Design projects of living rooms in an intellectual style

Each apartment always has its own individual style, which reflects the character, habits and preferences of its owners. Brilliantly this unique style can be traced in the living rooms, where all the members of the family gather for joint recreation, reception of guests, celebrations and parties. The living room is rightly considered the main premise, the "heart" of the home, where the household and their guests should feel comfortable, so the design of the living room requires special attention and careful consideration. And it is necessary to make such living rooms design that will satisfy all household members, and even more so the master of the house, the intellectual.

What is the design of the living room design?

In order to design interior design in the living room, you should determine in what style the owners want to see it. However, this is still not enough to proceed directly to the decoration of the premises, because a huge variety of finishing materials, furniture and all kinds of interior items causes serious difficulties in the choice of them. In order to avoid such difficulties, and design projects are developed that allow you to think over every little thing in the design of the room, from the layout, and ending with accessories.

Design of the living room design offers at your choice ready-made design living room designs that will help create your dream living room, organically implementing all your ideas and ideas, reflecting your unique personality. The living room will get the right proportions, with rational use of free space, proper planning and zoning, and correctly designed lighting will ensure the comfort of staying indoors and will emphasize each element of the interior. Living design that meets the requirements of the customer, will always be in vogue.

Design projects of living rooms in an intellectual style: characteristic features

The rich inner world of the master, the features of some intelligence, the propensity for new knowledge and discoveries can most fully reflect the living room, decorated in an intellectual style. For the color scheme of an intellectual living room, unobtrusive tones are best - different shades of green, blue, which can be slightly diluted with brighter accents in yellow, orange and red tones. Fabrics used in the interior, should create comfort and coziness - best for this fit fur, velor, wool, all kinds of knitted items.

Design of the living room design от компании

The design of living room designs in an intellectual style is also different using different kinds of lighting. In general, lighting in such a living room plays an important role, it should be a lot: here and light on the contour of the living room, and local lamps, and of course, the lamp on the desktop.

Living rooms, designed in an intellectual style, must necessarily have shelves or large shelves for books, forming a library. On the shelves you can place not only books, but also a laptop, tablet and other gadgets. Organic here will look and various items from collections, souvenirs and trophies, and on the walls - paintings with quality reproductions. The interior in the living room will perfectly complement the desktop, and some musical instrument - for example, a piano.