How to choose the right chandelier: design features, sizes

Choose a chandelier is not so simple. The market offers a huge range of models for styles and types.

Classic versions with a crystal lampshade, modern models of aluminum and plastic in a modern style and unusual designs are presented.

  • Choice of chandelier
  • Which chandelier is suitable for the kitchen?
  • Chandelier in the bedroom, nursery and living room

Products with remote control and from environmentally friendly and natural materials are popular.

To purchase a suitable model, important parameters must be taken into account. Need to know: how to choose a chandelier size and how to combine the design with the general interior of the room.

Choice of chandelier

Choice of chandelier

Chandelier is a device with many lamps, which are decorated in different ways. The more lamps there are, the smoother and softer the lighting and the more luxurious the chandelier looks. The expensive options include multi-tiered structures. When buying it is worth remembering that the broken items will be difficult to repair.

When choosing a chandelier, consider the following factors:

  1. The load per line and the number of lamps should not exceed the established norms.
  2. Weight design and permissible loads.
  3. Application of regulating devices.
  4. Features cartridges. Connector diameter and material.

The chandeliers use different types of lamps. Incandescent lamps are characterized by warm light, but are unsafe. Good color rendition is characterized by halogen lamps. Luminescent products are considered an economical option, but they have cold light. Savings in operation are characterized by LED lamps.

Chandeliers use different types of lamps

What color to choose?

To create a modern and stylish interior, you need to know how to match the color of the chandelier.

Neutral designs are made in golden, white, pastel and silver colors.

Colored products are suitable for rooms decorated in modern styles. Suitable for such chandeliers in the nursery.

The color scheme of lighting devices is diverse:

  1. The white chandelier looks elegant. This is a universal option for all interiors. A clear model or milky color looks good.
  2. For a room in the style of art deco, baroque or glamor suitable product is black. In a minimalist interior such a chandelier emphasizes the contrast with white objects.
  3. A bright accent is considered models of red and pink shades. They fit perfectly into the decoration of the kitchen or dining room.
  4. For a room in the Baroque or Art Deco style, a lighting fixture of purple shades is suitable.
  5. Causes positive emotions of a chandelier of orange color.
  6. Chandeliers of blue and blue colors are suitable for any interiors. In the dining room looks a construction of blue and turquoise beads.
  7. Luxurious looks chandelier green.

Colorful products are suitable for rooms decorated in modern styles

The choice of the color of the chandelier depends on the color palette of finishing materials, furniture and textile accessories. The lighting device contributes to the creation of accents in the interior. The room of monochrome tones is diluted with a bright element.

By selecting a suitable color scheme, you can create interesting lighting ideas.

Dimensions of the

The choice of chandelier is influenced by the size of the room and the height of the ceiling structures.

If the distance from the ceiling to the floor is not more than 2.5 meters, then it is recommended to choose compact models. In this case, you can not use large chandeliers and hanging on long chains.

The chandelier should not be too bright for a small room.

Choosing the size of the device, you need to consider the diameter, height and number of horns and shoulders.

For rooms with low ceilings, suitable products with small shades, the light of which is directed upwards.

Chandelier should not be too bright

Nuances of design

The chandelier must correspond to the general style of the interior of the room. If a particular style is not visible in the room, then a lighting device in the Art Nouveau or fusion style is selected. These models have frames made of copper or bronze. They are decorated with ornaments made under the old days.

The version in the classical version is a product of several tiers, which consists of a large number of crystal elements. A classic chandelier for the living room is suitable.

The avant-garde style creates products made of acrylic, leather or textiles. Models in the style of high-tech can have different shapes. They are made in the form of abstract geometric shapes and are distinguished by a variety of materials: plastic, chrome-plated metal and wood.

It is necessary to determine the type of chandelier: ceiling or suspended. This takes into account the height, finish and material of the ceiling.

You need to decide on the type of chandelier

Which chandelier is suitable for the kitchen?

Chandelier in the kitchen is chosen taking into account the specifics of the room. The kitchen zone is characterized by high humidity and temperature differences. It is not recommended to purchase devices with textile lampshades. It is better to choose models from glass, metal or acrylic. They are convenient and easy to clean.

Kitchen lighting should provide good lighting. It is worth considering options with brightness control.

Ceiling models decorate the kitchen area with low ceilings. For a narrow kitchen will fit elongated structures. In a small and square kitchen look round lighting fixtures of glass and acrylic. A large chandelier will decorate a spacious kitchen.

Even with a quality chandelier, additional light sources for the work area are required.

It is not recommended to use plafonds with different colors. Such lighting harms the eyes. It is better not to use lamps that produce highlights and shadows in the kitchen.

It is not recommended to use plafonds with different colors

Chandelier in the bedroom, nursery and living room

Choice of chandelier in the bedroom is determined by the functional purpose of the room. To create a cozy environment, a ceiling chandelier of small dimensions is more suitable, and not a hanging construction with horns.

There are many ideas for effective lighting of this room.

Chandelier for the bedroom features matte glass, crystal, discreet design and lampshades, made in semitones.

Chandelier for the bedroom

The lighting device for the children's room is selected taking into account the safety parameters and practicality. You can not buy a chandelier made of crystal or glass. The design in the nursery should be made of reliable and sturdy materials. The design of the lamp is better to choose together with the child.

Choosing a chandelier in the living room is done taking into account the interior details. Lighting should be warm and bright. For high ceilings, suspended models are selected.

In a long and spacious room, several symmetrically arranged chandeliers are used.

The magical properties of light are central to the design of the interior.

With the help of a properly selected chandelier, you can make you play any room with new colors.