Feng shui bedroom: basic rules, instruction, photo examples

Most of the free time we spend in the bedroom, resting, indulging in tenderness and love with his second half or just falling asleep before a new working day.


According to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, the bedroom is a room in which the two opposite energetics are merging: the energy of sleep and rest and the energy of love and passion.

Proceeding from this, the problem arises: how to create a harmonious atmosphere in the room, coupled with unsuitable energy.


The practice of feng shui will tell you how to choose the right colors and fabrics for the bedroom, how to arrange the furniture in the bedroom and how to create the correct lighting in your room.


Table of contents of the article:

  • The location of the bedroom in the house by Feng Shui
  • Principles of the bedroom according to Feng Shui
  • The right choice of colors for Feng Shui
  • How to arrange furniture in the bedroom by Feng Shui
  • Bed according to Feng Shui
  • Creating the right bedroom atmosphere with the help of Feng Shui
  • Photo decoration of the bedroom on feng shui

The location of the bedroom in the house by Feng Shui

The location of your bedroom can be foreseen only at the stage of building your house or moving to a completely new home. If you do not have such an opportunity, then do not be sad.


You can use the Bagua grid, with which you can determine: in which part is your bedroom or any other room.


If you are the owner of your home plan, then it will not be difficult for you to properly use the Bagua grid. It's enough just to mark four main directions (north, south, west, east), the outer door and the central point, so you can determine the sector in which your bedroom is located.


The bedroom for Feng Shui should be located in the south-western part of "Love, Romance." But do not be sad if your bedroom is in a completely different part, for example, "Help, travel." To regulate the impact of those or other centers need properly arranged furniture.


Principles of the bedroom according to Feng Shui

To achieve a harmonious atmosphere and directing positive energy waves into your bedroom, the following rules must be observed:

  • choose the right color palette and consistent lighting in the bedroom;
  • carry out the arrangement of furniture according to the recommendations of feng shui;
  • keep the bedroom neat and tidy, do not clutter it with extra pieces of furniture;
  • use accessories and decor according to feng shui.

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Bedroom Feng Shui exudes a harmonious atmosphere, not only in life, but also in the photo.


The right choice of colors for Feng Shui

When choosing the color of the bedroom for Feng Shui, you need to rely on the size of your room. Virtually all colors, except for bright and inappropriate shades, will suit the bedrooms of large sizes. And for rooms of small sizes fade soft pastel shades, which will help visually expand your bedroom.


If you want to increase the flow of sexual energy and love energy, you can use the details of the energy of Yang, i.e. executed in red shades. It is necessary to know the measure and not to create in the sleeping room an abundance of energy Ian.


The correct lighting of the room will help you create waves of energy Yin and Yang.


How to arrange furniture in the bedroom by Feng Shui

Correctly arranged furniture contributes to the penetration of the waves of positive energy Qi into your bedroom.


The bed should occupy the main place in your room, because, according to Feng Shui, the bedroom will be filled with peace and good mood. The choice of beds should be approached with great care: from choosing the shape of the headboard to the color of the sheet. Correctly chosen bed can strengthen the relationship between lovers.

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Do not clutter the bedroom with massive and inappropriate furniture, because An uneasy situation prevents the easy development of romantic relationships. Do not allow the presence of sharp edges near the furniture, because they develop conflict in the house. If you have a similar piece of furniture, then flatten or use the decor for the protruding edges.

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The forbidden element in the bedroom is the mirror. Mirror often means that one of the spouses may soon have a lover.


Bed according to Feng Shui

The bed in the bedroom by Feng Shui is recommended double, not constraining movements and cozy. Do not buy too much. The mattress must be whole, not divided. A mattress of two parts creates controversy and misunderstanding between spouses.


For the correct location of a bed on Feng Shui, you must follow certain canons:

The location of the bed in the bedroom by Feng Shui should be such that your other half can freely contact you. This will help to keep in your relationship consent and love for a long time.


When you are lying, your legs should not point to the door.

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To protect against mixed foreign energy, do not install the bed near the window, nor is it recommended to install it in a corner.

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In order not to stop the energy waves, do not determine the location of your sleeping place between the entrance and the windows.


Avoid mirrors and massive ornaments above the place where you sleep.

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Choose a bed with a backrest that has soft kinks. The head of the round form or any other "uniting" detail of the bed will combine the energy of love of both beloved in the whole.


Creating the right bedroom atmosphere with the help of Feng Shui

Your efforts to transform the bedroom can be prevented by a mess, for example, on the dressing table, because this interferes with the normalized supply of positive Qi energy and enhances the influence of bad energy Sha.


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To achieve harmony in your bedroom, it is enough to get rid of various mess, to relieve the room of things that you have not used for a long time, and to remove useless pieces of furniture. Do not let a huge layer of dust and dirt appear. Your room needs to be fresh air and filled with the right energy.

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Do not shelve the bedroom. Paste new wallpaper, get new curtains from a delicate fabric and keep lighting equipment in its pure form - this will help your room to be saturated with light.


Curbstones near the bed must be purchased below the bed itself in size, also do not hammer them with things from the inside. In addition, you can refrain from having electronic equipment in your bedroom. it is capable of dissipating mixed energy.

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Do not use decor elements in which there is a water symbol (pictures with marine motifs, small fountains, etc.). On windows it is preferable to use curtains, and not blinds, since sharp corners can cause diseases.


Do not make the bedroom an indoor plant. Their abundance absorbs positive energy.


Get the incense with a calm aroma, put a few symbols of feng shui, then you and your soulmate will not be visited by bad dreams, and the energy of love together with a good mood will always accompany you.


Photo decoration of the bedroom on feng shui

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