Fashionable kitchen design in khrushchev (75 photos of

The area of ​​your kitchen barely reaches five, six square meters? No problem, the design of the kitchen in Khrushchev can also be made cute and even stylish. It will take only a little imagination and a sufficient amount of money to make kitchen furniture under an individual order and make a redevelopment of the premises. Below we have gathered for you excellent photo-ideas.

Hi-tech style

Stylish kitchen on 6 square meters in high-tech style.

Bright interior

Interior of a small light kitchen. Refrigerator, stove, sink-everything in walking distance.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Specificity of Khrushchev's style
  • 2 What should I avoid in Khrushchev's kitchen?
  • 3 How to make a redevelopment in the apartment of Khrushchev's time?
  • 4 Kitchen design without re-planning
  • 5 If there is no money for a designer, use our tips
  • 6 Photo gallery of ideas

Specificity of Khrushchev's style

In the days of Nikita Sergeyevich (late 50's - first half of the 60's of the last century), houses were built with small-sized apartments, and many. The room of Khrushchev's kitchen was intended exclusively for cooking, but not for food. Could, for example, a family with five children, living in a three-room Khrushchev, gather at a common table in such a tiny kitchen? Of course not! And even in the morning before the school, the children could not have breakfast there at the same time. But the family of 4 people fit in the kitchen in five square meters. Of course, if the owner was with savvy and master of all trades.

Kitchen design in Khrushchev

The specificity of a small kitchen is the difficulty of locating a dining area for a large family. In the photo, the kitchen is used only for cooking.


A good option for a small family: the kitchen area is marked with a bright yellow color. The designer "cheerfully" beat the colors of the kitchen interior.

Small room

A variant of the kitchen in calm beige tones. Competently place the decor elements, and will be more fun.

Dark Tones

Beautiful, elegant furniture with a large black tabletop fits well into the interior. Before the window you can put a table and chairs under the color of furniture and close the Soviet battery.

Many lockers under the windowsill

The extraordinary use of a large window sill - under it hid many lockers. And the dining area for 2-3 people is quite to the point.

What should I avoid in Khrushchev's kitchen?

The interior design of the kitchen in Khrushchev suggests a maximum space saving and traumatic safety for those who are there. Therefore, in such a room should not be:

  1. Furniture with sharp corners. For example, a square table will create a constant threat to the hips and sides of the hosts and even for the heads of young children. In other words, countertops, bedside tables that do not adjoin the walls, should have rounded edges.
  2. Doors opening into the room. Although Khrushchev strictly complied with fire safety standards, the doors in the kitchens of that time opened inside, and not outwardly, as expected. If you want to increase the kitchen space, then change the doors to "accordion" or completely remove them. In the latter case, a very powerful exhaust is required. After all, it will have to provide air exchange not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room. Of course, if you or someone before you did not have time to share these spaces with a narrow dark corridor. In the panel buildings of that period, the cooking area is not connected to the living room. In this case, the task is facilitated.
  3. Soft corners, armchairs and even chairs. All these pieces of furniture are too cumbersome for 5 square meters. m. As soft seats, soft stools that could be placed one on top of another when they are not used will be better.
Purple colors of the room

Too dark furniture and little lighting.

Black-purple interior color

Aggressive colors of furniture and walls do not fit into the small kitchen area. Although, to somebody,

Large refrigerator in a small space

Roomy hanging closets successfully compensate for small dimensions of the kitchen area, but the refrigerator has blocked access to the window.

How to make a redevelopment in the apartment of the times of Khrushchev?

Before you do the redevelopment of the apartment, you need to obtain authorization documents. Preliminary need to order a project. Pleasure is not cheap.

If you go to such a step without the permission of local authorities, then later you still need to legalize your actions. You will have to show all the hidden works, that is, remove the cover of the walls, the plaster up to the layer that was crushed. So it's better to go straight ahead than roundabout - to make a kitchen project in a Khrushchevka before the beginning of alterations.

In addition, when dismantling wall structures, the owner does not always, without the help of a specialist, determine whether a particular wall is a carrier. And redevelopment can have deplorable consequences.

Green Wardrobes

Option with redevelopment. If possible meters are taken from the next small bedroom.

Red interior

This is how your kitchen can look if it is fully to impoverish the kitchen and bedroom. It looks pretty, and even enough for a bar stand.

Light green tones

Harmoniously combines a gentle green color of the floor, white furniture and walls, and the contrast of natural wood. A highlight is a window with roll shutters.

If it is determined that the wall does not carry loads, then the idea of ​​kitchen design in a new apartment in Khrushchev's apartment can be very different. It is possible to realize the idea of ​​a kitchen-living room in a Khrushchevka with brick walls, connecting these two spaces. Then in the kitchen area will be placed stove, refrigerator, cabinets for food and dishes, household appliances. The rest of the space will be occupied by a drawing room for family and friendly feasts.

You can divide (or connect) the premises with the help of an arch. This element will enable not only to expand the space, but also to make the kitchen-living room design more modern.

Kitchen decoration without re-planning

The design of the kitchen in Khrushchevka involves the use of a maximum of light tones, which visually make the room more spacious. Not only furniture, but also the ceiling with curtains should be as light as possible.

In most old houses, the kitchens have a square shape with a window and a doorway opposite each other. This makes it difficult to use space efficiently. If the owners themselves can not rationally use 5-6 square meters. m is not quite useful area, it is better to order a design project from a specialist.

Bright hues

Use in the interior light colors of furniture and walls.

Elite design

Elite design of small kitchen.

Black Floor

A bold, but not practical solution with a black floor color.

If there is no money for a designer, use our tips

A small kitchen involves the use of every centimeter of space with maximum benefit. The working surface can be arranged under the window on an enlarged and extended window sill. A window into the bathroom can be laid and use a wall for hanging cupboards for utensils, tea, cereals and the like. Cabinets should be shallow, but as high as possible.

It is better to make a dining table a folding table so that he does not take away from the hostess space during cooking. To make the design of the kitchen in a Khrushchev with a gas column more attractive, you can transfer the device directly to the sink or into the corner between hanging cabinets to make it less noticeable in the interior.

The design of the kitchen in a Khrushchev with a gas stove assumes the presence of a hood above it. After all, the space is very small, so the nearby furniture will be constantly contaminated with drops of fatty vapors. Extraction will reduce such consequences of cooking. In addition, it will "modernize" the design of the kitchen in Khrushchev.

The gas cooker can be replaced by a cooking surface, under which it is necessary to arrange an oven (if the hostess does not use it very often), and an additional locker for pots and pans.

The space with the refrigerator is reduced by about 0.4 square meters, which is very small for a small quadrature. Therefore, sometimes it is taken out into the corridor. But this creates additional inconveniences for the hostess. It is better to find a place for this unit in a corner opposite the zone with a hob. Above the refrigerator you can arrange a hanging cupboard.

Photo gallery of ideas