Design of a small kitchen - interior ideas

Design kitchens

Kitchen - the most functional room in the house or apartment. The design of the kitchen assumes the existence of several working areas and a high requirement for a level of safety of finishing materials. For all its practicality, it is necessary to create a cozy nest for cooking for family dinners.

White kitchen

But there are general trends in the design of a modern food temple. Designers recommend:

  • visually expand the space at the expense of light colors in decoration, mirror surfaces, lighting.
  • zoning space;
  • use a functional modern built-in technology, adding to the interior of a small kitchen hints of high-tech;
  • use laconic kitchen sets;
  • Add to the premises of strict lines and geometric forms, as a tribute to modern style;
  • hide accessories;
  • use chrome surfaces, glass in the finish;
  • add "eco-notes" with the help of wooden inserts, living plants;
  • to develop a high-tech storage system. Minimalism does not tolerate the cluttered space of the room.

Modern kitchen

Style Selection

The kitchen is the place for family dinners and romantic breakfasts. That is why it should be framed in harmony with the inner world and the tastes of the owners. To date, there are many styles applicable to this room. Of course, everyone can find an option to their liking:

Kitchen in a classic style

Classic style. It is an ageless style of decoration. When you design a small kitchen, the classic will not be a very good solution, since the special feature of this trend is furniture from dark wood colors or materials disguised as it is. The main colors will be beige, gold and brown.

Kitchen color wenge

Country style. The type of interior has something in common with the classics, but it is a more simple and cozy version of it. Preference is given to natural materials and the coloring of the countryside decoration: braided motif, original shapes, natural colors, patchwork fabrics.

Blue facades in a white kitchen

High tech The exact opposite of country style. The emphasis is on the abundance of chrome, metal, glass, modern technology, which will become the main decor of the room. Using simple lines in the headset will emphasize its functionality. The use of one bright dominant color and one neutral is welcomed.

Red kitchen

Modern Style or Art Nouveau, which perfectly fits into the design of a very small kitchen with a window. It is characterized by laconicism and the desire for minimalism. The predominance in the interior of white color and plenty of natural light will further expand the space of even the smallest kitchen. For modernity, the use of geometric shapes and the functionality of each part is inherent.

Kitchen with a second light

Eclecticism. Mixed style, full of decor. Loads space with many elements. Combines different textures and colors.

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Outdoor pencil case in the kitchen

Color solution

Choosing the color of the design of the kitchen is an important step. It is from the color decision will depend on the overall mood of the room and the effect it creates.

Small narrow kitchen

A beautiful kitchen design of a small square implies a visual increase in space. This effect will help achieve a combination of two colors. A light color should predominate from above, and a dark color should prevail at the bottom.

Modern kitchen

The monochrome interior also fits well with the design of the small square kitchen. But when choosing the dominant color, you should use a palette from light beige to brown.

Kitchen with balcony

Choosing white as a solid color will make the kitchen too strict, wooden decor will help to soften this effect.

Kitchen with island

The background in many respects depends on the initial choice of the style of the room, as well as on the planned coloring of the furniture: you can not combine the variegated headset with the bright color of the walls.

You should also remember the effect of color on a person. Red color can accelerate metabolism, promotes good appetite. And the use of blue and green shades, on the contrary, is suitable for those who watch the figure and want to eat a little less than usual.

Combination of white and wood

Varied customary environment will help a non-standard choice of ceiling color. A good choice will be light warm shades.

Kitchen decoration

Different finishes are available for different kitchen surfaces. Let us dwell in more detail on each of them.

Wooden Kitchen

Finishing the ceiling

To the ceiling in the kitchen are special requirements. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, it should be practical, moisture and heat resistant. The most common options for finishing the ceiling are:

  • wallpapering;
  • finishing with plastic panels;
  • coloring;
  • foamed polystyrene plates;
  • installation of tension ceilings;
  • installation of a ceiling from plasterboard.

Kitchen without hanging cabinets

Naturally, although the gluing of the ceiling and will be a cheap way to finish it, but these methods will not be able to boast for a long time.

The most common until recently was the method of plastering and subsequent painting of the ceiling with water-based paint. This is a rather laborious and "dirty" process, but the result justifies itself. When the paint begins to turn yellow over time, it's easy to update the ceiling with one more layer.

Classic style in the kitchen with a bay window

The most modern methods are the design of tension and false ceilings. These are more expensive options, but such ceilings are durable and functional. Due to the spotlighting, it is possible to further illuminate the working surface, and a multilevel ceiling will help zonate the space.

The unusual design of the kitchen of small sizes will underline the mirrored ceilings. They look original, and also visually expand the space.

Ceiling decoration with beams

Wall decoration

In cases where the kitchen is divided into working and dining areas, it is appropriate to emphasize this separation with different finishing materials. Among the most popular finishes:

Ceramic tiles and mosaic. Leader of kitchen decoration. Popularity is due to its durability, strength, ease of care, as well as a huge selection of colors for every taste. Rarely found as a finishing material throughout the kitchen, usually fills the space of the apron or the entire working wall.

Zoning kitchen

Paint. Washable paint is an excellent option for both working and dining areas. Blending colors can give many beautiful shades for high-quality finishing. Another reason for the popularity of paint is the ability to paint the walls with your own hands, without recourse to specialists with a ready-made smooth surface.

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Curtains in the kitchen

Wallpaper. Given the specifics of the room, the usual wallpaper in the kitchen is not the place. For finishing this room, non-woven, fiberglass, vinyl wallpaper.

