Home theater design +40 photo interior

Home Cinema Design

Cinematography is an exciting art. Many fans of modern films tend to equip a cozy corner for watching movies at home. Home theater design can be performed in a variety of styles. But the ergonomics and functionality of the designed interior remain unchanged, which must necessarily be present in the decoration design.

Private cinema: where to place in the house?

If you live in a cottage, you can install the equipment on the ground floor or at the attic. If you have a country house or a summer residence, you can organize a place for sharing movies on the street. An outdoor home theater has a special charm.

But the installation of equipment in these places is fraught with a number of "reefs," which can result in very unpleasant surprises for moviegoers:

PlinthThe arrangement of a home theater in the basement of a building often requires real mathematical calculations that can be made by specialists. This is usually due to the height of the ceilings and the shape of the room, which directly affects the reverberation of sound. Unthinking installation of speakers can completely spoil the impression of the film.
MansardMansard с ее скошенными потолками также влияет на отражение звуковых волн. Если на этом этаже есть смотровые окна, их лучше завесить плотной тканью. Так дневной свет не будет мешать наслаждаться кинолентой и не нарушит уютный полумрак кинозала.
OpenOpen кинотеатр – сугубо дачный вариант, ведь в городских условиях просмотр фильмов на свежем воздухе может банально мешать соседям. За городом при использовании проектора тоже есть риск нарушить покой как соседей, так и домочадцев.
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Home cinema in the basement Acoustics against the wall  Orange sofa in the interior  Curtains on the wall  Interior in bright colors  Glass table by the couch

Home Cinema Design

Particular attention should be paid to furniture. Sofas or armchairs with decorative cushions, on which you plan to watch movies, should not just fit into the interior, but also be as comfortable as possible.

Modern home theater design

An interesting interior solution is the floor with cascading platforms, like in a real cinema. This design will allow the furniture to be placed in several parallel rows. Thanks to this, the sitting spectators will not interfere with those who sit on the couch from behind.

Carpet is the optimal solution for floor covering. Fabric has a beneficial effect on sound reverberation, and the variety of colors and textures of this material makes it possible to embody any design refinement.

The design of the future design of the cinema hall should be based on the technical characteristics of the room. This is due to acoustics: to ensure that the sound quality remains at a proper level, it is necessary to think in advance of the proper arrangement of the speakers, given the shape and walls of the room.

Red carpet on the floor  Wood in the wall decoration  Bobbins on the wall  Projector under the ceiling  Ottomans and a bright mat on the floor

What style to choose for a room

The modern cinema, equipped directly at home, looks most spectacular in style, not burdened by a large number of details. For these purposes, ideally suited:

  • minimalism;
  • loft;
  • high tech;
  • light variations of stim-punk.

Fans of the classical direction should leave the idea to realize this trend in the project of a home cinema hall.

Home theater in the style of minimalism

When developing the concept of the premises, it is also appropriate to provide a zone for a bar and mini-refrigerator. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic soft drinks, crispy snacks and mouth-watering canapes will become indispensable when watching a movie in a small group of friends.

The presence of a child's corner in the cinema will greatly simplify the organization of leisure and kids, and their parents. A special sofa for the youngest spectators, decorated with large pillows in the form of toys, will complement the stylish interior of the cinema hall.

Loft style interior  Cinema in high-tech style  The original ceiling in the interior  Cinema in the style of Steam Punk  Black walls in the room


Comfortable furniture is the guarantee of comfort and convenience for all spectators. To arrange this area, choose your choice on wide sofas with a long seat. Such a set allows you to enjoy your favorite half-lying films.

Because of non-standard sizes, this interior is better to order in a furniture studio, the experts of which not only will design a solid frame made of wood, but also will select the perfect upholstery for the future sofa.

Soft single-seat armchairs with high armrests are suitable for those who do not tolerate violation of personal space. Before such an armchair, you can put a low banquet for your feet.

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In front of the seats it is desirable to place a table on the low legs, so that the viewers of a cozy cinema can easily take drinks and snacks. The worktop can be made of both wood and glass or other materials. The appearance of the product depends entirely on the style direction in which the cinema hall is decorated.

Leather furniture in the interior of the home theater  Pendant lamps near the wall  Guitars in the interior  Red armchairs opposite the screen  Embossed panels on walls and ceiling

Lighting in the movie room

Lighting devices in a home theater carry not only a decorative load:

  1. Thanks to a properly designed lighting system, a person's eyes do not strain so much when watching a movie.
  2. Spotlights help to safely move around the room during a home session.

Lighting in the interior of the home theater

The degree of illumination can affect the perception of the screen image, and directed light streams can completely reflect off the surface of the monitor, transforming into glare. Therefore, the most optimal solution for lighting a home theater is a hidden illumination, the rays of which are directed to the wall or ceiling. Distribute the fixtures evenly to avoid light spots.

Lamps with dimming function are also suitable for recreating the cozy atmosphere of the cinema hall. Their soft muffled glow is ideal for background lighting in a room in which all attention should be focused on the screen.

Posters on the Mills  Ceiling and walls with lighting  Orange lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling  Columns in the interior  Rack with armchairs

Soundproofing of the cinema in the apartment

Sound absorption and noise insulation in the room where the home theater is located, remain the main "headache" for all owners of apartment cinema halls. This is due to the fact that most of the ways to keep sound waves in a particular room are being introduced only at the stage of overhaul. For example, floating floors significantly reduce the noise level in the room on the floor below.

However, there are a number of tricks that are aimed at increasing noise insulation. But they are also aimed at isolating high and medium frequencies. To absorb low-frequency frequencies, it is necessary to substantially thicken the walls with the help of a brick superstructure.

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When designing a room that will serve as a cinema, it is worth covering the walls and ceilings with a special acoustic cloth, which is sold in rolls.

Sound insulation of the home theater with the help of special materials on the walls  The combination of red floor and black walls  Lamps on the walls  Ottomans in front of the armchairs  Interior in dark colors

The doorway is the main focus of sound propagation. To maximally protect neighboring rooms from noise, install a heavy massive door leaf with the threshold and seal on the vestibule.

To increase the noise insulation of the room, during the session, close the windows and doors with thick curtains.

Having your own home theater is the dream of any fan of cinema. Correct arrangement of the room is closely intertwined with the design, so every detail of the future cinema hall is better thought out in advance and before major repairs. But any difficulties are worth it to be able to enjoy your favorite tapes at any time of the day at home. After all, the time spent in the circle of loved ones will always remain in your heart.