalism style was decided to be diluted a little, placing an intricate pendant over the dining table. In the living room there is a stern but surprisingly soft and comfortable chair.

Dining room of a small apartment in Russia

The facade of kitchen furniture has a white color, so it practically does not stand out against the background of the walls and does not strike the eye.

Dining area of ​​a small apartment in Russia


When redesigning a 2-room apartment-Khrushchev, only the children's room was left alone. Its design is also executed in low-key white-gray tones. And the buff-colored sofa makes the atmosphere more warm and cozy.

Children's в серых тонах в маленькой квартире

Along one of the walls is equipped with a whole system for storage. There is also a built-in bed, which can be cleaned for a day, thus freeing up space.

Folding bed in the nursery

The table for cooking lessons and piano is absolutely white. Thanks to this color of furniture, the room does not at all seem forced.

Work area in the nursery


In the decoration of the bathroom used a different tile, it made the room more voluminous and dynamic.

Bathroom маленькой квартиры в России

All the plumbing in the house meets the latest requirements.

Bathroom маленькой квартиры в России

There is a separate niche for the bathroom.

Bathroom маленькой квартиры в России The entrance of a small apartment in Russia The layout of a small apartment in Russia