Vertical blinds on windows with a fabric basis for different

The current trends in interior design, both home and office, tend to be laconic, stylish, elegant, elegant decoration. Vertical blinds on windows - this is an option that fully meets these criteria. They have a lot of positive characteristics, due to which they are in great demand. In this article, we will look at how a variety of models present in the modern blinds market on vertical fabric windows, as well as tips for conducting correct measurements.

Varieties of vertical blinds on windows

Fabric vertical blinds on windows, photo-examples of which you can see in our catalog, have a lot of interpretations. In most cases, they are sewn from fiberglass or polyester, but also jacquard, linen, cotton (materials are processed by special means to avoid dust accumulation). It is now fashionable to use natural bamboo canvases for the manufacture of blinds.

Vertical blinds on windows can be long, from the ceiling to the floor, or the height of the window opening. It is remarkable that there are various opening systems, thanks to which the curtains can move in different ways: from the center to the sides, from sides to the middle, to one side. Do not leave indifferent design of such veils: a variety of colors, textures, their combinations, photo printing.

Multifaceted fabric vertical blinds on windows

Сочетание в одних завесах разных фактур ткани, безусловно, оказывает потрясающий эффект, акцентируя на себе внимание и декорируя обстановку. Multifaceted fabric vertical blinds on windows представляют собой многослойные конструкции, где парадные верхние слои выполнены из пластика. Они играют роль ярких ламбрекенов. Нижние завесы зачастую сшиты из однотонных светлых тканей. Наличие нескольких систем механизмов, позволяют управлять каждым из них, создавая различные рисунки.

Such original vertical fabric shutters on plastic windows have configurations of arches, cascades, theatrical curtain, undulating shapes. If you have your own ideas - it is not difficult to make any model under the order now. Such designs are universal - they can be used not only in the home or office environment, but also to decorate public places.

multifactural blinds on windows vertical fabric, photo 1

Vertical Blinds: photo curtains on non-standard shape windows

Window openings of non-standard forms are often found in private houses, less often in apartments. Round, triangular, arched, trapezoidal - they become a real highlight of the interior, only if they are properly framed. Vertical blinds (photos are attached) on the windows of non-standard shapes must repeat the contour, which will require more careful measurements. The cornice, at the same time, is not horizontal, but at the required angle with different lamella lengths.

INTERESTING Especially noteworthy are non-standard vertical blinds on fabric windows in low attic rooms, where, in fact, they are often found, as they are able to visually "lift" the ceiling.

vertical blinds on windows, photo 2vertical blinds photo on the window of non-standard shape, photo 3vertical blinds photo on windows of non-standard form, photo 4vertical blinds photo on windows of non-standard shape, photo 5vertical jalousie photo on the window of a non-standard form, photo 6vertical blinds photo on the window of non-standard shape, photo 7

Vertical blinds on the living room windows

For the living room, the choice of veils should be very careful. Due to the wide variety it is possible to select vertical shutters on the living room windows, which will correspond to the general style, the color scheme of the interior.

For example, the minimalist style windows will be complemented by curtains with white or gray canvases, in the eco-style the bamboo curtains-vertical blinds on the windows will harmoniously look, and the modern will underline the multifactorial. Most often, there are long linens from the ceiling surface to the floor, giving the interior a certain solemnity. They are especially relevant for rooms with low ceilings.

shutters on windows vertical fabric, photo 8shutters on windows vertical fabric photo, photo 9curtains vertical blinds on windows, photo 10

Blinds for vertical fabric windows: ready-made samples for bedroom

When choosing blinds for the bedroom, pay attention to the size of the window openings. Since, nevertheless, the main function of curtains in this room is to prevent the penetration of excessive light, blinds to windows vertical fabric should completely cover the window. For standard openings, short built-in or wall-mounted structures can be used, supplemented with light tulle, and panoramic windows are covered with long canvases. For high-quality protection from light, a black-out fabric model is suitable, which, in practice, gives a 100 per cent transparency of light fluxes.

