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Sheds in the courtyard of a private house: photo 30

Each owner of his own plot tries to improve the territory in the most comfortable way. For this, various architectural forms are used, a kind of canopies in the courtyard of a private house, photos of which are confirmed by the fact that, in addition

Flowerbeds in the courtyard of a private house: 30 photos

The flowerbeds in the courtyard of a private house, the photos of which Dekorin prepared for you today, are certainly a beautiful scenic decoration of any infield. To design the most beautiful image of a flower bed in our time can help landscape

Design of the courtyard of a private house (60 photos):

Speaking about the site of a private house, many imagine a garden or a garden. But this need not necessarily be so. Today, new developments are getting the exterior of the private house under the recreation area. We are already tired at work, so when

Terraces and verandas to the house for your holiday with 30

Open verandas and terraces to the house are often created on the terrain with complex topography (for example, on inclined plots). Also, summer terraces and verandas provide extra space for outdoor recreation. Here we have collected 30 fresh photo

Design of the yard of a private house - 40 photos of modern

Each of us wants to make the place in which he lives attractive. We want to bring warmth, coziness, originality and put a little bit of your soul into the creation of a family nest. This applies not only to the interior of a private house, but also

Varieties of artificial turf and its laying

Artificial turf is a modern synthetic coating that is made of polyethylene or polypropylene fibers and is an excellent alternative to a natural green lawn. Today, this material is widely used not only for the arrangement of sports grounds, but also

What garden paths to make at the cottage or site (35 photos)

Do you have a beautiful garden or a cottage? Then take a look at these garden paths that can enrich the landscape of any space, give it a twist, romantic old park or the mystery of the wild. The tracks on your site can and should cause emotions, tell

How to build a chalet in the style of a chalet (44 alpine

In order for a gazebo in the chalet style to appear on the site, you should first learn the basic principles and rules for its construction, as well as the history of its origin. Initially, such buildings were found only in the Alpine mountains and

Landscaping of the courtyard of a private house - 30 photos

Landscape design of the courtyard of the private house - the concept has long been not new, but rather widespread and in demand. Long gone are the times when the land, located around the house or dacha, was used purely under the beds. Today, there is

Types of awnings and awnings for terraces

To date, a comfortable and comfortable courtyard provides awnings and awnings for terraces. They create a cozy place to relax outdoors. The awnings themselves are canvases that stretch over the terrace, in order to protect the site from the scorching
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