Design a small kitchen in white and purple flowers

Bright corner kitchen design

Architects and decorators had to work hard to corner kitchen an area of ​​8 square meters. meters has become not only cozy, but also convenient and functional. We will tell and show the results of their work. First of all, they took up the ceiling, it was divided into two halves. One did a little lower and issued a monophonic, and the second remained there, but it was surrounded by a colored border.

Dot lighting kitchen Dot lighting kitchen

The color scheme was chosen so that the atmosphere in the room for cooking and eating food reigned cozy and solemn. For this purple and white colors were used, which fit well with each other.

Dining table in the interior of the kitchen

All furniture was purchased in shades of ivory. Her tone is the refrigerator and the surface of the floor. On the couch are decorative cushions of the same color scheme with chairs - light brown.

Creative chandelier above the dining table

She was invested in the floor Metalskaja tile. As a result of its combination with beige tiles, an imitation of the carpet is obtained, which takes us to the east. This gives a special style to the interior of the kitchen.

Шикарная Metalskaja tile

Two walls are decorated in a purple tone, the same coloring has furniture on the other two sides. The white dining table and the same bench, which serves not only for a convenient arrangement at dinner, but also for storing things, make the kitchen quite fashionable and comfortable.

Kitchen dining table

A small square corner kitchen did not become an obstacle for designers in creating a cozy room. Glossy furniture surfaces expand the space. In addition, the more spacious the room makes and the absence of sharp corners.

Modern kitchen sink Bright corner kitchen design Bright corner kitchen design

As an accent in the interior of the kitchen, the color of fuchsia was chosen, which can be seen on the work surface. It fits well with the facade and walls. Opposite colors were not used, a slight difference in tone already made its case.

Bright corner kitchen design

Behind the doors of the lockers, there is enough space to store everything you need. Thanks to a successful design in such a small purple-white kitchen, it turned out to create a cozy and multifunctional space.

Lockers for storage of all necessary Bright corner kitchen design

Near the working surface and the sink is equipped with glass apron, adding a special luster to the overall interior. It is made of special glass, so it is easy to take care of. At the same time, this element looks quite fashionable.

Glass apron in the interior of the kitchen

The corner kitchen is connected to a balcony, which hides well behind the curtains of a bright creamy hue. In summer, the sun protects perfectly the roll blind.

Curtains of bright cream color in the interior of the kitchen

If you look in general, then the interior of the kitchen came out though restrained, but rather cheerful. In this space, cooking becomes a pleasant procedure and brings great pleasure, and tea drinking with friends turns into a small holiday.

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