Living room with balcony - photo of impeccable design

For today, apartments are planned so that there is a living room with access to the balcony. As a result, two interconnected rooms are obtained.


Living room to serve for relaxation with relatives, friends, to have fun or discuss interesting events.

Often in such premises, various events take place, where there will be many people. Thus, the living room must be comfortable and this is one of the main criteria. It is important to achieve a common harmony between the two rooms.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Pros and cons of sharing a room and a balcony
  • Balcony finishing
  • Arrangement of the connecting space of the living room with balcony
  • The classic idea of ​​decorating a living room with a balcony
  • Decoration of a living room and a balcony in small apartments
  • Living room with balcony

Pros and cons of sharing a room and a balcony

All people have quite different views on the arrangement of premises. But before making decisions it is necessary to understand the peculiarities and shortcomings of the neighborhood of the territories.

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If all the recommendations turn into reality, you will noticeably increase the size of the living room. Also, the room without problems, can be divided into several zones. If the imagination of the owners all well to design the living room with a balcony will not be difficult.


But it is worth remembering that this will require considerable expenses for the heating system because the balcony is a cold room. Repair will take a little longer, because you will have to issue permits for the redevelopment of the apartment and there may be some difficulties.


In the event of arson, the balcony is the only place where you can hide. So to begin with, consultative work with builders is conducted to choose a more suitable solution.


Balcony finishing

If you decide to join the living room with a balcony, then first, perform installation work on the insulation of the loggia. This is an important criterion for redevelopment. The final stage includes the finishes, so that the balcony perfectly fits with the room. Designer fantasies in this matter are unlimited.


Arrangement of the connecting space of the living room with balcony

If there was a dismantling of the window and the doorway between the rooms, it is very important to choose suitable curtains to highlight the main idea of ​​specialists. The type of curtains depends on the previously specified decoration.


Often to increase the space hang light tulle. The most popular option is when the door to the balcony is removed, and the apartment heating system itself remains in place. In this case, the balcony room is used as a rest zone.


The classic idea of ​​decorating a living room with a balcony

This option carries a simple way of arrangement, when the opening is decorated with curtains. Using tulles will give the room an original and seasoned view of the whole territory.


Widely used for the living room with balcony sliding curtains with muted shades.


The correct selection of curtains will help to make the rooms separate, but at the same time and connect them. Then you can more specifically understand other issues. Among them - the preparation of the premises to carry out finishing work.


Owners should decide on the color shades and decorative elements. When they want to increase space, they choose bright colors. But if the room is so large, you can use dark colors, which will help the room look elegant and elegant. Furniture should be comfortable. And how to arrange it already, look at your own preferences.

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Decoration of a living room and a balcony in small apartments

In general, any small room - it's quite a delicate moment. The interior of the living room with balcony must be externally attractive and practical.

Living room with balcony

With the help of design councils it will be possible to increase the territory, and the look to design in the best style. The most advantageous option is the use of light colors. Furniture should not clutter up space.


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A scientific approach to creating a living room with a balcony in a single whole will help in all controversial and controversial issues.


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