Kitchen interior design in english style (35 exquisite

Today, designers practically do not create interiors of premises, clearly adhering to the canons of this or that style. When decorating the kitchen in English style, the interior can be simply diluted with certain details. They will give the British spirit to the room.

Spacious kitchen

The combination of blue and white looks profitable in the kitchen, decorated in English.

Elegant cuisine

Elegant cuisine in English style is notable for gold finish. The dark tile contrasts with the background of light furniture and wall decoration.

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The main details that create the English style

British style - this is the embodiment of genuine classics in the interiors of any room. The interiors of this style combined the features of the epochs of Queen Victoria and her ancestor King George, and details brought from the colonies. Therefore, the stylistically British interiors are quite eclectic. And the general English atmosphere in the room can be created literally by several expressive "strokes". But this should not be a fake.

The main elements that create the spirit of good old England are certain characteristic details.

Narrowly rough finish part of the wall of the room - a highlight of the interior design in the English style. This can be a brick section of the wall or a wall covering of roughly wooded wood. For the kitchen wall in the English style is often used instead of a natural tree rustic, successfully imitating a coarse tes.

Luxurious kitchen furniture

Design project in English style for a kitchen in a country cottage.

Functional kitchen interior

Stylish design is accentuated by correctly chosen lighting. The kitchen set of wood in English style is attractive and functional.

Furniture in any room, including in the kitchen, must also be natural, wooden with upholstery made of natural materials with a floral print or in a cage. Plastic chairs, glass countertops do not correspond to the British spirit. Instead of the kitchen corner, which is so beloved by many of us, it is better to fit into the design of the kitchen in the English style a long high banquet or a couch. It can be used as a seat for sitting at a table. You can lie down on it to watch your favorite TV program after a hearty dinner.

Another detail that can make the interior British - it's a long-eared chair. Even in a not very large kitchen space for him you can find a place in the corner.

Very nice reflect the spirit of England, lovely "colonial" trinkets: porcelain and bronze figurines, pads embroidered with silk exotic birds and plants. Such details can be quite a lot. As they say, you can not spoil the porridge with oil.

It is recommended to use as much natural and quality materials as possible: wood, textiles, stone.

Bright kitchen-living room

English style loves muffled light, so the window openings are decorated with thick curtains with a floral pattern.

Kitchen in English style in a city apartment in Belgorod.

Kitchen in English style in a city apartment in Belgorod.

Important details

It should be noted that in Foggy Albion kitchen and dining room before, and now perform completely different functions. We often use the kitchen not only as a room for cooking, but also as a dining room.

Therefore, the kitchen in the English style in our conditions is, more likely, kitchen-dining rooms.

Due to this feature, you need more space to create a British interior than to design this room in a different style.

In English interiors there is no superfluous tree. This applies not only to furniture, but also to a certain extent the walls. The flooring can also be wooden - parquet or board. Although it is possible to use tiles for natural stone.

It's absolutely unusual for us to see a carpet on the floor in the kitchen. But for the cold of England this is in the order of things.

Cozy kitchen

The main feature of English style in the kitchen is the abundance of open shelves. Functional solution for the organization of useful space.

Kitchen in English style

Kitchen in the English style is attractive contrasting colors. The saturated black and ivory color in the interior looks attractive and creative.

For the kitchen in the English style is not typical bright or fashionable today, dot or ribbon lighting. To the interior of the kitchen "read" as a genuine British, you can hang a multi-round chandelier "under the antiquity" above the table. It can be made of both dark wood and blackened metal. Lamps in it can simulate candles. Fit for the kitchen in the English style floor lamps and table lamps with fabric lampshades.

It is worth noting that for the kitchen in the English style generally characterized by discreet pastel muted colors. Of course, some bright accents may be present. For example, in the form of red pads on chairs, canapes or couch.

Modern nickel-plated mixers are not at all in the British classical spirit. It is better to choose copper or brass. The shape of the cranes should also be stylized in the old days. It is better to choose sinks from natural stone or from high-quality imitation. The blessing of today such sanitary equipment in the trade network is plentiful.

Wooden set

Attention is drawn to the unusual finish of the kitchen in the English style. Plates with a painting on the perimeter of the ceiling make the situation unique.

Big kitchen

Kitchen in English style in a country mansion in the west of Germany.

An important detail of English interiors is the absence of curved lines. Most of the furniture in the kitchen is located along the walls. Corner furniture is also located at a right angle. One important point: for English interiors symmetry is characteristic.

One more detail. Supermodern kitchen appliances, without which no mistress thinks himself to be a mistress, must be hidden away from the eyes or somehow disguised. It does not fit into the classic British interior. And do not go without it. The kitchen hood is also masked, for example, "under a brick" or under a chimney chimney.

As a summary, it can be noted that creating an interior of any room in the British style - it's not cheap. But to create a spirit, the atmosphere of old England, sometimes just a few strokes, the most characteristic details.

Beige kitchen set

A stylish set of noble peach shade is great for decorating the kitchen in English style.

Cozy kitchen

Kitchen in the English style of the interior of the bark is simple, light and unpretentious, suitable for family tea parties and cozy guest receptions.

Features of a pretentious English style. Video

Kitchen interior in English style