Prototype 3d printer for food printing

Systems & Materials Research Corporation получили грант от НАСА в $125 000 и пол года на создание прототипа системы универсального синтезированного питания, проще говоря 3D-принтера способного распечатывать пищу. Директор компании Anjan утверждает, что в будущем 3D-принтер появится в каждой кухне, и население планеты в 12 млрд людей будут способны прокормить себя с помощью синтезированной еды, которая будет содержать полный комплекс всех необходимых витаминов и минералов.

Macaroni on a 3D printer Синезированные печенки

Cartridges with powder and oil will be sold at each grocery store. There will never again be food waste, because used cartridges, whether they contain sugars, complex carbohydrates, proteins, will be completely depleted before returning to the store. Powder will be stored for up to 30 years, since all moisture will be completely excluded from the powder mixture.

Prototype 3D printer for food printing Scheme of work of 3D-printing system

The initial grant was for small innovative business research programs, for a system that can print meals for astronauts on very long missions, including flights to Mars, which can last up to 15 years. Within two weeks, the contractor will begin building a printer, which is at the conceptual development stage, at the moment. The contractor believes that in the future, each recipe will contain a set of instructions that indicate which cartridge should be mixed with a certain liquid, and at what speed and how this mass should be sprayed, layer by layer. The software is planned to be left open so that each developer can participate in the program, improve and bring something of his own into the source code. One of the biggest advantages of this device is that the printer provides personalized power: you can program a 3D printer, and it will print the necessary products and nutrients for you.

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