Save space in the house with small canteens - a great

Selection of small dining rooms

To design a small dining room is much more difficult than, for example, to design a chic bedroom. Very often people complain about the lack of sufficient space in the apartment. But for imagination, of course, space is not a limitation-

A lot of convenient places for dinner you will find in our article and you will understand that ingenuity will help to overcome the lack of space.

Huge tables with a lot of chairs, which you see when you walk around the furniture stores, look very nice, but only in the salon. In the apartment they look cumbersome and awkward.

Why do you need a huge oak monster, if you are a young family of their two people? Now we will explain how you can correctly place furniture for the dining room.

Unusual lamp in the dining room

Great idea for one room

Transparent chairs in the dining room

Transparent chairs visually lighten the space

Dining table in the center of the dining room

Magnificent table in the center

Turquoise lamp in black and white dining room

Classic with turquoise lamp

Colorful design in the dining room

Interesting kitchen design

Dining table in a lively setting

Dining table in a lively setting

Dining table in the living room with fireplace

The combination of ordinary and new

Purple chairs in the classic dining room

Correctly select the details

Wooden table in the white dining room

Beautiful curtains and a large lamp add chic

Cozy dining area by the window

Cozy dining area by the window

Dinner can be different

We often see in the magazines for interior design magnificent furniture in large country villas. It is not necessary to refuse such an option in your home.

Just put a neat table, a smaller number of chairs, complement them with interesting accessories. Think about their shape, remember the acrylic seats, and then the area for dinner will become truly luxurious.

Dining room in classic style

Add a bit of fun and convenience with a double sofa

Dining room in classic style

Bring a few touches into a modest apartment

Copper lamps, elegant white chairs and a bold drawing on the wall

Copper lamps, elegant white chairs and a bold drawing on the wall will create a striking effect

Light and colorful dining room

Such a different dining room

If you are an eclecticist, then try to independently design the space. Transparent circular or square shapes will create an airy and light atmosphere, and the room will look larger than it actually is.

Dining room in a warm yellow shade

Warm yellow colors will decorate and refresh

Dining room in gray-blue color

Cool blue and fashionable gray perfectly match

Small dining tables in the dining room

Brilliant eclecticism

Small light dining room

Ideal for small dining rooms

Traditional kitchen with extra beds

Traditional kitchen with extra beds

Dining area by the window

Lunch at the window

Golden accents in the interior of the dining room

Focus on

Dining room in American style

American style

Size is a relative term

Not always the opinion that you have little space is objective. For most architects and designers, the space on which you want to organize a stylish dining room is sufficient to implement an interesting design apartment project.

Small dining table in the dining area

Table for two does not take almost no place

Dining area in the living room

Conventional chairs from IKEA

Chairs with curved backs in the dining room

Curved backrests - great choice

You can turn almost any corner of your house into a cozy dining room. A superfluous place next to the kitchen or free meters in the corridor is what you need.

You can use small folding tables combined with light chairs that can simply be removed and the dining area disappears in a matter of minutes.

Spacious light studio

Acrylic and a tree near a large window

Dining area in the office

How about merging with the office?

Narrow dining table in the dining room

Narrow countertop that can be used for work

Bright yellow chairs and a black dining table

Bright yellow colors enliven this compact room

Folding dining table in the kitchen

The cover is easily retracted into the headset

Extravagant chandelier in the dining room

Extravagant chandelier is very bright elements

Miniature dining area

Ideal for a bachelor

Side seats - this is some kind of magic!

Corners for breakfast - a great option if you are trying to create a small dining area.

Choose the "right" table that will allow you to sit comfortably all, find a few seats for the seat on the opposite side. From above hang up lockers to store kitchen trifles.

Corner for dinners

Place things correctly

A secluded dining area

Separate zone

Soft corner in the dining room

Use every centimeter of free territory

If you have not yet figured out how to settle down, the round table tops are exactly what you need.

These options fit perfectly into any place, gracefully look in the center of the room and at the same time accommodate a large number of people. That's why many prefer copies from Saarinen Tulip.

Dining area in the corner of the room

All in one place

Small dining room in white color

Combine bright and white together

Dining corner in the corner of the kitchen

The banquet table is both stylish and ergonomic

Fireplace in the dining room

The fireplace gives a cosiness in the apartment

Dining area in the corner of the room

The best solution for your room

Dining area by the window

Here you can always have breakfast

Who needs walls?

The kitchen, located in four enclosed walls, does not bring particular joy to the owners. With the advent of an open plan in the middle of the twentieth century, the interiors became more unusual and interesting.

Modern design often includes a living and dining room in one place. That's why a limited dining area is an excellent option, even if you have free space in the house.

Use beautiful carpets, a large pendant light and modern chandeliers to keep it from the common space.

Dining room in industrial style

Industrial style

Compact dining area in the kitchen

Open and compact

Dining area in the living room

All in one room

The kitchen combined with the dining room is a modern trend. Many designers suggest using ultra-cold colors, which allow you to beat not only space, but also interior details.

Now it's fashionable to work with limited rooms, which can be expanded or modified.

Suspended chandelier above the dining table

Suspended chandeliers as a way of zoning

Luxurious dining area in the living room

The Saarinen Tulip variant is a popular choice for those who want more legroom

Dining area in the kitchen

Simple and light lighting with comfortable soft chairs

Dining area in the kitchen

Win a place for dinner

Dining area near the stairs

Natural continuation of the wooden wall

Dining area in the studio

A room that combines several spaces

Dining area in the living room

Open, exquisite layout