Kitchen design in art nouveau style: simplicity and

What is the kitchen? This is not just a room for cooking and following meals, but a place where it's nice to get together with the whole family after a hard day's work, invite invited guests or dear friends to a tea party. And, in addition, the kitchen is a great platform not only for culinary, but also for repair and decoration experiments!

Meet: Art Nouveau!

The origins of the Art Nouveau style stretch back to the 19th century, but it got its new turn quite recently, during this time, having become popular and in demand among lovers of beautiful and functional interiors. It is difficult to say what the modern kitchen design is for today, as it organically combines the best features of many modern styles - from east to high-tech.

Design of modern kitchen in Art Nouveau style

Besides, modern - quite flexible, it is not limited to one form, material or color palette. Kitchens made in the style of Art Nouveau are diverse in design, are unconventional in decorating solutions and are highly individual. Unifying features are:

  • Curved, wavy lines borrowed from the oriental style;
  • smooth lacquered surfaces;
  • glass and chrome furniture elements;
  • kitchen island instead of dining table;
  • bright decor (furniture and dishes made of colored glass and plastic, crystal incrustation, brick wall, imitating the exterior facade of the building);
  • floral ornament;
  • maximum of modern household appliances.

Correct design of modern kitchen

Characteristic features of style

The Rococo style in the interior carries the idea of ​​light and free space. Furniture should be simple and convenient, functional, and the technique and the latest achievements - be perfectly inscribed in the interior and as easy as possible to manual work. Nothing superfluous, only the most necessary things in everyday life.

This approach makes the kitchen spacious and elegant, emphasizing the impeccable taste and modern looks of its owner.

In the interior of modern cuisine it is customary to use and combine different textures, for example, smooth polished cabinets and simple, untreated wooden furniture. Wood is generally a priority material for the manufacture of kitchens in the Art Nouveau style. And MDF is used as a more affordable alternative.

The tone of the kitchen is mostly not bright. But the decoration of the surfaces of furniture facades is very welcome:

  • hand-painted art;
  • decorative glass processing;
  • photo printing;
  • milling;
  • inlay.

Kitchen design in Art Nouveau style

Decor should be applied moderately, even minimally. After all, the English style in the interior of the quantity is preferred by quality. You can choose even one still life or picture, but this thing must necessarily be worthy and expensive. It is these uncommon objects of decor and give individuality to each room, decorated in the Art Nouveau style. This is called restrained luxury.

Colors of Art Nouveau

Color plays a key role in the design of Art Nouveau. As mentioned, quiet, muted tones are appropriate. Decorating the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style, you can afford to use a wide enough range of shades and create a unique, inspiring design.

As a rule, monochrome color design of kitchen is widespread. But you can combine any color with white or silver, which will also look very stylish.

Kitchen interior in light colors

The optimal, widely used options are:

  • white + blue;
  • white + steel;
  • white + lavender;
  • white + red;
  • white + red + steel;
  • white + black + steel;
  • olive,
  • Gray;
  • coffee;
  • beige.

The chosen colors must necessarily be combined with metallic elements.

Beautiful kitchen interior design

Distinctive features and obvious advantages

Modern is a style of minimalism, a strictly limited set of things and objects used in design. At the same time, it contains elements of classics that add to this minimalism of elegance and sophistication.

Pathos and any excesses in modernism are unacceptable. Everything should be with taste and sense of proportion.

The most versatile of the styles, Art Nouveau does not limit designers and ordinary people involved in repairing their own home, practically nothing. Here you can give a crackdown on fantasy and literally combine not combined, resulting in a trendy and relevant interior design.

White color in the interior of the kitchen

Multifunctional style allows you to make the kitchen incredibly practical. All the necessary will always be at hand, which will surprise guests not only with modern interiors, but with culinary masterpieces created in it.

The central element of the kitchen is the kitchen island, which is well organized space and multiplies the functionality of the room. It takes much less space than a traditional table, but it has an approach from all sides, which allows you to cook several people at the same time if a big holiday is planned in the house, or create a sort of buffet table where each guest can come to the table at any moment and treat himself to snack or drink.

Combination of brown and white interior interiors

Actual trends of the Art Nouveau style

The Art Nouveau style, like any modern direction, is constantly evolving and changing with the times. Annually new nuances appear in it, which need not be taken into account, but it is necessary to know.

  1. The Art Nouveau design follows four key rules: clear lines, minimum colors, open space, uniform, soft lighting.
  2. The kitchen space is clearly zoned.
  3. The idea of ​​combining the kitchen with the living room or dining room.
  4. Use a shiny surface for the floor.
  5. Compact kitchen appliances and utensils.
  6. Priority in favor of natural materials.
  7. Kitchen furniture should be light, so that it can be rearranged, constantly updating the appearance of the interior.

The design of the kitchen in the style of modern style is created for experimenters, people who appreciate simplicity, restrained elegance and coziness. It is perfect for a modern kitchen, will please the eye and allow each new day to start from the order.