Japanese style in the interior of +120 photos of ideas

Residents of European countries, accustomed to cozy interiors with soft furniture, massive closets and chests of drawers, heavy doors from solid wood and many elements of decor, Japanese style is able to surprise and amaze with its refinement and

Swedish style in the interior: decoration

The Swedish style is included in a large group of ethnic orientations. It is not as popular as prudish English, laconic Mediterranean (Greek) or romantic Italian. The Swedish style is closely connected with the Scandinavian style. Sometimes both of

Marine style: application in the interior +55 photo

The sea style in the interior of the house makes the space airy, free, functional. Previously, the interior of the country house in the naval style was considered the highest aerobatics, today in this style, and form the city apartment. The interior

Style kontemporari in the interior and its features

The desire to combine comfort and functionality makes it accessible to everyone. Style kontemporari in the interior - a skillful combination of inexpensive textures and materials, which will help to implement any design ideas. A discreet gamut of

European style in the interior +75 photo examples

The new apartment is a grandiose event for any family, because there are so many interesting things ahead: choosing a design solution for the space, filling it with stylish furniture, searching for interesting decor items, breathtaking discussions of

Empire style in the interior - history and modernity in

Arrived from medieval France, the Empire style in the interior represents an amazing combination of royal celebration and military triumphal magnificence in all its manifestation. In the interior there must be a note of rigor and glitter of gold

Shebbie chic in the interior - examples of design

Modern interiors are designed to carry comfort, practicality and do not pile up unnecessary objects to their owners. But such interpretations do not like everyone. True romantic motifs carry a cheby-chic style. This "shabby chic" can be created from

How to decorate the interior of a small apartment in the

Whoever says anything, but even in a limited space, you can recreate the interior with a "character". The presence of a white color visually expanding the available space;minimal amount of furniture, decor elements and visually heavy parts;the

Rococo style in the interior +40 photo

Rococo is a style in art and architecture that dates back to the early 18th century. This flow is distinguished by a special grace, lightness, and the ideological basis is beauty, unfading youth, gallant elegance. The rococo style in the interior

Italian style - modern interior for an apartment and a house

In order to make your favorite apartment, the most comfortable place on earth, you need to arrange it correctly, with taste. For this there is a unique, chic Italian style. Thanks to this, each nest will be aesthetic and comfortable. Interiors in the
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