Ideas for design of a narrow living room with a photo

Narrow living room with window

In the old, Soviet typical buildings often there are uncomfortable small, but long living rooms. There is often no way to demolish walls and reschedule housing. In this case, the new design of the narrow living room in Khrushchev needs to be armed with stylistic tricks. It is more difficult to embody your own creative or experimental interior. If you correctly use the solutions described below, you can get a light that meets all the necessary requirements:

Narrow living room with two windows

Long walls leave more neutral and calm. To expand the room also suitable painting or wallpaper with a three-dimensional drawing. Mirror surfaces, horizontal patterns are used to achieve the same effect. Do not be afraid to paint a small part or half of the long side of the room - such a bold decision can avoid the sensation of the box.

Living room in Khrushchev with window and balcony door

Window and door slopes, cornices, skirting boards can not be painted in a contrasting color - this looks at the parameters of the room, decorate in one tone with the walls.

Light narrow living room

Ceiling decoration

Given the color approach, the ceiling is best left white. To make a material without joints, that is, the tile does not fit uniquely. In stretch ceilings, it is permissible to combine white and beige colors, but only if a built-in light is planned, because of which the room will not look so narrow.

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Walk-through narrow living room with window

It is possible to plan suspended gypsum plasterboard structures, to make them rather complex and multistory, with a depression in the center. This approach will also distract attention from the length of the living room.

Narrow living room with window and bookshelves

Reception with a cross pattern can be realized on the ceiling, in the form of decorative beams or painting with wide colored strips.

Narrow living room with fireplace and cross beams on the ceiling in a country house

Correct floor finish

The design of the floor also affects the perception of the length of the living room. Laminate should not be located along the long side of the room, better diagonally, - this gets rid of oversaturation with rectangular shapes.

A small cozy living room in Khrushchev

Recommended linoleum with an elongated pattern, which is placed parallel to the narrow side. Thus, another way of deception is involved: visually expand the sides and shorten the long walls. To avoid the opposite effect, it is forbidden to lay long narrow carpets. It is better to do with the lining of an oval or asymmetrical non-standard shape. The pattern is also desirable on the carpet, the striped product is ideally suited. Stretts so that the elements of the pattern are located across the long side of the room.

Small living room with large window

You can not occupy the whole space with carpet! This will draw attention to the proportions of the room.

Secrets of arranging furniture

The decoration of the narrow living room is only the first part of a thorough design change. For completeness of the interior, the next step will be the right choice of furniture and filling it with a hall for guests. Massive furniture will "absorb" the space of a narrow room, create a pressuring atmosphere. Therefore, a moderate amount of compact, miniature, laconic furniture is chosen. It is desirable with open legs and backs, glass and mirror surfaces - all this increases the perception of space.

Narrow living room in panoramic windows in a modern house

If you arrange all the furniture on a long wall, you get the effect of a reserved car. Walls and cabinets are recommended to be placed near a narrow wall. You can completely abandon this kind of furniture. Then you get more free space, from the massive objects there will be only a sliding sofa and armchairs. Such desolation does not spoil the situation at all. On the contrary, they impart a taste of technology and high-tech modernity. All the functional load of the cabinets is moved to suspended racks, open shelves - they provide additional space at the bottom. Adding decor to them will decorate and revitalize the situation.

When choosing furniture emphasize the rounded models - this form corrects the proportions of the living room.

Conditional division of space into logical parts

Part of the furniture should be placed in the center. This method also visually expands the walls and creates a visual and functional barriers:

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1. In one part, for relaxation, you can place a sofa, in the center of a coffee glass table, opposite on the wall hang the TV. On the sides of the table there are chairs, ottomans for guests. Separate seating positions optically increase space, serve as a conditional boundary for the guest area.

The modern design of the living room in Khrushchev 2. The rest of the elongated room can be equipped with the necessary functional needs:

  • To organize the work area, you can distribute a desk and computer, a light bookcase or the above-mentioned shelves on the walls.
  • If the second part is assigned to the bedroom, instead of the conditional zoning boundary, you can plan a transparent semi-partition or screen. Quite aesthetically, light curtains will look, and the opening rack is also practical.
  • It is very advisable to combine the living room with the kitchen. The cooking area will remain in the kitchen interior. It is better to buy compact household appliances here, and a refrigerator and a washing machine should be left outside the kitchen. In the kitchen you can put a tile on the floor. A small bar is to be introduced to separate the border.

Living room is not a large area with working areas

We take into account the quality of lighting

The lighting layout plays an important role in zoning and hiding the elongated shape of the room. The chandelier on the center makes the room cramped, as it casts a shadow. Designers advise small unremarkable lamps located along both long walls. With a false ceiling, the best lighting option is built-in soffit.

Living room with dining area If there is only one window in the Khrushchev's living room, the distant part will be immersed in darkness, therefore additional light sources are put here. Let the natural light meet less obstacles, the curtains require light, airy. Massive curtains and portieres will bring a sense of heaviness. The window opening should be widened as much as possible. On the short side, it should be exceptionally rectangular.

Long living room divided into working and guest areas A dwelling with two or more windows can be decorated with darker and gloomy colors that will brighten the abundant natural light. If they are on the neighboring walls, then between them is ideally placed corner furniture - a sofa, armchairs, coffee table. If one wall - there are many ready-made solutions:

  • Between the windows are placed a picture, a mirror, a family portrait, a TV set, an electric fireplace or a fireplace.
  • A whole is given to the wall with windows under recessed shelf shelves. They have to do to order.
  • Sofas with chairs can be placed directly in front of the windows.
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Narrow form - the main problem of discomfort in Khrushchev. It is the main difficulty in the arrangement of a comfortable home. But even in a corridor-type room, you can organize coziness and harmony. The design of the narrow living room has its own characteristics and secrets. Modern architecture easily realizes these subtleties, allows you to equip the most functional and beautiful rooms. Designer developments offer a lot of techniques for effectively eliminating the tunnel effect of the room.

Long living room with two zones

The selection of color combinations, decoration of the room, the introduction of masking decorative elements, the layout of furniture, a competent approach to lighting, the effects of zoning will create a comfortable and cozy environment. There are plenty of options for your imagination. But do not try to turn a living room measuring 15-20 square meters into a royal apartment. Because such uneasy rooms for design require restraint. Nevertheless, the result will really surprise you.