20 ways to decorate an asian-style bathroom

Want to have a bathroom that is both luxurious and calm in the spirit of the spa? Then decorate it in a refined Asian style, combining all the best from both. We offer 20 original ideas for creating an Asian-style bathroom!

Bathroom in Asian style is an ideal place where you can relax, relax and recover from a hard day's work. The feeling of calm, prosperity, balance and visual harmony lies in the very heart of Asian design that evokes these sensations through the use of simple lines, minimalist decor, calm tones and natural materials. If you think that such a bathing sanctuary is exactly what you need in your home, then choose the right model for imitation of 20 photos of these stunning bathrooms showing the most different manifestations of the Asian style.

1. The magic of soothing shades

Soothing tones, such as snow-white, warm brown or soft gray, are often used to decorate Asian bathrooms, as they help bring peaceful, benevolent vibrations to the space. Maybe sometimes dark shades in the interior and seem overwhelming, but not oriental bathrooms: the room in the photo below looks very airy and light, thanks to white plumbing, warm shades of wood and, of course, a huge window on the whole wall.

Bathroom in oriental style

2. A place to relax in your home

Turn your ordinary bathroom into an exotic bathing area where you will feel as if you are visiting a health spa in Japan or a Balinese beach resort! Think this is impossible? Take a look at the bathroom in the photo below!

Balinese-style bathroom

3. Asian glamor with a shiny decor

Decorate your bathroom with shimmering metallic shades (for example, gold, silver or copper), which instantly add to the interior brightness and drama! The luxury bathrooms in the photo below show you how to do it. Dark shiny tiles create an almost mystical atmosphere in the bathroom, while beautiful metal elements and mirrors give it a sophistication and refinement.

Glamorous Asian style bathrooms

4. Simplicity and tranquility

The tranquility and concise design make the bathroom an ideal place for relaxation and relaxation. Light walls create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, while simple lines of baths, shells, windows and other furnishings are emphasized by a scattering of river pebbles and crooked branches in the corner. A sample of a bathroom in Zen style!

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Bright, Chinese-style bathroom

5. Bright, stunning wall design

The koi carps occupy an important place in Japanese and Chinese culture. Speaking in general, in Japan they are symbols of love, friendship and courage, and in China - wealth and prosperity. The wallpaper with a pattern of koi carp attached to the bright character and interest of the bathroom in the photo below. Do not like the drawing of fish? Choose wall coverings with Asian hieroglyphs, flowering sakura branches or other oriental motifs!

Chinese and Japanese designs on the walls in the bathroom

6. Bamboo Accents

Bamboo is one of the most popular decorative materials in Far Asia. You can apply bamboo wallpaper in your bathroom or go in a more unexpected way, for example, by installing a low profile bamboo sink or a stylish partition for the toilet, as in the next photo.

Bamboo sink in Asian bathroom

7. Bathroom decoration according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to create a sense of harmony and balance in the house. To achieve this, it is necessary to organize the habitat in a certain way to improve the flow of positive energy through space and, as a consequence, through the lives of its inhabitants. In other words, you need to create an interior design that will be simple, calm and at the same time - raising the mood.

How to achieve this? In fact, there is nothing difficult: choose a soothing color palette, get rid of the mess, install a large mirror on the wall (it will promote the flow of energy), and provide room for a large amount of light and fresh air. As a decor, candles and / or houseplants can be used that have a good soothing, toning effect.

And do not forget to put a bath or shower! They should be located so that they can clearly see the doors and the toilet (the lid of which should always be closed).

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Bathroom Design with Feng Shui

8. Thin Asian-style patterns

Adding a themed pattern to the shower curtain, wall or wall is one of the easiest ways to breathe Asian style into your bathroom.

Bathroom with patterns in Chinese style

9. Red color - in the first place

Dominant in many oriental cultures, red color often appears in Asian interiors: it symbolizes joy, luck, wealth and purity, and therefore it is not surprising that many people want to be surrounded by its heat and energy.

Red color of bathroom in Chinese style

10. Ode to nature

This space is an excellent example of how with the help of natural materials you can create an organic and calm design of a bathroom in Asian style. Wicker baskets, wall art and live orchids are the perfect finishing touches to this peaceful, friendly and cozy room.

Bathroom with Asian motifs and natural textures

11. Separation lines

Pay attention to the stylish lines on the floor of this bathroom: they are the key element of the design of this room, because they make it look strict and balanced, but at the same time add depth. Minimalist furniture emphasizes the beauty of a smooth oval bath, and warm colors and lighting bring the necessary coziness and benevolence.

Minimalist design of a bathroom in Asian style

12. Asian Fusion

If you like the calm view of Asian bathrooms, but want to have a unique space with the imprint of your personality, then try experimenting with different styles of design. In this striking bathroom, oriental motifs were mixed with the trendy modern industrial style, making it the only one of its kind!

The combination of Chinese and modern style in the interior

13. Return to the origins

This Asian bathroom has both antique and rustic appearance, which was achieved through the use of roughly processed natural materials, candles and fluffy white towels, diluting the muted color palette.

Bathroom in the style of Chinese country

14. Color scheme in oriental style

Not in your style to adhere to neutral tones? Do you think the red color is too provocative? Then give your bathroom a bright splash with such soothing shades as the color of the sky or the color of the sea wave.

Design of a bathroom in Asian style

15. Unusual Asian style

When you think about the Asian style of interiors, then first of all imagine Japanese or Chinese motives, right? But maybe you'd better look at other Asian countries that have an equally rich culture, like India, Thailand, Turkey or Pakistan? We present you for inspiration a photo of a beautiful Indian-style bathroom.

Design of a bathroom in Indian style

16. Harmonious design of the bathroom

The next bathroom is an example of how different elements of Asian design can create visual harmony. Warm and light colors balance the dark chocolate shade of the walls, the curved shape of the bath and the shells compensates for the sharp corners of the furniture, and the sculptured hanging lamp and floral pattern on the walls breathe life into the minimalism of this space. Each of these elements is bright and stylish, but none of them takes all attention to themselves. They merge into a single whole, so this bathtub has such a blissful and balanced look.

Harmonious Asian design of the bathroom

17. Warm shades of wood

Natural wood can become the main decoration of the bathroom in the Asian style. Especially beautiful it will look in combination with light furniture and plumbing, adding a bathroom a visual and inviting accent, and also bringing a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Wooden bath in oriental style

18. Lamps in the oriental style

Good lighting is needed in any bathroom, but in eastern countries it is given special importance: it should create an intimate, relaxing spa environment, inspire, soothe and promote a flow of positive energy. What to choose: natural light from windows, beautiful lamps, romantic candles or built-in LED lighting? Do not torment yourself with doubts: use all available types of lighting to create an atmosphere in the bathroom that is best able to lift your mood.

Bathroom lighting in Asian style

19. Shielding with Asian Partitions

At first sight these bathrooms can be understood that their owners are admirers of Asian culture. Thin geometric partitions are the most obvious evidence, as they testify to the Chinese influence on the design of these interiors.

Bathroom with shoji and other Chinese elements

20. Bathroom in the style of spa

One look at this bathroom can reduce the heart rate and reduce the weight of the load on your shoulders. Calm colors, streamlined design, dim lighting and practical decor (fluffy bathrobes, soft towels) make this room a terrific environment for enjoyment and relaxation.

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Design of an Asian-style bathroom + spa

Tell us: which one did you like most of all? Or maybe you already have a favorite idea for inspiration? Share it in the comments!