Idea A good option for the bedroom - curtains with photoprinting, repeating the picture of bed linen.

shutters on windows vertical fabric ready, photo 11vertical blinds on windows, photo 12shutters on windows vertical fabric ready, photo 13

Vertical fabric blinds on kitchen windows

Short curtains are very convenient for kitchen facilities, especially in a small area. They look neat and do not clutter up the space at all. Vertical blinds on windows made of fabric - a stylish and modern solution for your kitchen. They give the kitchen a cosiness and make the room visually higher. Materials treated in the manufacture of special solutions, have a dirt-repellent properties. For the window of the dining area, long structures are installed, and if the opening is located above the countertop, the built-in veils will be a good option.

USEFUL Good choice on kitchen windows are multi-vertical vertical fabric blinds, the upper layer of which is formed by plastic lamellae, which greatly simplifies the cleaning.

shutters on windows vertical fabric on kitchen, photo 14shutters on windows vertical fabric on kitchen, photo 15blinds on the windows vertical fabric on the kitchen, photo 16

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Vertical blinds on windows in the office

For today and in office premises on plastic windows it is often possible to meet vertical jalousie. And it is quite understandable - after all, chosen in the tone of the interior, they look elegant, stylish and modern. Usually choose monophonic designs or with a discreet drawing, perhaps, a company logo. Since in the office environment, except for dust, there are no special contaminants, it is enough to wipe the veil from time to time with a damp cloth.

It is worth noting that the vertical blinds on the windows in the office will last long enough - they are resistant to ultraviolet, do not change color, do not deform, but at the same time they give good dispersion of the light flux.

vertical blinds on windows in office, photo 17vertical blinds on the windows in the office, photo 18

Blinds on vertical fabric windows: installation methods

Curtains are installed in different ways and, before buying vertical blinds on plastic windows, you need to understand exactly where they will be mounted, so as not to be mistaken with the size. They can be attached to the ceiling, to the wall above the window or, directly, to the window opening.

Blinds for windows vertical as set, photo 19photo vertical blinds on the window, photo 20

Vertical blinds on plastic windows: correct measurements

To begin with, we clarify that the blinds on vertical fabric windows have a minimum width of 35 cm, and a maximum of 6 meters. The length is also not unlimited, ranging from 40 to 500 centimeters. At the same time, the width of one lamella is, as a rule, 89 mm, but there are also europoles 127 mm. In general, the principle of measurement is fairly simple: the height from the ceiling or cornice to the bottom point (window sill, floor) is measured, from the result obtained, two centimeters are taken away. To get a width, measure the distance between the lateral ends of the window opening, and add to the resulting figure 8 - 10 cm, so that the canvas completely covers the opening, not giving gaps. Before you measure vertical blinds on plastic windows that are attached to a wall or ceiling, pay attention to the sill. If it strongly protrudes, perhaps the best option is to mount to a ceiling surface with the necessary indentation from the wall. If you are planning vertical blinds on plastic windows (photos are attached) with a wall cornice, please note that the length of the slats should be ten centimeters more than the window.

vertical blinds on plastic windows, photo 21how to measure vertical blinds on plastic windows, photo 22vertical blinds on plastic windows photo, photo 23vertical fabric shutters on plastic windows, photo 24vertical blinds on plastic windows, photo 25how to measure vertical blinds on plastic windows, photo 26vertical blinds on plastic windows photo, photo 27vertical fabric shutters on plastic windows, photo 28vertical blinds on plastic windows, photo 29how to measure vertical blinds on plastic windows, photo 30Vertical Blinds on Plastic Windows photo, photo 31

How to measure vertical blinds in an aperture of a window

To make the correct calculations, you need to measure the height, from the figure taken, take one centimeter. Then measure the width and take away 2 centimeters. Before you measure vertical blinds on plastic windows in the opening, note that it may not be ideal, so it is worth measuring at two opposite points and from a smaller value take centimeters. For example, measure the height of the left end, and then the right, select the smaller and subtract 1 cm.

vertical blinds in the opening of the window, photo 32vertical blinds on windows, photo 33

Summing up, I would like to note that the vertical blinds on the windows are a modern and stylish solution, while original and comfortable. Their ability to combine several functions, as well as a diverse design, explains the wide popularity, leaving no room for criticism.