Wardrobe from the pantry - photo ideas how to turn a pantry

Need a large wardrobe? Make a dressing room from the pantry. This is an excellent design solution that will give you plenty of storage space for your things. Unlike the usual closet, you can enter the wardrobe and choose the necessary clothes.


If everything is correctly planned, then you can just make an excellent wardrobe from a simple pantry!

Table of contents of the article:

  • Create a wardrobe from the pantry
  • What will it take to create a dressing room
  • A few ideas for the dressing room
  • Photos of the best ideas how to make a dressing room from the pantry

Create a wardrobe from the pantry

In fact, there is nothing complicated in this. Certainly, certain skills will be required, but we dare to assure you, you will manage on your own. Look at the photo of the dressing room from the pantry, and you will see for yourself.


When planning a wardrobe, you need to think over the lighting - it should be located throughout the room evenly.

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Do not forget to take care of the good air exchange in the room. You can use a regular hood. If you do not take care of the air exchange, things can simply deteriorate. It is important not to allow this.

cloak-room from the pantry

Now take care of the lining of the walls. For this wallpaper or paint, as you like best. The lighter the color, the roomier the room will look. If you make a picture or a pattern on the walls, the room will appear smaller.

Dressing out of the closet

For a floor the laminate or a parquet will approach. They too should be light shades. But the tiles used for the dressing room should not be. The cloakroom with its own hands from the pantry should be made in light colors.

Dressing out of the closet

The final touch should be the choice of furniture. Now there is a wide selection of furniture, so it is not difficult to choose the suitable furniture for the dressing room. An excellent choice will be zoned racks or closed cabinets. They are very convenient to store any clothes.


What will it take to create a dressing room

Near your bedroom there is an unnecessary pantry? Why do you need it? Make it an excellent dressing room, which can be accessed directly from your bedroom. How to make a dressing room from the pantry?


Sufficiently certain repair work, and you will have a whole room where you can store clothes. Having installed good lighting, painted the walls, flooring the floor and buying furniture - you get a beautiful dressing room.

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Do not forget to take care of the door, between the bedroom and the dressing room. An excellent solution will be the installation of a swinging door.


A few ideas for the dressing room

If the pantry is small, then it is not worthwhile to buy three-dimensional cabinets. A good solution for a small wardrobe from the pantry is the purchase of hinged structures. This will save a lot of space.


Today you can find a lot of options on the Internet, how to make from the usual pantry a beautiful dressing room. As a rule, such projects will help significantly save space in the room, making the closet the most effective place.

Guardiolan 1

For the dressing room you can use a variety of attributes for storing clothes. For example, barbells with shoulders perfectly fit into the room.


If you have the means, you can purchase elevators that will lower or raise clothes. Such devices are used in fashion boutiques. If you can afford it, why not set yourself such an elevator?


If there is no money for the elevator, then you can use the usual shelves and hooks for storing clothes. It is best if the shelves are at eye level.

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If the pantry is large, you can install shelves directly under the ceiling. In order to reach the shelves, you can buy a ladder. It is important that it is strong and comfortable.


As you can see, you can make from an ordinary pantry an excellent dressing room. Cloakroom instead of a pantry will not only comfortable, but also stylish. It is very convenient when you have a dressing room at your side. This room will be an excellent solution for your home. It is convenient to store all the clothes of your family.

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Photos of the best ideas how to make a dressing room from the pantry





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Dressing out of the closet

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