Blue living room - 75 photos of blue hall design ideas

Creating a living room interior is a very important task, since it is in this room that the apartment owners spend a lot of time and receive their guests.

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Therefore, the design of the room should not just meet the wishes of the owners, but also meet the requirements of all who are in it.

To design the living room, it is customary to use only comfortable furniture and expressive accessories that create a comfortable psychological background thanks to the skillful combination of colors.


Psychologists note that it is the blue color in the interior of the living room that has the ability to arrange a person for a conversation and create an atmosphere of tranquility. In addition, color favorably affects the nervous system and improves the work of the heart.

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But not in spite of all its merits, the blue color also has a number of shortcomings, which should be taken into account when designing the design. Remember that the abundance of blue can irritate a person and can even plunge him into a depressed state.


Therefore, regardless of whether the living room is monochrome, or if the blue color only puts emphasis, you can not overdo it. If you adhere to the rule "a lot does not mean good", then the blue living room at you will turn out elegant and beautiful.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Variations on the theme of blue
  • How to highlight the beauty of blue?
  • Photos of the blue living room design

Variations on the theme of blue

Due to the fact that the blue spectrum has a wide variety of shades, you can choose the most suitable for yourself. Of course, you can choose absolutely any shade, but the rich blue color is still better left to professional designers, since its powerful energy requires special skill and treatment.


When decorating the living room in blue, give preference to pastel blue shades, which can be combined and complemented with various dark accessories. Despite the fact that the blue color in the design is quite popular and most people prefer it to him, the solid blue design is still a rarity.


This is due to the fact that such an interior needs specific lighting and it is not enough for it only properly selected fixtures or sconces. Allow themselves a similar design can only owners of apartments, in which there are large French windows that provide good daylight.


In addition, we should not forget that for this design will fit only very spacious rooms. And all because the dark blue color visually narrows the space due to what all the interior details look bigger than they really are.


For the owners of small apartments with standard windows, the solid blue design of the living room is an inadmissible luxury.


However, this does not mean that it is inadmissible to use a dark blue color in a small living room. If you skillfully combine it with lighter shades, then wonder how beautiful it will look.


Furniture with dark azure upholstery looks good near the walls, which were painted in color, reminiscent of a young cornflower. It is also acceptable to use accessories white or yellow, but it is important to observe the proportions, so as not to cause people who visit the living room to sleep. Still, you do not make out a bedroom, but a living room, which should have a conversation, and not cause a nap.


For this, it is best to avoid boring and faded tones and resort to the help of brighter ones such as pink or orange. If you look at the photo of the blue living room, you will notice that despite the self-sufficiency and brightness of these colors, the blue color fits well into this combination.


How to highlight the beauty of blue?

Blue color refers to cold shades, so if you want to make the environment more "warm", you should use sunny shades. If you have a classical drawing room in blue tones, it's best to revive its interior with the help of gilding.


Of course, this does not mean that you will have to use the painting. You can just do just a gold frame for pictures, or use this color in the frame of tapestries.

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It is worth noting that the use of gold for the decoration of tapestries is not at all perceived as pomposity. In this case, this will only indicate your stability, but this is only provided that you add a shade in a reasonable amount.


If you prefer contrasting interiors, then you can use more bright furniture. For example, sofas with red upholstery or orange lamp shades. And also it will be appropriate to look and bright decorative elements.


Photos of the blue living room design



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