Living room in a modern style: photos of the best design

One of the main premises in the house or apartment is the living room. This is mainly due to the fact that it is in this room that the family spends most of the time and receives guests. The design of this room should be given special attention and should be approached as responsibly as possible.


Every year, design changes are changing, so in this article we turn to the latest trends in creating a living room in a modern style.

Table of contents of the article:

  • The last peep of fashion
  • Stylish Living Room 2017
  • Fashionable living rooms in a modern style
  • Fresh and updated ideas
  • Photo of living rooms in modern style

The last peep of fashion

In 2017, spacious and comfortable rooms will be especially popular. And the choice of furniture should be given a considerable amount of time, because it should be not only convenient, but also practical.

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As for color solutions, it is better to give preference to quiet colors. This is especially evident in the photo of the living room in a modern style.


As bright additional elements can be used:

  • pillows;
  • vases;
  • flower pots;
  • shelves.

large-living-with-brick-wall-in-style loft

As the light shines, the living room should be illuminated as much as possible, for this purpose, built-in lamps or chandeliers of the most unusual shapes are ideal.


Models are considered wallpaper in the liquid version, vinyl or photo. They will allow you to create a certain emphasis in the room. For a small space suitable bright walls, which will visually increase the space.


The beginning of repair works is carried out with a choice of wallpaper. Ceilings are better to pull, making it light and maximally lit.


There are several variants of ceilings offered by designers:

  • monochromatic hinged structures, characterized by simplicity;
  • with beams from wooden materials;
  • with hanging lights.

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As decorations and bright accents of the interior of the living room in a modern style can be used a variety of paintings.

Modern Living Room Interior Design

Stylish Living Room 2017

In the new season, the design of the living room in a modern style should be spacious and airy. If you want to make the room bright, it's best to choose orange or cherry color. Particularly in demand wallpaper green shades.


Also, brickwork is made of stone, but it is better to use this option on a single wall.


For a floor covering parquet or boards perfectly approach. For light walls, it is better to choose dark shades for the floor. To create a soft zone, you can use a light carpet.


Note that when laying parquet diagonally, the room begins to visually expand.


Fashionable living rooms in a modern style

Recently, emphasis has been placed on the creation of a certain style, which has its own distinctive features. In new buildings, the modernist style is very popular. Here elements of furniture of non-standard form and color prevail, wallpapers with sufficiently large patterns.


To create the most spacious room, the minimalism style is used, which makes it possible to save from overloading various furniture or interior details.

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Fresh and updated ideas

As for furniture, the main color shades are:

  • beige;
  • sand;
  • chocolate;
  • Gray.

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Relatively expensive variations of shades make it possible to make the living room luxurious, while not overloading the overall situation.


To make the room elegant, it is better to choose furniture and accessories in one color scheme. It looks nice combination of white and black colors.

Mediterranean Style sofa with chaise living room Dot & Bo Brand

Fashionable are the coffee tables made of glass, and the most unusual forms. Color preferences are given to a wide variety of shades. As for the details, you can use pictures of different sizes, as well as abstract drawings.


It should be emphasized a number of basic principles of modern design of the drawing room of the coming year:

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Practical materials for furniture, quiet color solutions, the use of wicker chairs and a variety of pillows. Good fit in the interior of the room sofas angular shape, furniture with the presence of drawers, a variety of puffs. It should be noted that the amount of furniture should not overload the general space of the room, special attention should be given to the wall in the living room in a modern style.


Various versions of lamps. In this case, perfectly fit the built-in options, unusual chandeliers and, of course, backlighting.


An excellent solution will be the use of a variety of shelves, shelves and boxes. It is important that you see the least amount of things in sight, it is better that they are books.


The traditional fashion element was and remains the fireplace. And it does not matter, it will be real or artificial.


If you follow simple enough rules for decorating living rooms in a modern style, you can create a cozy room for your dreams.


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Photo of living rooms in modern style







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