All ingenious is simple: solving problems with storing

Sideboard for dishes with drawers

Today you will learn how to place all the necessary items for use in small living areas. We have collected for you 12 amazing ideas that will help make your home more spacious and cozy.

Be creative. To save different products, you can use existing furniture designs. For example, in this secretory stunning appliances look stunning: on the upper shelves - dishes and glasses, on the bottom - forks, spoons, napkins, tablecloth.

Filling in the "dead space"

Unused corners can become a real find in solving the issue of storage. Open shelving is installed even in the bathroom, so as not only to place their things on them, but also to complement the delightful design of the room.

Shelving for bathroom accessories in the bathroom

Very well decorated room, as shown below. Look at how this section of the wall, which usually does not touch, is remarkably filled with shelves and a cabinet with a mirror on the door.

Shelves for bathroom accessories in the bathroom

If you have a staircase at home - you're lucky! Since the "dead space" will become a gold bottom for saving, for example, shoes and clothes on retractable hangers and stands.

Storage system under the stairs

Consider the built-in modules

Perhaps you have a bed, a sofa or a high platform, in which you can arrange boxes, as shown in the photo below. Very rational, is not it ?!

Drawers under the couch

Double role

To place bed linen, towels or other products, you can buy such a charming bedside table. You can not only put lamps and paintings on it, but also put in many necessary things.

Bedside table for storing bed linen

If your room does not have a place for a cupboard, there are no problems - the amazing bench that was previously used as a coffee table will cope with this task. Thanks to the large drawers, you can easily add up both a cookbook and garden shoes.

Storage system under the bench

Such a pharmacy table is just a find! In view of the fact that it is very narrow and high, you can put a TV on it, and in the boxes you can save DVDs, light bulbs, candlesticks, extension cords, candles, attributes for a laptop or computer, and much more. What could be better ?!

Chest of drawers with drawers

System Cabinet

To not invent anything, buy such a capacious sideboard. Believe me, there is room for everything in this world! The favorite is the model Elfa, which is shown below. His worthy advantage: he easily folds and understands.

System Cabinet для хранения

Garage room is also useful

If you have a garage - you are saved! In it, you can design special shelves, on which it is worth placing a lot of containers with unnecessary things.

Shelf under the ceiling in the garage

And such a managed system is simply stunning!

Suspended shelves in the garage

Think of baskets

Finally, baskets can become an attractive and convenient means of storage. You can put them anywhere: under the bed or bedside table, under the table or sofa. The main thing is the result!

Basket for storage under a bedside table