How to decorate a kitchen: original decor ideas with a photo

This is both a working room and the heart of the house. Here we cook, eat, rest for a cup of tea and plan household chores - it's just amazing how much time everyone in their lives spends in the kitchen. Naturally, we want her interior design to

Modern design of the bathroom - ideas and photos 2016

Repair of the bathroom takes a lot of time and money, so it's important to think carefully before you start it. Own list of ideas and wishes can give you a clear idea of ​​what kind of bathroom design will give you joy in the coming years. In this

Style steampunk in the interior. invasion of industrial

Someone prefers a tranquil setting and decorates their house with a simple decor, while others tend to express their taste and personality in the interior. Style steampunk - just for the latter. It is original and relatively little known, although it

Laying new year's table - 55 beautiful ideas

To the meeting of the coming New Year are being prepared with special trepidation. Thought not only a festive menu, but also an important component - serving the New Year's table, which hosts guests and hosts. And not for the first year the table for

We choose posters for the interior +75 examples

Beautiful, unusual and simple to design any room in the house you can, using posters for the interior. Small illustrations with bright colors, in monochrome performance will help to improve the decoration and emphasize the chosen style. Fashionable

Aquarium in the interior - ideas and accommodation options

Aquadizayn in the interior design - this is one of the fashion trends. But ordinary equipment, traditional selection of fish is not impressive. Designers are trying to combine the composition of the aquarium with the overall style of the room, where

Beautiful bathrooms - 30 photo interior design

Looking for ideas on how beautifully to make a bathroom? Unusually emphasize the design, bring to the interior an element of luxury or coziness? It is for you in this article Dekorin gathered the most beautiful bathrooms in different styles for 30

Modern interior items - 6 trends for home decor

Do you want to choose new decor elements for your living room or another room in your house? Then it will be useful for you to look at these fashionable interior items from the latest collections of 2016. Here we have assembled wall decor, vases,

Choose a stylish mirror in the bathroom - 30 photos and tips

A beautiful, functional or simple, but stylishly matched mirror in the bathroom can improve its design at times. We suggest you before you buy to consider the various shapes, sizes and decorative finishes of the bathroom mirrors to choose the model

Electric fireplace in the living room interior +70 photo

A living fire, tamed by the power of the human intellect, became our faithful assistant in primitive times. Later, in the period of antiquity, the rough foci of caves gave way to copper and bronze braziers that warmed the aristocracy of Athens and
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