Elegant orchid lamp from the designer young jae kim

Orchids has long been a symbol of love and beauty, and have been grown by enthusiasts in admiration for their elegance. One of these enthusiasts is a designer Young Jae Kim, который создал дизайн, Лампы Orchids, в честь цветка. При любых наклонах над

Bank cards with unusual appearance

Agree, we always remember all non-standard, that we meet on our way and tell this to our friends and acquaintances. Earlier, when plastic cards were not so popular among the population, the need for a unique design did not arise. Today, in our

Playgrounds and houses for the garden (ideas + photos)

Summer time gives children a great opportunity to breathe a lot of fresh air and exercise. Children's sports and playgrounds can not only revitalize the view of your yard, but also encourage children to spend more time outdoors. In this article, we

Contemporary designer furniture - 60 best photos

Designer furniture is able to create an absolutely unique atmosphere in the interior, as it is often made to order in single copies. It is impossible to pass such furniture. Willy-nilly, she stops her gaze, attracting her creativity and eccentricity.

Beautiful summer office in london, england

Here's an unusual summer office invented by architects in London. They call their creation a garden pavilion. The building is located in the back of the courtyard in northwest London, England. Rounded, neat shapes form the wood, processed and

Metal blinds in the exterior on 65 stylish and practical

Protective metal blinds are well proven in use. This is an excellent solution for: private houses; apartments (located on the ground floors); commercial premises; offices; garages. If you need to decorate the facade and at the same time increase

Wooden knives fusion from design studio ponti

Minimalist design Fusion knives were created by the Italian designer Andrea Ponti. Andrea Ponti an Italian designer specializing in everyday electronics, which has already created hundreds of useful and creative products. He was born in Cagliari,

How can an attic (photo of interiors)

Who will give up the house with the attic? Despite the complexity of decorating the interiors of these rooms, they are extremely attractive for most people, although it is impossible to say exactly why. They have some special charm, a pleasant warm

Stylish studio apartments (40 photo interiors)

In the old days, the apartment studio was considered the home of starving artists. Today it is a symbol of efficiency, rationality and practical modern design. We offer a source of inspiration for all those who want to get the most from a small space

Beautiful murals and drawings on the walls in the interior

Looking for inspiration for wall painting? We offer you a selection of 65 photos of rooms with beautiful murals and drawings on the walls! Here you will find everything: classical natural motifs, portraits, abstractions, modern painting of walls and
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