Interior of the bathroom in the mediterranean style (26

Bathroom in the Mediterranean style includes simplicity, elegance, minimal amount of decor and use as much as possible natural materials in the finish. Mediterranean style itself is considered laconic and quite relaxing, and for these reasons it is

Original cupboards under the sink in the bathroom with their

Move, boring bathroom cabinets! Step to the side, sinks on the pedestal! Today we will introduce Dekorin readers with a win-win way to give the bathroom a playful and unconventional look - and these are thumbs up to the sink, made by themselves.

Bathroom design 4 sq. m - modern interior

Many people are stopped by a small area of ​​their bathroom for cardinal transformations. But complex repairs should be viewed not as a tragedy, but as a platform for creativity, an opportunity to implement all the ideas and dreams. Competent design

We design a modern design of a small bathroom (60 ideas of a

The most modern design of a small bathroom size can be minimalistic. Indeed, for example, the popular baroque style today is absolutely not suitable for a narrow and low bath. His motley and too bright ornaments, as well as a large number of other

How beautiful bathrooms look like photos with 50 design

Everyone has his own concept of beauty and an individual approach to its creation. Here, the sense of style, and special preferences for color design, as well as the right approach to choosing furniture that will decorate the interior of the room.

Mosaic for a bathroom - 100 photos of ideas how to decorate

Every home owner knows that when planning a bathroom repair work, you need to take a large number of very difficult and important decisions from any point of view. The most important is how and how to surface the surface? A distinctive feature of

Design of a small combined bathroom - 25 photos with ideas

Do you have a small bathroom? No problem! By combining the toilet with the bathroom, you can get a very comfortable and functional space. Tips and photos of interiors in this article will help you to carefully plan the layout, choose the right

How to make a modern bathroom renovation - 63 photos

The bathroom is a very important functional room, where we get a charge of cheerfulness in the morning and wash off fatigue in the evening after a hard working day. That is why bathroom repair is an interesting and responsible task, as it must take

Led ceiling lighting under the baseboard - 30 pics

Choosing the right lighting will correct any deficiencies in the interior and emphasize all its advantages. Nowadays it's extremely popular to light the ceiling with an LED strip under the baseboard, which hides the light source from the eyes. In

Steel or acrylic bath?

Baths have the same long history as civilization itself, because even ancient people loved to wash and luxuriate in the water. The first were the Romans, who began to build the thermae, the huge baths used by the whole population in the city. Today,
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