Making a small living room is a problem or a creative task?

Interior of a small living room

Making a small living room is not an easy task, which, however, is successfully solved by modern designers. There are many ways to visually expand a small space.

В интерьере этой комнаты, спроектированном специалистами Arent&Pyke, используются компактные столики, которые выполняют сразу несколько функций. К тому же они удобные, стильные и мобильные. Вместе с тем мягкие подставки для ног можно использовать не только по прямому назначению, но и в качестве журнальных столиков или дополнительных мест для сидения. Высокий торшер Artemide Tolomeo, стоящий в дальнем, редко используемом углу, также работает на пользу расширения пространства.

Additional seating in a small living room

Registration of a small living room with multifunctional furniture

It is worth buying several pieces of furniture, similar in color to the walls. Even such large elements as these chairs, harmoniously fit into the interior and visually expand it. Designers have maximally developed the color theme in this interior: footrests and pillows are covered with a cloth with a vegetable print, on which attention is involuntarily focused, while closely located, neutral shades of the wall remain out of sight.

Two armchairs in a small living room

Create a balanced composition

It is difficult to distinguish between a living room and a dining area in a small space, where there are also doors, windows and walls. The simplest, but effective in this case, reception - put the floor lamp against the wall, so that he acted as a visual divider for the zones, and lay the carpet at the sofa.

Dining area in the small living room

Work on the layout

The L-shaped sofa not only provides additional seats for sitting - it divides the interior into a living room and dining area. Modular composition for storage serves the same purpose. The main advantage of this layout is the provision of a wide passage. 

L-shaped sofa in the small living room

Add a deckchair or portable furniture

There are several ways of placing furniture in an elongated, narrow room. In this case, a sofa in the style of the 50's stands opposite the wall, without blocking the passage. Another great idea: put a coffee table with a glass surface that will help create the illusion of open and free space.

Decoration of a narrow small living room

Thoughtful furniture placement

Mirrors have the ability to create the illusion of space and influence the visual perception of space, which is especially valuable for tight spaces. Not only does it force you to look up, it also reflects the light from different sources, which makes the room lighter. Pay attention to the frame: the light wood echoes with other interior items made of natural materials, including a luxurious leather sofa. The length of the mirror corresponds to the size of the sofa, creating a pleasant symmetry.

A wide mirror in the small living room

A large mirror is the most obvious tool for visual expansion of space

Bookcase racks from floor to ceiling turn this room into a cozy space, possessing the charm of traditional library halls. Book stems and decor in the style of hand-made provide a variety of colors, so all the furniture present is sustained in a calm, neutral range. A collection of colorful pillows complements the image. The idea to place two couches here facing each other seems very tempting, but this is not always appropriate. The Eames Lounge armchair saves this room from the title of the room, which provokes claustrophobic attacks.

Library in a small living room

Adhere to the neutral scale

The built-in sofa, inspired by the aesthetics of the 50's, once again reminds that not one centimeter of the square should be wasted. Cabinets and shelves provide storage space. The built-in modules seem to be hanging in the air, and this technique greatly contributes to the visual space. At the same time, a chair with a geometric print introduces dynamics and variety in the interior. 

Built-in furniture in a small living room

Built-in furniture sets the tone

Often, space under the stairs is not used, and in fact it can be used. Leather chairs have transformed a compact area at the foot of the stairs into a cozy corner. The steel profile fence helps the interior look light and spacious.

Small living room under the stairs

Use every corner

Why hide your favorite things? A capacious outdoor shelving display all items from the owners' personal collection - both books and numerous souvenirs. The sense of chaos does not arise, since all things are placed with subtle subtlety, forming a composition full of vintage chic.

Outdoor shelving in a small living room

Demonstrate your treasures

These and many other ideas set out to turn a small room, endowed with many functions, into a cozy and spacious room that will become a favorite for all members of the seven. Share your thoughts, tell us how you solved the deficit problem in your living room.