Wall-papers in the kitchenYellow rectangular kitchen in the interior with wallpaper

Finishing with concrete, brick, putty. The appearance of a pristine "bare" wall decorated with usually hidden building materials makes an effective stroke and a bit of rebelliousness in a modern laconic, consistent style.

Brick wall decoration in the kitchen

Wall mounted MDF panels. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of aesthetic panels, covered with a special protective film. They are easy to install and look good in the interior of the room.

MDF panels on the walls in the kitchen

Finishing the floor

The choice of floor covering is quite a challenge for ordinary people. There is a wide variety of modern materials that meet the requirements of the kitchen space. Practicality of finishing should be in the first place in comparison with appearance.

Wooden floor in the kitchen

The favorite, as in the case of walls, is ceramic tile, especially since there are its colors imitating popular wooden surfaces.

The second most popular material is linoleum. It is distinguished by an inexpensive price, possessing all the qualities necessary for flooring the kitchen.

Glossy laminate in the kitchen

A parquet can become a beautiful, practical, but costly variant of flooring. This material qualitatively ennobles the room, without being afraid of moisture and temperature due to special protection.

Parquet board in the kitchen

Inexpensive alternative to the wooden floor will be laminate. In addition to the advantages of price, appearance, the material can boast simplicity of installation, which even an inexperienced builder can cope with.

Extravagant solution will be a floor in the loft style. The primordial concrete floor is a win-win variant due to its functionality and cost.

Loft style kitchen


The variety of modern kitchen furniture disorients the inexperienced buyer. How not to get lost, choose the right headset?

Apron made of embossed tile

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, there are 5 standard layout options:

  • island accommodation;
  • полуisland accommodation;
  • parallel placement;
  • U-shaped arrangement;
  • L-shaped arrangement.

Kitchen in white color

Whichever type of planning is chosen, there are general trends in the design of kitchen furniture. So, for today, the boom is a system of effective storage. Rationally used even the most inaccessible places.

A small island in the center of the kitchen

Given the diversity of modern technology, for the organic incorporation of it into the overall silhouette of the kitchen, the ideal option will be the manufacture of custom-made furniture.

It is not necessary to economize on the quality of the finishing materials of the kitchen set: very soon unfairly made furniture will lose its appearance due to instability to moisture and temperature, requiring considerable funds for its full replacement.

Rustic style kitchen

Design of a dining area

In most apartments the place of eating is in the kitchen. Designers recommend to allocate a dining zone in an interior, visually separating it from working surfaces.

Kitchen set from a tree

In the presence of free space, this is not difficult. You can use the design method of zoning using different wall and ceiling finishes. Another option will be a small screen in the color of the design, covering the functional part of the room. Look good mosaic or wallpaper, which will not only make an emphasis on the dining area, but also create an additional comfort, will become part of the scenic decor.

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Modern kitchen design

The design of a small kitchen with a refrigerator will require more sophistication. To put a dining area here, it is recommended to choose the L-shaped layout. A good and correct solution in this case can be the use of a window sill as a continuation of the work surface or the addition of a table.

Kitchen with a railing

Popular is the use instead of the usual combination of a table and chairs, a bar counter and high stools. But this option is hardly suitable for families with children.

To make an additional emphasis on the dining area will help decorating items and lighting. Replace the finish of the floor will help a well-chosen carpet.

Bright kitchen appliances

Decorating the room

Despite the desire of modern designers to minimalism, the decor remains part of the interior, although it undergoes some changes. Compared with the fashion of the past years, the number of non-functional elements is significantly reduced. Preference is given to one bright accent, instead of a lot of small details creating a cluttered effect of the kitchen.

Kitchen decor with beams and textiles

As the decor of the kitchen is used:

  • Stencil drawings and ornaments on the functional wall;
  • thematic stickers;
  • self-adhesive paper on the fridge
  • decorative dishes;
  • unusual lamps;
  • hand-made items;
  • tree;
  • original carpet or panel;
  • decor of glass;
  • eco-objects: flowers, plants;
  • decorative curtains.

Kitchen in a private house

When choosing a decor and its location in the kitchen, do not forget about the rules of fire safety.


The kitchen, as a functional premise of any dwelling, needs a thoughtful quality lighting system.

Pink lighting in the kitchenExample of a kitchen design with lighting

On the placement of fixtures should be taken care of immediately after making the final decision on the layout of the kitchen. It is at this stage that it is possible to determine the location of working areas that require additional illumination, the method of scattering light, and to conduct in advance all the missing elements (sockets, outlets, switches, etc.).

Original work area lighting in the kitchen

In a modern kitchen, there is no place for a single source of lighting. For example, thanks to the combination of spotlights and a pendant light, you can conveniently illuminate the work surface and the perimeter of the room.

Design kitchens в стиле модерн

It is best to make the main light neutral and not too bright, and with the help of additional light sources to fold the necessary combination of lighting.

For lighting the kitchen space are used:

  • LED backlighting;
  • Spotlights;
  • Buslamps;
  • Suspended light;
  • Overhead lighting.

Using a photo in the kitchen

Do not forget about the combination of the style and color of lighting with the rest of the interior of the room. If recessed fixtures are universal, then chandeliers and hanging devices can have different texture, color. Thus, you can make a good central accent of the kitchen, combining the lighting functions with decorating the space. Do not forget! The use of a lamp in the kitchen with a fabric bubble is inappropriate, since it will accumulate a large amount of fat and soot.