Registration of a small office in the apartment: advice on

Making a small office in the living room

Many readers of our site are thinking about designing a small office in the vastness of their homes, because in our information age we often have to work without leaving home. But, if your apartment is small, a full-fledged office of the office in it most likely will not be found. And in our time it is necessary for many - and those who take on the house unfinished work, and especially those whose permanent workplace is within their own apartment.

Undoubtedly, many will agree that the arrangement of a mini-cabinet in a living room of a modest size is a very topical issue. But to get comfortable in any space, without violating the harmony of the interior, in our time is quite possible. For this, we recommend that you take advantage of the valuable advice of designer Zhanna Buzaeva. Consider a very interesting project room with an area of ​​18 square meters.

The plan of the room is 18 square meters

By the condition of the contract in the room it was necessary to create two full areas - for work and leisure. Effectively divided them helped a semitransparent shelf-partition. Thus, two tasks were simultaneously solved: the rest zone is not deprived of sunlight, and the workplace receives the necessary solitude. The decorator chose to design the interior in a calm color scheme, in neutral tones, using as the primary gray color. Bright accents on this background look posters, pictures, a work chair and a coffee table. Moving away from the standard solution, the designer placed the chandelier not in the center of the room, but hung it in the rest zone - above the coffee table, since the workplace is equipped with a separate table lamp. 

Zoning with a rack

Occupying the entire wall, TV furniture combines the space of the room. Under storage systems, which are necessary for full-time work, there is also a significant place.


Black and red office chairs Computer desk with drawer Shelf for books